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Are Water-Filled Pillows Good?

Water Filled Pillow

People rely on their pillows to recharge after a long day, rather than just their beds. The level of comfort one feels when resting is dependent on multiple factors, including the filling of your chosen pillow.

Therefore, it is only reasonable to look for the type of pillow that best suits one’s needs and practices to secure that great night’s sleep.

We love to guide anyone who wishes to explore options for that next pillow purchase. There are many types to choose from, with eco-friendly options, to boot.

As one of the most recent innovations in the sleeping pillow market, one trending, highly recommended option is water-filled pillows. Comparing different products is one of the fastest ways of exploring this, with a comparison between Chiroflow pillow and Mediflow pillow as an example.

What Are Water-Filled Pillows?

What are Water filled pillow

In essence, both companies utilize the same element in innovating for the sleeping pillow market. Chiroflow and Mediflow offer pillows that use water instead of the common fillings of sleeping pillows.

These relatively new types of pillows provide adequate support for your neck when sleeping. However, even if they are called water-filled pillows, their composition is not necessarily similar to water balloons, regardless of common assumptions. These pillows come with more traditional material surrounding the water base, such as memory foam or feathers.

These water bases are then typically topped off with polyester fibre. Their water bases, which come with easy-to-remove pillowcases for easier maintenance, set these pillows apart.

Additionally, you can tweak the water bases according to preference via how much water is in the bases. The base moves with your head, giving adequate and accurate adjustment for your neck.

Heat loss is also not a cause of worry despite the cooling gel typically present in these pillows since a layer of thermal insulation is installed between one’s head and the water base to avoid this.

Whether the Water-Filled Pillows are Good or Not?

Yes, they are, and we’re not just basing this on the provided product descriptions. We have personally tried testing water-filled pillows ourselves.

In this experiment, though, we have also determined that the two main manufacturers have their own pros and cons. Hence, allow us to make a quick comparison down below.



Here are the most notable features of Chiroflow:

Low-maintenance: Since these water-filled pillows only need a filling or removal of water from their base when cleaning, their maintenance is not complex.

Durable: The construction of this pillow utilizes Dacron fiber to prevent flattening, a common issue observed in pillows after some usage. Additionally, the casing of Chiroflow Pillows is made from 300-thread count fiber. These make it much more durable than its traditional counterparts.

Comfortable: Despite the durable build, the construction of these pillows provides users with comfort. Clinically proven to provide relief of neck pain, these water-filled pillows are also highly recommended by chiropractors and medical professionals worldwide. Its design relieves posture problems while sleeping, therefore alleviating neck pain.



Another water-filled pillow option is Mediflow. These pillows are ideal for people who have tendencies to sleep on their back or their sides, providing maximum comfort for the neck and head.

The high-quality materials that these pillows are made of include an extensive cushion of hypoallergenic fiber, as well as thermal insulation that surrounds the pillow’s water base. These come with a water core that adapts to head movements as one sleeps, providing maximum comfort and support.

Easy to maintain: Mediflow pillows are easy to maintain as they are designed to be easy to clean and dry.

Durable: The construction of Mediflow pillows makes the pillow ideal for all sleeping positions, partly due to its great durability. It even comes in large sizes for better support. The case is made from 100 per cent cotton fibre, improving durability and comfort.

Comfortable: Mediflow water-filled pillows are hypoallergenic. That means using these pillows will not trigger any allergic reaction.

What to Watch Out For?

As with any product, there are certain cons one should weigh before trying it. Some of the most commonly observed and experienced problems with water-filled pillows include the heavyweight due to the water core.

It makes it difficult to carry the pillow around, as one might do with a pillow that uses traditional construction. The only way around this is by removing the water from the core.

Additionally, adjustment to pillows with water in it takes some time. This is due to the water core’s nature to adapt to one’s head for optimal support.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the ideal option is to give both of these pillows a try. After all, we all have our own specific needs and preferences. Hence, what might have worked for us might not do the same for you.

Fortunately, regardless of your choice, we are confident that you will definitely enjoy the experience of using water-filled pillows. They will need a bit of getting used to, true. Once you’ve gotten beyond this initial experience, we do not doubt that you will start feeling the benefits, and that will be more than enough to solidify your decision.

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