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Best Songs and Albums of Justine Bieber


Born on 1st March 1994, Justin Bieber is a Canadian songwriter and singer. Stratford, Ontario, Canada is his birthplace raised by a single mother.

He took the second position in a local talent show at a very young age. His mother took the clips and posted them on YouTube. This boy, unknown to the world outside, became a famous name. The untrained vocalist became the talk of the town by making a record deal with Usher.

Justin Bieber became the first artist to have 4 singles to his name entering the top 40 as a solo artist before his debut with his first album.

My World, his first album, went platinum in many countries. Later he came into the media limelight for his not-so-well activities. Despite this negativity around him, he made a stunning comeback with his first no one song of his career “What do you mean?”

His collaboration with Luis Fonsi in 2017, “Despacito” broke the record for all-time most consecutive weeks at first place on the top 100 list. In 2020, he made another record of his name. Bieber became the youngest artist to have seven albums get a top position on Billboard Hot 200.

Albums of Justin Bieber

Album of Justine Bieber

My World was released in 2009 and sold more than 137, 000 copies within seven days. In 2010, he released My World 2.0 for his fans across the globe that contained 10 songs. In 2011, Never Say Never was released with a holiday album followed by Under the Mistletoe.

The next album Believe sold over 374, 000 copies in the year 2012 within the first week. But Journals coming in the year 2011 was a flop with not a single song managing to become a hit.

Nevertheless, after a break of a year, he came back with Purpose, this album became his fifth million-selling record after a year in the USA. Changes followed Purpose, coming out in February 2020. With this Justin Bieber became the youngest artist with seven albums to reach the top spot on Billboard Hot 200 breaking Elvis Presley’s record. The latest album to his name is Justice. Sixth in line it has some great songs like Lonely, Loved by You, and Peaches to name a few.

Hit Songs of Justin Bieber

As Justin rose to his fame, he gave one after another hit songs that not only made him a superstar in English speaking world but in other countries as well. Some of the hit songs are given here.


Peaches” Song

From his latest album, Peaches is a bit diversion from its pop influence, with its R&B touch. With chilly and vibes, a must-listen for his fans. It brought 424 million views on video so far.

Featuring Daniel Caesar and Giveon

“What Do You Mean?”

“What Do You Mean?” song

Justin came up with his first No. 1 single “What do you mean?” in 2015 that too came from Poo Bear as a producer. With catchy lyrics and great music, it soon became a hit among his fans and earned him a new audience. After six years it has whopping 2.1 billion views on YouTube.



When released on YouTube in January 2017, by Luis Fonsi, a Puerto Rican singer cum songwriter “Despacito,” became the most-watched video of all time on the site. When Justin heard the song in a nightclub in Columbia after a couple of months of this release he asked Luis for a collab-remix.

As the collaboration became available for the audience it hit the number one spot on Hot 100. After holding the spot firmly for sixteen consecutive weeks, the song broke the all-time record for the longest-standing top song in August 2017.


Baby lyrics

Baby was the song with which Justin broke into Billboard Top 10 in 2010. The song features Ludacris and so far it has garnered around 2,615,726,667 views as of this writing.

“One Time”

“One Time”

The first single from our favorite singer, “One time,” reached platinum in Canada shortly after its release in the 5th month of 2009. After eleven years it has 690 million views on Google’s video platform.

“All I Want for Christmas Is”

“All I Want for Christmas Is”“All I Want for Christmas Is”

The holiday classic “All I want for Christmas is” was recreated by Bieber in 2011 for his fans alongside Mariah Carey. After a lapse of nine years, it has a total of 206 million views on the channel with his name.



 Boyfriend became another hit single from Bieber in April 2012 that was part of his album Believe. After a lapse of nine years, it has 835 million views, just on his channel alone.

“Beauty and a Beat”


In the last quarter of 2012, in the middle of controversy surrounding his offensive behavior, Justin Bieber released a song that became one of his just another Top 10 hits. This party anthem features Nicki Minaj and so far it has 978 million views on his channel alone.

“Where Are U Now”


The song “Where Are U Now,” Bieber released in collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex, in the year 2015, famous R&B songwriter Poo Bear helming it. The song landed Justin Bieber for Grammy. He won the title ‘Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording’ in 2016.


Justine Bieber catered to the demand of the new generation with his pop songs. Despite some controversy, he is still one of the most liked and followed superstar singers in the music industry. With his upcoming songs, he will give us more amazing music with quality lyrics.

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