Benefits of Knowing Your Soul Urge Number

For those in search of life’s purpose or simply without much ambition, the soul urge number is the key to enhance their lifestyle. After all, how can one succeed without knowing their core destiny and desire?

What is meant by a Soul Urge Number?

A person’s soul urge number reflects their core desires. It plays a vital role in one’s numerology chart and gives live direction. The numerology chart includes the Life Path Number, the Destiny Number, and the Soul Urge Number. By discovering one’s soul urge number, they can get personalized answers to what path in life they should follow. Recognizing their wishes and thereby nurturing their needs is the key to leading a successful life ahead.

Why should you know one’s soul urge number?

  1. It lets you know your life’s desires

The primary benefit of uncovering your soul number is that by doing so you can unveil your inner desires. Those who lead a purposeless life or feel lonely can get a reason for living. It dictates their life’s purpose and inspires one to work hard to achieve their life’s ultimate goal. It gives life meaning.

  1. It gives motivation

The key to success in this world is inspiration and motivation that are primitive human tendencies. By uncovering the path for you, your soul number can help you get motivated to travel down this road to success. Knowing your inner desires and giving life direction can inspire one to succeed.

  1.     It helps in decision making

With your soul urge number, you unveil your ultimate goal and this gives you inner power. It boosts your motivation, gives confidence, and enhances decision-making ability. With purpose in life, you can take the stand more confidently and make decisions accordingly.

  1.     It gives you spiritual motivation

An internal inspiration and intention can prove quite helpful in giving one’s life a spiritual purpose. Knowing your soul number lets you work with your heart and soul, rather than just with your brain. It gives spiritual direction.

How to calculate your soul urge number

The soul urge number is calculated on the basis of the letters in one’s name. It uses the vowels in these letters to unveil your inner beliefs. To calculate this number manually, you need to cancel out the consonants in your name and use the values assigned to each vowel that remains. Apart from the 7 vowels, Y is sometimes considered a vowel in certain names. Once you have the values for the vowels in your name, add them. If the number is a two-digit number other than 11 or 22, reduce it to a single-digit number.

Alternatively, you can use a Soul urge number calculator to do the calculation. Whether you calculate it yourself or use a calculator for it, knowing your soul urge number can be a tremendous boost in terms of motivation and direction in life. You get to know your inner desires, things to inspire you, and this helps you prioritize things in life according to your inner goals.

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