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Best Home Exercises to Get Rid of Flabby Arms

Home Exercises to get rid of flabby arms

Flabby arms are the major factor in losing your beauty. They need to be treated quickly. Despite having a perfect figure, flabby arms can ruin your figure. The article provides you some of the best exercises to tighten up your triceps and to dislodge the flabby arms.

What are Flabby Arms?

Flabby Arm : Close-up Of A Woman Holding Arm With Excess Fat.

Flabby arms are the loose mass of your arms at your triceps point. They can cause your body to look unfit. It can spoil your fit figure. You are unable to wear sleeveless. The arms look chubby and you can’t put much strain on your arms. Not only does it ruin your figure but also weakens your arm muscles due to the accumulation of fats.

What Causes Flabby Arms?

With age the skin may lose grip over the muscles; a major factor contributing to the arms losing their grip. The hormonal imbalance with age can also cause flabby arms. This will look like a wrinkled and flabby mass. Another reason is the accumulation of fats in the skin beneath the arms. Fats may be due to excessive use of Junk food or not maintaining a better diet plan. Besides hitting your figure, it can be health hazardous as well. so you should get rid of these flabby arms. And this is easy to get perfectly toned arms. You need to work on your biceps and triceps.

Given below is the list of a few exercises that would help you acquire a perfect figure of your arms and also strengthen your arms muscles.


Push-ups include strengthening your chest and arms muscles. It is a basic parameter for shaping your body.

Beautiful young sports lady doing push ups while workout at home


  • Place your hands on the exercise mat with your palms wide open. Your body should face downwards.
  • Stretch your legs and support yourself with your toes. Both your feet should be joined and your heels above the ground.
  • Ensure the proper stretch in your body. Your elbow should be straightened before you commenced.
  • Now bend your elbows to put a strain on your triceps and shoulder. Bend them enough to touch the ground with your chin. Straighten up your arms again. Repeat the process and try to do a maximum number of push-ups. You can get the perfect shape for your arms if you do this exercise every day.
  • Start with around 20 push-ups a day and maintain a regular plan to increase them day by day.

Here is how to attain the correct push-up form.

Arms Circle

This exercise will give your arm a perfect shape and strengthen your muscles. This is a simple exercise you need to whirl your arms on both sides. You can do this exercise at home without any equipment.

Standing arm circles. Sport exercise. Silhouettes of woman doing exercise. Workout, training.


  • Stand up with your arms wide open. Join your feet together. Your body should be straight.
  • Open your arms to make a T. rotate your arms from your shoulder point to make circles of about 1 foot in diameter.
  • After 30 rotations reverse the direction and make anti-clockwise circles. Keep on reversing the direction. Make about 100 clockwise and anti-clockwise circles.

Wall push-ups

This is a home-based exercise and needs no equipment at all. This is best for strengthening the triceps and chest muscles.

Sporty young woman doing standing wall push up triceps strength exercise during urban outdoor fitness workout.


  • Stand up facing any wall. Join your feet. Stretch your arms fully and place your hands on the wall with your palm wide open.
  • Place your arms adjacent to your shoulders. Bend a bit to put a strain on your arms.
  • The lower body should be straightening in a little diagonal position.
  • Raise your heels and balance yourself with the toes.
  • Now try to push the wall by bending your elbows. Put pressure on your bicep muscles. And come back to the initial position.
  • Bend your elbows in a sense to push the wall and your chest should be near to the wall. And go back to the initial position again.
  • Repeat the steps again and again and try to do 50 wall push-ups initially.

Triceps Kickbacks

Triceps kickbacks deal with the contraction and extension of the arm`s muscles (the triceps). This type of exercise needs two light dumbbells each of which is to behold in the two hands.

