Sin City: The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Destination for Any Bride-to-Be

Las Vegas
Partying in Las Vegas

It’s getting down to the wire and the moment has finally arrived, and I’m not talking about your wedding day! It’s your bachelorette party weekend! You have your outfits together, your best girlfriends will be by your side, and everyone attending has been pre-warned about the insurmountable amount of Facebook and Instagram pictures you plan on taking.

Whether you plan on going all out with the monogrammed t-shirts saying “#TEAMBRIDE” and rocking the blinged out tiara or are just simply looking forward to getting together with all your friends, there is no other destination quite like Las Vegas to throw the ultimate bachelorette party.

Why Vegas?

Why Vegas? You have access to tons of restaurants, 24/7 gambling, chiseled chests at strip clubs, and a plethora of places to party your hearts out! Although the Las Vegas strip is where you’ll probably be spending most of your time, there are also attractions outside of the strip that many tourists enjoy as well, so it’s safe to say that Vegas has many levels of fun for your bride team to indulge in.

Before You Say “I Do,” Don’t Forget About Your Don’ts

With all the planning and ideas for your wedding, you definitely DON’T want to forget about the amount of planning you’ll need to have the ultimate bachelorette party weekend! Take a look at some of the Vegas festivities to make your bachelorette party weekend one for the books!

The Night Life

Sure, you’ve been to clubs in your lifetime, but to go to a club in Las Vegas is a totally different partying experience. From the bottle service to the free entry and VIP access, you and your “lady gang” will have a turn-up experience no one will ever forget… after all, night time is when the city really comes to life.

With it being your bachelorette weekend, you want to pull out all the stops. Reserve a table for you and your girls so that you all can go on the dance floor and party like the rockstars you truly are and then have a place to sit down and relax in between songs.

For your partying needs, XS Nightclub is definitely the place where you and your girls can show everyone what you came to do, and that is PARTY! XS Nightclub has a decor scene drenched in gold, with signature cocktails, and everything plush. If you and your girls are looking for a night of excessiveness, XS Nightclub is the place to be!

Did Someone Say Strip Clubs?

Whether you have the mindset of “look but don’t touch” or “look and touch” Sin City is the “proper” place for your bachelorette party to get wild! When people hear the words strip club, their minds automatically go to shows appeasing to men… well, here in Las Vegas, there are male revue shows geared towards the ladies.

From ripped abs, chiseled chests, and toned glutes, you and your girls can enjoy a night of constant eye candy at Thunder Down Under! To watch these handsome hunks strut their stuff, gather your girlfriends and head over to Excalibur! And while you’re at it, be sure to check out Chippendales and Magic Mike!

Pole Dancing Anyone?

So, who said that those Thunder Down Under guys were the only ones that could have all the fun? While you’re in Vegas, you and your bridal crew have the opportunity to take a pole dancing class at a local studio in the area. The great thing about these classes is that they’re judgment free. It’s a fun and safe environment for everyone to let their hair down and channel their inner dancer from within!

There are many different options for your group to choose from but a popular venue is Stripper 101. This is a fun and unique class because you’re learning sexy dance moves from real Las Vegas dancers! I mean, if you’re going to take a pole dancing class, you’re going to want to learn from the experts right?

You Can’t Go to Vegas Without Hitting the Shopping Scene

If you and your girlfriends have an ounce of love for shopping, then you all will need to make a trip to Downtown Container Park! This shopping mecca makes for a unique Vegas shopping experience for sure! The unique aspect of Downtown Container Park is the fact that all of the shops and eateries there are made solely of repurposed shipping containers. You can also Limo find on mobile to go and enjoy with friends.

It’s the perfect place to take selfies with the bridal team, grab a bite to eat, and indulge in shopping. There’s also unique and interesting performances that happen all throughout the day too. For this wildly offbeat  Vegas experience, be sure to drop by Downtown Container Park!

Watch a Live Concert or Show

Besides gambling and clubs, Vegas is also known for its jaw-dropping line-up of performances that include acrobatic shows and star-studded shows with the likes of Brittany Spears, Celine Dion, Cher, and many more! Cirque du Soleil is also a great show experience that you and your girls will never forget!

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