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Top 10 Hair Colors to Enhance Olive Skin & Brown Eyes

Best hair colors for olive skin and brown eyes

You saw a hair color on Instagram; you loved it, dyed your hair the same, and ended up not satisfying with the results. Why? Because there are a lot of things to consider before picking up the hair color that looks great on you.

We have been talking about choosing the right hair color based on your hair’s natural shade, your skin tone & texture, and the color of your eyes. If you have decided to color your hair for the first time, these factors are important to consider before picking the right hair color that looks perfect on you. Do not drool over those Instagram filters and celebrity hair colors because every person has a different skin and eye color, which is why not every hair color looks great on everyone.

The Best Hair Color Ideas for Olive Skin and Brown EyesBest hair color Ideas for olive skin and brown eyes

If you have olive skin and brown eyes, you need to choose the hair color that will enhance your features and make your beautiful brown eyes pop up. If you are wondering which hair color will look great on you, we have made your search easier by penning down the best hair colors for brown eyes and olive skin. Go through our carefully curated list of hair shades and choose the one in which you will feel comfortable and confident the most.

Light Blonde OmbreLight Blonde Ombre

Whether it’s a classic ombre or an elegant light blonde ombre, this trend is not going anytime soon. If you want to add a new life to your hair while enhancing your beautiful olive skin tone, this could be your color to flaunt perfectly according to your hair color. Add in soft and bouncy curls to highlight Light Blonde Ombre even more.

Light Brown HighlightsLight Brown Highlights

The richness of your brown eyes gets personified with light brown highlights, which is also an emerging color trend of 2023. The rich hues of chocolate brown can save your hair from continuous touch-ups and allow your facial features the much-needed highlight.

Prismatic Platinum BlondePrismatic Platinum Blonde hair color

Want to give a bright burst of blonde to your hair? Add some bold holographic hues of Prismatic Platinum Blonde to make your olive skin look prominent. To add some versatility to your hair, go for a combination with ombre or highlights.

Bright RedBright Red Hair Color girl

Not everyone is a fan of dark bright hair color, but if you want to try out the trend of coloring your hair in a very dark red hair shade, it will enhance your brown eyes and add a vibrance to your skin complexion. Women with olive skin complexions enjoy the aesthetics of bright red as it complements the warm tones of olive skin.

CopperCopper hair colors for olive skin and brown eyes

Copper looks great on almost all color complexions and can be worn easily throughout the year. Due to copper being a warm shade, it is a perfect hair shade to try, especially for females with blue or brown eyes. If you are still deciding to go with a full copper, you can choose copper glazes placed strategically.

Light Blonde BalayageLight Blonde Balayage hair colors

Simply apply a beachy blonde balayage to lighten a dark base color rapidly. The bright color will warm up your olive skin tone and make your beautiful brown eyes look appealing. The light blonde balayage is also a perfect hair color to try for olive skin with cooler undertones.

Faded PurpleFaded Purple hair colors for olive skin and brown eyes

Light purple is the best color for working females since it beautifully matches olive complexion tones. It will be soft on your dark eyes as well. Straight hair that is shoulder length with bouncy waves or curls would also look wonderful if colored in shades of light purple.

Auburn Chestnut BrownAuburn Chestnut Brown hair Color Girl

Going for a complete dye with natural auburn hair color or highlights will look phenomenal for those with naturally dark hair and olive skin. Add subtle reddish brown hues to enhance your olive complexion and play around with the exotic red tones. To keep up with the glazing touches of Auburn Chestnut Brown, staying out of sun exposure is recommended.

Rose Gold HairRose Gold Hair hair colors for olive skin and brown eyes

The vibrant and rich rose gold hair shade looks great on olive skin females, who may consider dying the hair ends or simply going for strategically placed streaks. You can choose a subtle or fancy shade from the endless rose gold spectrum to flatter your skin complexion.

Rich Espresso BrownRich Espresso Brown hair colors for olive skin and brown eyes

The neutral espresso has warm and cold undertones, giving it a fantastic choice for olive complexion tones. Play with the underlying warmth by adding very light chestnut brown highlights to the face, or choose slightly more golden brown tones if you don’t like the reddish brown.

Things to Remember Before Coloring Your Hair

Hair coloring is one of the most complicated things, especially if you are going through it for the first time. People need to know if the particular shade suits them to opt for lighter or darker shades and end up disappointed by the results. Here are a few tips and things to remember which will help you achieve the hair color of your dreams, but most importantly, the only thing that matters is the comfort level you have while wearing that shade.

  • Color develops differently in every person as it depends upon many things. People using different color shades will develop different results.
  • Don’t go for the perfect blonde or ombre worn by a celebrity, and don’t consider it the perfect shade for you until you haven’t used the shade-resulting color grid to find out what the color looks like and how it will turn out on you.
  • We said it before, and we are saying it again. Skin tone and texture are the most important things to consider before picking the hair shade. Some of us have brown skin tone, some have olive, while some have bright skin complexion. Every type of skin color will develop a different result under the same hair color. Choose your hair shade accordingly.
  • A lighter shade is easy to fix if you are unsatisfied with the results. If you are trying hair coloring for the first time or in doubt about choosing the right shade, it is suggested to go for a shade that is a bit lighter rather than choosing a dark shade that is difficult to fix later.
  • The resulting shade would appear lighter overall if you have more grey hairs.
  • For beginners, choosing a hair shade that is 2 to 3 times lighter than the natural hair color would be wise.
  • Your eye color determines a lot about your hair color. While choosing the color shade, make sure that you go with the one that complements your facial features and makes your eye color pop up.
  • Use shampoo or conditioner that is manufactured especially for colored hair. Keep following post-color haircare treatments to flaunt your new hair shade for longer.
  • A strand test would be great to determine how the color will develop on your hair and how long it will take to get the desired results.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best hair color for olive skin can make a tremendous difference in how your complexion looks. Those females with olive skin tones and brown eyes will look stunning in the above-mentioned hair colors, regardless of whether they prefer to wear their hair long, short, or anywhere in between.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is olive skin?

Olive skin is typically light brown and lies between dark and light skin tones, though it can also be darker or lighter. Your undertone can greatly influence how light or dark your olive skin tone is.

Which country has olive skin?

Most of Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Ukraine have olive skin complexion.

Which shade should I go for according to my olive skin?

You may go for Light Blonde Balayage, Faded Purple, Light Brown highlights, and Bright Red.

How to find out my undertone?

To find your skin undertone, examine the color of the veins on the underside of your wrist. If your veins appear green, you are likely to have warm undertones, but if they appear purple or green, you have cool undertones. You might have a neutral undertone if you are unclear about the vein color.

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