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Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

Although there is no scientific formula to measure the beauty of a human being, there are specific societal measures to determine facial attraction. Having a fair skin tone and blue eyes is a combination that is considered a privilege, especially in women.

People who are born with fair skin and blue eyes have numerous ways to enhance their pretty looks and delicate features. When it comes to choosing hair color for blue eyes, the choice becomes confined to only a few shades. Once you have decided to transform your natural hair color, it’s time to select the shade that goes perfectly with your blue eyes and fair skin.

Blue eyes have lesser melanin, making them more sensitive to light than darker eyes. So, when choosing a hair color shade for people with blue eyes, you need to be specific with the shadows which make the eyes pop up.

Before digging into the right color shade for your hair, there are a few things to consider to enhance your look and style statement with your desired color shade.

Effects of Hair Color on the Skin ToneEffects of Hair Color on the Skin Tone

There are numerous color shades to dye hair, but only some shades look perfect with every skin tone. You need to study your skin before choosing the right shade. Try not to choose a shade that will give you an unnatural look.

Pale skin tends to adjust with each hair color. If you have a yellow skin tone, try to avoid blonde, yellow or orange tones, as they will make your yellow skin tone look awkward. If you have medium-toned skin, try burgundy, Auburn, or red shade since these shades enhance the skin color. Consult a hairstylist about the hair shade that will look good on your skin tone.

Hair Color Ideas for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

This list is different from the fittest approach when selecting the right hair shade for blue eyes and fair skin. Instead, these ideas are helpful if you are still determining which color would accentuate your blue eyes.

1. Auburn Haira girl has Auburn Hair with blue eyes

The shade Auburn comes in a variety of hues ranging from dark ginger to reddish-brown. Auburn is the color that looks exceptional with almost every eye color and skin tone. If you have fair skin and blue eyes, this shade will add a subtle and soft look to your entire personality.

With brown undertones, the Auburn looks more natural, and one thing that we are sure about is that your blue eyes will look even more beautiful if your hair is colored in this shade.

2. Strawberry BlondeStrawberry Blonde hair colour

If you’re thinking of coloring your hair red or blonde, why not try Strawberry blonde? Girls with blue eyes should really try Strawberry blonde hair as it makes blue eyes even more attractive and also because it is trending these days.

The dark tone shade of Strawberry blonder gives a natural blush look to your face, hence, making your face look naturally radiant. So, add a fierce and intense look to your hair without damaging the grace of your blue eyes.

3. Sandy BlondeSandy Blonde hair color

Sandy blonde looks like sand in daylight, with beautiful light shades to medium beige blonde. With golden undertones, the Sandy Blonde is perfect for blue eyes as it adds charisma and grace to them.

You can also blend this hair color shade with warmer highlights and make it look like it was sunkissed.

4. Warm ButterscotchWarm Butterscotch hair color with blue eyes

With a refreshing and relaxed tone to it, warm butterscotch is trending these days. Warm butterscotch is more like golden brown, and caramel blonde shade somehow lies in the category of coppery blonde.

You can try multiple combinations with the warm butterscotch shade, like balayage, ombre, lowlights, or highlights. For an appealing contrast, you can also opt for a chocolate brown root melt color that will enhance your fair skin and blue eyes and make your hair shade loved by everyone.

5. Honey BlondeHoney Blonde hair color

Honey Blonde is one of the most popular hair colors, especially in the summer. To add an exuberant, sunkissed warmth to your hair, go for the honey-blonde hair that blue-eyed people also love for its color-popping effects.

Honey blonde is closer to the caramel shade and gives your hair a perfect brown blonde. You can try Honey Blonde Babylights, Foliage, Twilight, honey blonde with a root shadow, and honey are blonde somber. Each technique relates to the perfect balance of vivid and fancy honey hues.

6. Icy Blue HairGirl with Icy Blue Hair

Are got impressed by the Icy Blue Hair color of Lady Gaga and want to play with it? Well, there is a whole range of hues to try to achieve fabulous hair shade. This bold hair shade of ice blue adds fierce and adventurous vibes and lifts up the blue eye color.

Although Ice Blue is trending, this color is comparatively difficult to pull off, so you need to take the help of hair professionals to achieve the desired results. Ice Blue is a fierce and bold hair shade that is not only meant for young girls to try, but adults too can enjoy experimenting with this cool color tone.

7. Copper RedA girl with Copper Red hair color

Fierce, intense, and warm hair color that looks great on fair skin and adds charisma to the blue eyes. Copper red hair color is not like a red color, but it has more auburn tones and an orange shade that makes this color look fiery.

Copper red usually refers to a reddish-brown color with orange tones that will take you on an unforgettable coloring adventure. Going redhead is not easy since it requires a proper hair care regime to maintain the results for longer. Copper red is also among the most natural yet fiery color shades in the red color category. The copper red hair color is also admired in the modern fashion world and can considerably change your entire look.

8. MahoganyMahogany Hair color

Mahogany derived its name from an expensive wood, and just as the wood looks regal, the mahogany color, too, gives a regal look to the hair. Mahogany is a reddish-brown hair color with both warm and cool undertones, which makes it a perfect fit for all skin colors.

Lighter mahogany hair color looks more like plum due to its violet and red pigments. Mahogany is also commonly used for brown hair with red highlights and makes fair skin look graceful. For a more enhanced color, you can go for highlights or balayage that lifts up the blue eye shade.

