Activities That Can Foster Family Bonding

Foster Family Bonding
Foster Family Bonding

Between work deadlines, school work, and house chores, family members scramble throughout the day to finish their tasks. Our modern life, although strongly virtually connected, has made us lose contact with the people who are dear and close to our hearts. Life has become more demanding nowadays and most of the time, it left us with little time to spend with family.

There is an alarming study that concluded that parents today rarely get to spend more than one hour to bond with their children. According to the study, the usual culprit for diminishing quality time is hectic schedule composed of intense work, demanding school activities and time-consuming chores. This lack of time can result in loss of ties and bond between family members. And for kids it could lead to life misdirection and lack of guidance, making them prone to bad elements in the society.

There is a solution to this crippling societal phenomenon and that is to schedule activities that promote family bonding. Spending family time together is good, but doing activities together is better. Here are some activities you might want to try to get reconnected with the people closest to your heart.


One way to not only spend time together but also teach your kids good values in life is through doing some volunteerism. They look up to you a role model and to see you demonstrating good values is a way to teach them life lesson they’ll keep until adulthood. You don’t need to go signup for Habitat for Humanity or things like that, even community service around your area is enough. An ideal volunteering effort fit for a family is serving at shelters, joining a charity walk or run and even some neighborhood cleanup.

Eating Dinner Together

They say that the family that prays together stay together, and that I believe is true, and also applies to when you eat together at the family table. Having the time to dine with your family allows you to check up on them and how they are doing at home or at school. A study even suggests that kids who eat with their family regularly excel in school, develop good eating habits, and is less likely to be encouraged to try drugs.

And for the parents, seeing your family complete, happy and healthy in the table is a vision. It can alleviate stress from work. After all, this is sight is the reason why you’re working so hard.

The Great Outdoors

Going on a vacation is a sure way to create some bonding moments with your family. It is relaxing and full of exciting activities which could lead to wonderful and treasured memories. Make sure that you don’t just go and visit a destination but also do activities that the place has to offer. I urge you to go camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, and trekking. You can’t compare the real-life adventures to a flat screen video game.

Even more so, try a new location. Try a location that has an opposite climate and landscapes from the one you live in. If you live in the desert, think how fun it would be to experience cool mountain weather together. If you live near a tropical beach try visiting a snowy location. If fishing is something that you regularly do try to put a new spin on it, like ice fishing.

Cook Together

Kids are innately curious and you’ll notice them take a peek whenever you are busy cooking or baking something in the kitchen. Let them join you as this kind of activity together can create bonds between you and your little ones. Cooking activities can help develop their senses and learn a thing or two about real life hacks. In addition, it can also be a great way to start or share family traditions. So maybe next Thanksgiving, you’d let your kids lend you a hand.

Movie Time

Watching a movie together is a great way to develop a connection with your family. This type of activity can create similar interest between members of the family. In addition, you get to know the type of entertainment they like and maybe share some of your insights and opinion about what the movie entails. This can instigate a sense of deeper understanding between the psyche of family members.

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