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Yessica Kumala (Josh Holloway Wife) Biography, Age, Height, Family, Marriage, Husband

Yessica Kumala With Her Husband Josh Holloway

Marriage has the power to change the life of a person. Similarly, beautiful Yessica Kumala was unknown before her wedding. She was a bar dancer in Indonesia, and that was the place where Josh Holloway met her first time. Till from that time, they have been together as a perfect couple. They started dating in 1999, and after five years, they decided to accept each other for their whole life.

Biography Table

NameYessica Kumala
BirthdaySeptember 2, 1977
Age43 years
Sexual OrientationStraight
ProfessionFormer Club Girl
ParentsChinese Parents
HusbandJosh Holloway
ChildrenHunter Lee Holloway and Java Kumala Holloway
Net Worth$23 Million
Lucky StoneSapphire
Lucky ColorGreen

She got famous because of her marriage but still, she is a bit of a private person and keeps things to herself. After marriage, she closed herself behind the door of the house. So rarely you can see her with Josh Holloway.

Yessica Kumala and Josh Holloway

Yessica never shares her personal life, but her husband has a huge fan base who wants to know about her. Unfortunately, most information about her is missing because of minor media interaction.

Age and Height

Yessica Kumala was born in 1977, and in 2021, her age is 44, but still, she looks young and beautiful. She has an average height which is 5.5 feet.


She has Asian girls’ appearance because of her Chinese parents. In addition, she has a wheat brown skin color, dark brown eyes, and black hair. All these things collectively make her beautiful and attractive.

Birth Place and Nationality

She was born in Indonesia on 2 September 1977. Her parents are Chinese, but because of her birthplace, she called her Indonesian. When she was young, they came to the United States. She has both Indonesian and American nationalities. Due to her birthplace, she is Indonesian and American because of her husband.


Java Kumala Holloway

Her parents are Chinese and belong to Indonesia. Her husband is an American actor named Josh Holloway and got fame from the television series “Lost.” She has two beautiful children, the elder one is a daughter born in 2009 named Java Kumala Holloway, and the younger one is a son born in 2014 named Hunter Lee. Both children are like her and adopt private life. Therefore, both have private social media accounts and minimum followers and fans.


Firstly her family lives in a Honolulu home. But her husband sold it for $1.2 million in 2018. So now her family lives on Oahu’s island, a single-story house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. House covers 1500 square feet.

Famous For

She is famous because of her husband, Josh Holloway. Before her marriage, she was an unknown bar dancer. After marriage, she gets fame. As a married woman, she is famous for her supportive nature. She is an ideal wife and mother who never puts the burden on her husband and manages all home tasks efficiently.

Love Story

Yessica Kumala and Josh Holloway Marriage

She has a successful love story with her husband, Josh Holloway. They first met in 1999 at a Los Angeles bar and felt attracted even in the first meet-up. In an interview, Josh reveals the truth about who approached first. During the talk, he shared that Jessica was the one who tried to approach him and ask for the number. All this happened during the shoot of Lost.

Few days of conversion on calls, they start dating each other. On the compilation of the shooting of lost Josh proposed to her.

After a 4 year successful relationship, they married in 2004 in the presence of one family member and a friend.

Yessica Kumala and Josh Holloway are ideal couple in Hollywood. Most people assume that famous people can’t maintain long-term relationships, but their married life proved everyone wrong. They are a happily married couple; even after 17 years, they still love each other in the same way.

Net WorthYessica Kumala Net Worth

Her exact net worth is unknown because of her private nature. Approximately, it is $1 million, but her husband, Josh Holloway, is $23 million.

Social Media

Because of her private nature, she is not active on social media. Even her children have their private social media accounts.


She regularly posts on her husband’s Instagram account.


She is not active on Facebook; not even her account exists.


She has a Twitter account, but her last activity was in 2014. Her Twitter username is  @yesi_kumala, and she has only 160 followers.


Yessica is an ideal mom and wife. She loves to stay at home and spend time with her family. Because of her caring nature, she refused fame and lived as a house lady. Her husband is a celebrity in Hollywood, and she chooses to step back and play a supportive role. Instead, she chooses to support her family and children.

Latest News

The last news is about the good news of her son in 2014. Josh Holloway breaks the news in front of the media and tells them that he is waiting for his son.

Josh Holloway is quite active on social media, and recently he wished his daughter her birthday by sharing pictures and showing love. Yessica’s family shared a strong bond which helped them to keep their life private.

Hidden Truth About Yessica Kumala

Reason Behind Their Successful Married Life

Yessica Kumala and Josh Holloway Outside

Everything has a reason, and living in a successful relationship is not a usual thing. Many factors lead to a happy life. Once Josh shared the core reason for his joyful married life.

“You need someone that you don’t always have to be romantic with. My wife and I have been together for 18 years, so sometimes we are like, “Let’s just be friends right now.”

They Get Robbed

After a year of marriage, they face a terrifying robbery at their Huawei house. They tell the media and police that the burglar takes away all the money, jewelry, and Mercedes-Benz at gunpoint. Later they found care abounded.

Private Person

Privacy is in her family; Jessica is a family-oriented private person. She is best known as a supportive wife and a loving mother. No active social media account is proof of how much she dislikes sharing. Her family members also have private accounts, except for Josh Holloway, who has a verified account.

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