9. Light SilverGirl Light Silver hairs

Silver is a color that matches well with blue and together. These colors make a regal combination. The silver color is very versatile and has the ability to mix and match with every other color. This is the reason why the light silver color looks ethereal, with blue eyes and a fair skin complexion.

It is a misperception that silver hair color is for elderly people only. Now, the silver hair tone is considered chic, sexy, and edgy, which is why it is equally popular with young teenagers as well. From smokey grays to bright platinum, you have a variety of silver shade styles to play around with.

10. Platinum BlondeThree Girl with Platinum Blonde Hair Color

If you have decided to color your hair blonde, know the fact that Blonde is a lifetime commitment. Once the hair starts growing, the roots need to go through the bleaching process. There is a variety of blonde shades to rock your personality, and if you have gotten gorgeous blue eyes and a fair skin tone, you just need to experiment with the blond shades.

Platinum blonde is a chic shade that beautifies blue eyes even more and makes a face look brighter without giving it any unnatural look. With this hair color idea, you will become the center of attraction at all the gatherings.

11. OmbreOmbre Color hair front and back girl photo

Ombre has been in demand for many years now due to the extra glow it adds to the bright skin tone. A professionally done ombre adds chicness to the hair and makes the skin look younger and fresher. Those who are blessed with blue-colored eyes will find sophistication and grace in the ombre shade.

Ombre is the blending of two hair colors to get a new hair color that is fresh and more natural-looking. If you have long hair, it would be ideal for hair stylists because the damaged ends would need to be cut in order to enhance the entire look. You can also try unique ombre shades, such as light or dark purple, for shorter hair.

12. BronzeBronze Hair Color girl

How about coloring your hair a rich shade of bronze inspired by JLo and Beyonce? Not just the shade looks glamorous but it is also a favorite shade of those who have fair skin complexion and blue eyes. Bronze has hues of brown, copper, and blonde shade hues with bright gold undertones.

To add warmth to your skin tone and to make those blue eyes even more prominent, bronze color is the best option for your hair. Moreover, you can also apply red and caramel notes to enhance the bronze shade.

13. Cool Ash BlondeCool Ash Blonde hair color three girls

Ash Blonde is one the trendiest and coolest blonde hair colors that resembles more with platinum blonde hair. It is basically a neutral-looking hair color with a grayish tone to it and some darker roots for more natural-looking results.

Ash blonde with baby lights, balayage, or shadowed Ash blonde, there are numerous ideas to play around with if you want to experiment with Ash Blonde hair color. Not just it enhances the blue eyes, but any eye color would look gorgeous with this stylish hair color. If you are someone who wants to go creative with the hair color shades, you’re going to rock Ash Blonde for sure.

14. Golden Mix CopperGolden Mix Copper hair color girl

Golden mix copper makes you look younger, enhances your skin tone, and for people who have blue eyes, this hair color comes as a regal color selection. There are a lot of people who have golden mixed hair color genetically, so this is already a popular natural hair color.

The copper mixed with hues of copper red, copper brown, and golden copper comes out as a gorgeous hair shade that is buzzing around social media and is extremely loved by many. When blended with lighter babylights, the golden copper adds more warmth to the hair color that instantly enhances the skin color.

15. Buttercream BlondeButtercream Blonde hair color girls photo

The winter shade to go for, recommended by the hair stylists, is Buttercream blonde. Although winters are more about darker shades, but since it is in trend, this year you should go for some lighter hair color shades. Buttercream Blonde is a creamy blonde that has a natural sunkissed look to it with a mix of warm and cool highlights.

Buttercream is not like any harsh or too-bright kind of blonde; rather, this shade has more color swirls of honey and baby blonde to rock your entire look, especially if you have those charming blue eyes. If you have previously colored your hair, it can take some time or probably sessions for the Buttercream blonde to appear at its best tone.

16. Burnt SiennaBurnt Sienna hair color

Burnt Sienna, also known as ginger beer hair color, is basically a copper base with fierce auburn tones. If you have naturally lighter hair shade, you are more likely to achieve the gorgeous color shade of Burnt Sienna in one go. This color lifts up any skin tone, and for people who have lighter eye colors especially blue, Burnt Sienna enhances their eye shade even more.

Red shade always adds a regal factor to fair skin complexion, and with red shade in your hairs as Burnt Sienna, you are going to attract people all around. For the experimenting purpose, you can add a slight yellow tone to it to add a personalized touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which hair color makes one look younger?

Copper, honey and gold hair colors make one look younger by adding a healthy brightness to the face. 

Which hair colors are the best for warm skin undertones and cool skin undertones?

For warm skin undertones, the recommended hair color shades are chocolate brown, chestnut, and sandy blonde. For cool skin undertones, the best hair colors are ash brown, copper, and platinum blonde.

What are the best hair colors for olive undertones?

People who have olive undertones should opt for darker hair colors such as Burgandy, Auburn, and slight shades of red.

Bottom line

The blue eyes and fair skin is a deadly combination that attracts everyone. But when it comes to choosing a hair shade that is best for fair skin and blue eyes, you need to be very careful with the selection since not every hair shade complements these features the right way.

Some of these shades will be flattering, while others will look not-so-good with a fair skin complexion. Any wrong hair color shade will make your skin look paler or add a weird tone to it. So, before choosing any hair color shade, ask your hair stylist or colorist about the shade that will complement your entire personality and enhances your feature in the right way.

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