How To Choose The Best Kitchen Splashbacks For Your Home

Kitchen cabinets and stove
Kitchen cabinets and stove

Splashbacks are helpful to maintain the beauty of your kitchen and bathroom interior as it is. They are specifically designed to look good and most importantly serve the purpose of keeping the wall o the kitchen away from the splashes. These are often found in areas that are exposed to water or excessive moisture such as kitchen, bathroom or laundry as they tend to secure the wall present underneath. Some homeowners even prefer to have them near the stove area of the kitchen, as they make the surface easy to clean, stain resistant and durable too.


Kitchen inside view
Kitchen inside view

On an average, the best kitchen splashbacks can be as high as 400mm to 650mm, with a length as long as needed. No matter what type of material the splashback is made of, the best one should have about 200mm clearance between the hotplate or stove burner and the splashback. If you are planning to have them closer than this particular distance then makes it a point that the splashback is crafted from non-combustible materials, in addition to that the joints of the splashback should be sealed too.

Choosing The Right Splashback For Kitchen

There are certain important factors that should be considered before you choose the best kitchen splashbacks and these are:

Budget: Certain materials available in the market are expensive compared to others, so having a budget always helps in refining your search. Here, focus on what your expectations are, why you want to have a splashback and other essential features.

Style: The splashback should complement the decor of the kitchen space. This is the reason why professionals often recommend analyzing the aesthetics of the kitchen to determine which kind or style of splashback would be suitable. The best kitchen splashbacks must harmoniously blend with the aura of the space.

Kitchen cabinets and stove
Kitchen cabinets and stove

Color: The color of the splashback matters as much as the style. For example, bright uplifting colors can turn out to be an ideal match for kitchens that require just the right pop of color, while simple shades would be great for those spaces that are based on minimalistic designs. A good practice is to consider the style and then determine the color that would complement the same.

What Are The Different Types of Kitchen Splashbacks?


Once the budget, style and color of kitchen splashbacks are decided then, the next and perhaps the most vital aspect is to select the material that you want to install, because the material determines what would be the potential features of the splashback. There are tons of options available and the popular ones include:

  • Laminate: This is an amazing budget friendly material that holds the ability to mimic innumerable looks ranging from wood, marble to granite finishes. They are the best for flat walls, and along with that you get the opportunity to choose from many natural designs.

    Kitchen cabinets inside views
    Kitchen cabinets inside views
  • Stone: This is a durable material that appears in a fantastic presentation, yet it’s expensive choice too. The best kitchen splashbacks are often sealed on the surface as a result of which they never absorb any sort of unwanted moisture or residue.
  • Glass: Without a doubt, glass is emerging to be one of the most preferred materials. These splashbacks are stylish and are quite hygienic as there is no sort of joints or cervices present that would allow the breed growth of moulds. In addition to this, these splashbacks are easy to maintain and clean with the minimum effort.
  • Stainless Steel: For a contemporary look nothing can be better than stainless steel. These are the best kitchen splashbacks that cost less and often come in standard sizes for easier installation.

Add a much-need oomph, sophistication and elegant vibe to your kitchen by choosing the best kitchen splashbacks that meets the requirements that you have.

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