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A Brief Guide to Buying Tissot Women’s Watches

A Brief Guide to Buying Tissot Women’s Watches

In a market that, for the longest time, has been dominated by men, it’s interesting to know that watch brands are finding growth in the women’s watch segment.

In terms of watches, men are given more attention with advertisements targeted towards them. But, increasingly, women are showing that they, too, are drawn to the appeal of exquisitely made watches and forward-thinking brands are paying attention to that. Today, watch companies are putting more focus into their women’s lines and there are far more watches available and specific for the ladies.

When you’re eyeing to buy a women’s watch, what are the factors you should be considering? Which brands should you start with? In this buying guide, we have outlined the things you should know when you’re out shopping for a women’s watch and why you should consider the Tissot brand as your top choice.

What Women’s Watches Look Like

Women’s watches are generally smaller. The design is often more focused on aesthetics and less on technical functions. Their colors are also more diverse and they are often set with diamonds, if not other precious stones, to render a more luxurious look.

In the case of Tissot, the brand offers a line of women’s watches that have got class and elegance written all over them. The Tissot T-Lady is a collection of watches designed with women in mind. Their offerings are a display of tasteful colors achieved through the use of different quality materials, including stainless steel, yellow gold, white gold, and leather to name a few.

While style and material options abound, there’s a growing number of women consumers who are tired of being limited to small and dainty watches.

Women Demand to Dial-Up Watch Sizes

Historically, women weren’t getting what they were looking for, as they’re stereotyped for wanting dainty and small watches with a particular emphasis on quartz. But, in reality, that’s not what a modern woman is looking for. This is particularly true as women’s spending power continues to grow, enabling them to buy watches for themselves and thus have more say on the watch they will wear.

Today, women account for a significant portion of luxury watch sales and the smartest brands are responding to their demand for larger and more varied colors of dials. Their latest releases also include women’s watches that don’t have diamonds or ones that are not pink, small, and over-decorated.

What to Look For in a Woman’s Watch

There are several factors at play in terms of finding the right watch for you. These include, but are not limited to style, fit, and your personal preference.


A few style rules apply across all forms of watches: stainless steel models look appropriate with just about everything, making them a great accessory to wear in the office and straight to a date night. Meanwhile, watches with leather bands are best matched with your outfit. Even women’s watches build on these rules. But, while it’s the case, they still leave plenty of room for personalizing your style. It’s also great that women’s watches are so diverse that the possibilities to embrace your preferences are endless.


Watches as an accessory widely vary. They come in almost every size, color, and band imaginable. Some are even packaged with interchangeable bands, allowing you to customize beyond its basic build.

A few points to remember, though: watches with larger cases and a raised profile can look bulky on the wrist. Meanwhile, thinner and smaller watches are inherently lighter. They also have a less flat surface area, meaning they will sit more flush on your round wrist.

Personal Preference

In summary, your choice of watch eventually boils down to your personal preferences. When you find an accessory that you like, you’ll eventually build a wardrobe around it. Don’t be afraid to experiment: change which wrist on which you wear your watch, wear it on the inside, try an oversized dial, then a small and dainty one. Wear a watch that can boost your confidence, because when it comes to you and your time, how it makes you feel is all that matters.

3 Best Tissot Watches for Women

With all that said, just what are the kinds of watches available to women in the market today? Here, we listed a few recommendations from Tissot. These watches are some of the offerings that keep the brand in the game, each a feature of mechanical mastery and creativity that fascinates at a glance.

  • T-Lady Quartz White Dial

Other than its watches that are the epitome of femininity, the Tissot T-Lady lineup also has other models with more subtle styles and colors that answer to the diverse tastes of today’s women. This reference is elegant yet doesn’t scream “women’s watch” with its white dial, Roman numeral hour markers, and leaf hands. It is encased in 30mm stainless steel that also houses the ETA Caliber FO4 111 quartz movement. It is finished with a matching stainless steel bracelet, offering up to 30m of water resistance.

  • T-Lady Powermatic 80 Automatic

For women that favor mechanical prowess, this T-Lady Powermatic 80 Automatic is one to consider. It is a Swiss-made self-winding automatic movement that boasts up to 80 hours of power reserve. It is paired with an equally impressive aesthetic courtesy of the mother-of-pearl dial, diamond indexes, skeleton hour and minute hands, 34mm stainless steel case, and a matching steel bracelet. Overall, this model looks classic, as it is reliable and functional.

  • T-Lady Flamingo Quartz Mother of Pearl Dial

This reference looks more like an aesthetic accessory than a watch. When worn loosely, it looks like an elegant bracelet on the wrist that looks dainty but unconventional at the same time, thanks to its blue mother-of-pearl dial. It provides the perfect accent to the silver-tone hands and complements the 26mm stainless steel case and a matching bracelet. It runs on the ETA Caliber F03 111 quartz movement with 50m of water resistance.


The traditional recipe for a woman’s watch involves a downsized dial, a bit of color, and maybe a few diamonds, too. But, that is dramatically changing today as women’s preferences are shifting towards watches that can easily compete with those offered for men in terms of quality and functionality.

The latest women’s watch released in the past few years provides evidence that the watch industry is thriving, more than ever, in the hands of women.

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