7 Incredible Kitchen Color Themes for a Complete Change

Timeless Kitchen Color Schemes

With so many incredible homes within a relatively small community, Beverly Hills interior design influences spaces all over the world. If you are considering a kitchen update but struggling to choose a palette, picture these seven timeless color schemes in your existing home and select the one that best fits your overall aesthetic before you search for interior designers near me.

White, Gray and Natural

While it might sound boring, this monochromatic color scheme is a classic for a reason. After all, what’s more appealing that a sleek, white kitchen? Natural wood accents provide warmth to what could otherwise be a stark space, while gray is a modern choice for your cabinets, island or countertops to add just a bit of contrast.

Monochromatic Blues

Many kitchen designer Los Angeles recommend going for this cool, soothing palette if you frequently entertain and want your guests to feel at ease in your space.

Mix and match deep navy with paler shades of blue, and even incorporate royal purple and teal for a touch of vibrancy. This look pairs equally well with warm wood and classic white fixtures.

White, Dark Brown and Grass Green

When you love a neutral palette, adding a pop of color can be daunting. Bring the outdoors inside by incorporating a bright apple or grassy green into an otherwise white kitchen.

This combo looks sophisticated with dark brown wood, whether you use that material for your cabinets or floors. As a bonus, clean white brightens a space with deep, heavy fixtures.

Khaki, Gold and Buttery Yellow

Warm colors are having a moment. Bring that cozy spirit into your kitchen with this palette that’s just a shade brighter than neutral. This color combination creates a peaceful feeling that takes on a contemporary spin with copper fixtures and natural rattan accent pieces, also on trend for the coming year.

Black and Red

This sophisticated palette is the one to choose when you want to make a splash with your new kitchen. When deep, true red is paired with black, the result is almost neutral–but better. Deep merlot looks traditional and classic for a farmhouse aesthetic while a warmer orange-red is modern and contemporary.

Either way, pair the undertones with your fixtures for a look that sings rather than clashes.

Powder Blue and Burnt Orange

Complementary colors like blue and orange are across from one another on the color wheel. When paired, these hues emphasize one another to add energy to your space. Instead of going with crayon colors, though, choosing slightly off tones of each of these shades looks sophisticated and unexpected.

Burnt orange is on trend as interiors tend toward a warmer palette this season, while a blue-dusted gray provides just the right amount of contrast to keep bright colors looking mature and timeless.

Merlot and Olive Green

Drawing inspiration from food is never a bad idea when it comes to the kitchen. Think the sage green of herbs and olives paired with the deep, enticing red of your favorite bottle of wine. Warm wood fixtures and a white background bring it all together.

Whether you opt for neutrals or want to play with color, choosing a color scheme for the kitchen can be complex. Use these classic palettes as a starting point to create a rainbow that’s all you.

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