Best Tampons to Use to Prevent Vaginal Imbalance

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Best Tampons to Use to Prevent Vaginal Imbalance

Most women do not look forward to their periods, but it is an inevitable part of life. Choosing the right feminine product during this time of the month is important to maintain proper pH balance of the vagina. If it becomes imbalanced, bacteria can grow, and this can lead to a urinary tract infection.

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While it is common to get a UTI after sex if certain steps are not taken, women who get frequent UTIs may want to look at other factors, including the tampons they use.


Best Tampons for Vaginal Health

About a quarter of women will get a UTI at one point during their life, but some of them seem to get them quite regularly. When a UTI comes back after antibiotics, it is important to begin looking closely at various factors to find out why they keep returning.

One may be what the woman is using during her period.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]In general, using tampons is a better choice than pads or sanitary napkins. This is because tampons keep the area of the bladder opening drier. This helps limit the growth of bacteria that can lead to an infection.[/box]

However, tampons should be changed regularly or else this also promotes bacterial growth. Women should never leave a tampon in, or a pad on, for more than six hours, and the area should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

The type of tampon also plays a role in the balance of bacteria in the vagina. The best kind is one that is made with 100% organic cotton, as it supports the best vaginal health.

Although the synthetic kind is more absorbent, the fibers throw off the balance of bad and good bacteria, which can lead to a UTI.

An organic tampon has also not been exposed to dyes, fragrances or pesticides.

This is important because  the vaginal wall can absorb more chemicals and toxins than other areas of the body. When choosing a cotton tampon, look for one that has a BPA-free, biodegradable applicator.


Other Tips to Prevent a UTI

Along with choosing a natural tampon and changing it frequently, there are other things women can do for natural UTI prevention. To avoid a UTI after sex, do not use a spermicidal jelly, as this gets rid of the good vaginal bacteria.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Women should also urinate right after having sex to rid the bladder of bacteria that was introduced during intercourse.[/box]


Practicing good hygiene is important to maintain the vagina’s pH levels and prevent bacteria from reaching the bladder opening. After going to the bathroom, women should wipe from the front to the back and use a new tissue each time.

Long baths should be avoided, as sitting in the bathtub can expose the bladder area to bacteria. Women should also wash and rinse the area well.


Other prevention tips include:

  • Drink lots of water, especially after sex or physical activity
  • Urinate regularly to empty the bladder
  • Take a probiotic to support healthy vaginal bacteria
  • Wear cotton underwear

Maintain Good Vaginal Balance to Prevent UTIs

A urinary tract infection can be very uncomfortable and lead to serious kidney issues if not treated properly. Women should take precautions such as choosing the right tampons and using good hygiene practices.



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