Triceps Kickbacks illustration


  • Hold the dumbbell in both of your hands and stand straight without getting any support from a wall or something else.
  • Start bending slightly in the forward direction keeping the dumbbells in hand.
  • Keep on bending until your upper body gets parallel with the floor and your back should be straight.
  • Stretch your arms so that your forearm becomes perpendicular to your upper arm and your shoulders should be firmly attached with your sides and should not be moved.
  • Stay in this position for about two seconds and then expand your arms while standing in the same position.
  • As soon as you do this, you have done a triceps kickback one time. Repeat the steps.

Triceps Extension

Triceps extension deals with the triceps and this exercise requires two light dumbbells (or if you can manage you can go with heavy dumbbells) each of which is to be held in both two hands.

Young woman doing Overhead Tricep Extensions with a 10-pound dumbbell


  • Stand on your feet without any support in such a way that the distance between the feet should be equal to the width of shoulders.
  • Hold the dumbbells in both of the hands with your palms tilting in such a way that they seem to be parallel to the ceiling. Simply, hold the dumbbell with your thumb folded around them for better hold.
  • The elbow should be closer to the head and should not change its position during the exercise.
  • The upper arm should be raised such that it is closer to the head making an angle of 90 degrees with the floor. The upper arm as well as the elbow should not change their position. Only the lower arm should stretch and relax.
  • Keep your lower arm straight above your head with dumbbells in both hands.
  • Lower your arm slightly until the dumbbell reaches the upper part of your back.
  • Repeat the same task with your elbow and upper arm located in the same position.

Rolling Pushups

Rolling pushups can be considered as an advanced version of simple pushups. They are more complex and energy-consuming than simple pushups and hence engage your muscles better. For such pushups, you need no equipment at all but a wide area and free space to move around.

two girls doing rolling pushups


  • Placing your palms on the floor straighten your back and hold your body upon the fingers of feet and the palms (as done in simple push-ups).
  • Get a regular pushup by lowering your body slightly and then raising it.
  • On reaching the standard position, lift one arm and rotate your body, facing your back toward the floor, and place the palm of your raised hand on the floor still facing the ceiling.
  • Now, raise the other hand and rotate your body once again in the same way so that now your face is towards the floor.
  • Take a regular pushup again and then repeat the same task.

Triceps Dips

This exercise is again equipment-free and home-based exercise. You can have a wonderful figure in your body.

Woman Working on Her Triceps Using Bench.


  • Put your hands on any hard surface like chair, table, or bench in a way that your back should face that surface.
  • Stretch your legs and join both your feet. Both feet should touch the ground properly.
  • Place your body against that solid surface in a diagonal position. The upper body should be extended enough.
  • Put a strain with your arms in the downward direction by bending your elbow.
  • Band your elbows enough as your back is about to touch the surface. Straight your arms again.
  • Repeat the steps 40_50 times a day to get the perfect shaped arms.

Arms Stretching

It is a simple exercise that helps your arms muscles to gain a perfect shape by stretching maximum.

Muscles stretching posture for aches treatment at shoulder, arm, neck and back.


  • Stand up with your full body stretched enough. Join your feet together.
  • Raise your one arm in a way that it is bowed at the back of your head.
  • Use the other hand to hold the triceps of the first arm from the back of your head.
  • Stretch the arm as much as you can with the help of the other hand.
  • Repeat the steps by alternating the positions on both arms.
  • Stretch your full body on that respective side as much as you can.
  • Do this exercise 40-50 times regularly.


Punching can help you burn a lot of calories. In boxing classes, the triceps are strengthened by regular practice. It makes your arms muscles strong as well.

girl doing kickboxing


  • Stand up with your legs wide open adjacent to your hips.
  • Lift both of your arms at 45 degrees and make punches with your hands. Punches should face your chin.
  • You should bend your elbows.
  • Start punching by straightening your elbow and punching to an imaginary target just like people do in boxing.
  • Do these punches 15 times with one arm and then switch to the other arm.
  • Repeat the steps and complete 4 sets daily for complete toned arms.


All these exercises mentioned above will stretch your biceps and triceps muscles. They all are easy and simple and can be performed at home without any equipment. These exercises make your muscles strong and give your body a perfect shape.

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