How To Make 40 Feel Like 30

Cool sculpting
Cool sculpting

You’re way past quarter-life crisis and you might have not to notice mid-life crisis. Being in your 40s, you felt like you have accomplished, established and paved almost all of your aspirations in life. You’ve partied to the fullest. You’ve traveled, eaten at a variety of food, and have a fulfilled professional career. All these are life achievements and goals you’ve gained in your life. They are something to be bragged about but for some reason, you feel like your still behind, you feel old.

Feeling youthful and relevant is something everyone subconsciously would like to feel. You know that enthusiastic feeling of having your life and the world ahead of you waiting to be explored. You’ve probably missed that elated state. Those feelings are present in people in their 20s and 30s. They haven’t explored life yet as you are.

But exciting things in life doesn’t end when you have materialized success in your life. You can and always can make yourself feel youthful, feel like you are still in your 30s. The struggles, excitement, frustrations, happiness and youthful bliss are still waiting for you to experience. There are still moments in life for you to go through.

If you want to feel like you are in your 30s again, where you seem to be just starting to experience and build a life, here are some ways to make you feel youthful again.

Love Yourself Better

You’ve probably felt like you know yourself now but just like anything in life you can still constantly change. Change does not mean you’re going to throw away your present lifestyle but more about discovering new things that you love.

You are not in the dead end of life progress and development. Don’t restrict yourself. Start exploring new things in life whether it’s a hobby, career, education, romance or even traveling. Loving yourself does not only mean knowing what you want and what you need but it’s more about learning that you have an infinite amount of opportunities and things to explore.

Loving yourself also means treating yourself well. This includes eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Have Confidence In Life

One factor that makes a person feel old and irrelevant is when they are not up-to-date on things happening around them. Being youthful is synonymous to being relevant and it is your duty to keep interest in new information.

You can do this by incorporating social media in your system. If you haven’t had any account, Facebook, and Instagram are good starting points. Not only do these platform always stay updated on pop culture but it can also expand your horizon. You might also want to explore the vast see of videos on YouTube, we will never know if you have what it takes to be a vlogger.

Look Good And Feel Good

Being mature is one thing but having pronounced fine lines and sagging arms is another. Aging is inevitable but you can look for ways to minimize it’s effect or even put it in a standstill. You can start fighting off aging by exploring new ways for your facial regimes or signing up for a gym membership.

You might also want to check out technological advancements available today that can make you look good, hence you will feel good. These include cool sculpting, facelifts, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. Kris Jenner may not be the best role model for many things but if you are looking for an idol in staying youthful look how she handles herself.

Stay Inspired

Arriving at your life goals can temptingly make you stop exploring for any other opportunities. You’ve reached your goal now, so why not make new goals? Well, it’s for you to stay inspired. Being inspired in life will make you feel looking forward to what lies ahead in the future. Maybe it’s time to go on full on your passion for painting, learning a new language or do some deep diving. Being inspired will keep you going in life and fuels your drive for more experiences.

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