A Guide to Video Marketing on A Budget

A Guide to Video Marketing on A Budget

Video marketing has become a vital part of every marketing campaign. Companies are using video content more than ever and the results are amazing. With excellent return on investment, more and more businesses are following the lead. However, small businesses think they don’t have enough budgets to design a video marketing campaign. Surprisingly, you can start with a minimum budget. For instance, you can use a video maker to keep your investment minimal.

When you use a free video maker to make videos online, you can save a good amount of money. Most likely, you already know that premium video editing software is expensive. If you are making videos on a tight budget, don’t hesitate to use a free video maker.

Apart from the video editor, there are other factors that affect your budget. In this article, we will talk about these factors. More importantly, we will guide you on how to make quality videos while staying within your budget.

1. Capture Your Footage With a Smartphone

Capture Your Footage With a Smartphone

When you are creating your initial videos, you don’t need to buy a top-notch camera. Modern smartphones are equipped with quality cameras. They can capture high-quality videos without any trouble. Here are some tips for creating amazing videos from your phone.

However, you need to buy a mobile tripod. Capturing a video without a stand is a bad idea. A moving screen is the last thing you want in your video.

While making videos with smartphone cameras, you need to use editing software more smartly. It will help you minimize your errors and improve video quality.

2. Always Try to Create Short Videos

Regardless of your budget, you should always try to keep your video as short as possible. Most of the marketing content is designed for social media platforms. The audience on social media loves to watch short videos. People don’t want to watch long videos unless it is absolutely necessary.

Since you are on the budget, a short video will help you save money as well. Make sure that you deliver your message perfectly before you end the video.

A girl making a business video

3. Use a Free Video Maker

A video editor is a must-have tool to enhance your videos. Without quality editing software, you can’t grab the attention of your audience. From creating a thumbnail to adding effects, you need an editor at every step.

Most smartphones or laptops come with video editing software. For instance, if you have a Mac, you have iMovie for Mac pre-installed. You can use the software and enhance your video. For additional editing, you can search online and choose software that meets your demands.  

Thankfully, the internet is flooded with free video editing software. A Free video maker may have fewer effects, but it gives you all the necessary features. You can save your budget for other stuff like hiring actors or renting equipment.

4. Hire Student Actors

Firstly, you should try to create a video without hiring any actors. Try to utilize your employees to reduce the budget. However, if the script demands some actors, you should go with student actors.

Mostly, student actors agree to work without any charges. It helps them to get some footage to show as their work. Moreover, they get real-time experience. Even if you have to pay them, it is far less than professional actors.

5. Film at Free Locations

While deciding a location for shooting your video, you may have a lot of amazing places in your mind. However, you should opt for a public place that is free of cost.

Private locations offer you many benefits but they are expensive. When you want to keep your budget as minimum as possible, you need to shoot at a public place. Choose the shooting time wisely because public places are usually crowded.

6. Use Customers Content

When people love your product or service, they don’t hesitate to create videos. Even if they are giving you written reviews, you can create a video with it. Sharing customer content build trust and helps you generate more sales.

Additionally, you can encourage your customers to give video reviews. It will allow you to get free content that is extremely valuable.

7. Animated Videos

Animation is a great way to save money without compromising content quality. In fact, animated videos are more popular and deliver your message brilliantly.

Depending on the budget, you can choose to animate the complete video or a small portion of it. The best part is that you can create animated videos for free. All you need is a free video maker and start animating.

Making of a video

8. Repurpose When Possible

A smart way to cut your video marketing budget is to repurpose your video content. Many times you create a video and use it for a specific purpose. However, you can use the video for other purposes as well. For instance, you can use the same video for a newsletter or in your blog. It will cut the additional cost you may spend on newsletter videos.

Moreover, you can use clips from your old content in new videos. Remember to only use the relevant content to maintain quality.

Conclusion on Free Video Maker and Video Marketing

Unlike most people believe, it is completely possible to create videos with a minimum budget. However, you need to be smart and utilize your existing resources. Make sure that you only look for other resources if it is absolutely necessary.

If you need advanced equipment to complete your video, rent instead of buying it. It will save you some money. Later, you can buy equipment once you have the budget for it.

Similarly, use a free video maker instead of premium software. You can always buy a paid version once you afford it.

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