Careington Dental Discount Insurance Plans | Careington Care 500 Series

Careington Dental Plan | Careington Dental 500 Seriies Insurance Plan

What is Careington?

Careington based in Frisco in Texas is an International Corporation which is a leading provider of providing discount rates or cuts on dental care. It possesses one of the largest and most independent dental networks. Careington provider solutions regarding dental care savings plan whether you are a sole individual, a business, an association or a dentist. Careington upholds its mission of providing access to reasonably priced dental or vision care.

What is a Careington Dental Plan?

A Careington Dental Plan is a discount plan which provides incentives in the form of discounts on various dental procedures. If you are part of the Careington Dental Plan then you are permissible to receive discounts for dental services at those health care centers that are also in contract with the dental plan. Being a part of the Careington Dental plan allows you to save more at a rate starting from 5% up to 60% on a number of dental procedures. Dental procedures including routine oral exams, cleanings, dentures, crowns, root canals, bonding, veneers, and so on.

Careington Dental Plan Features

  • Orthodontics included for both children and adult.
  • Cosmetic dentistry such as veneers is also included.
  • 20% reduction on normal fee.
  • No age limit for dependants.
  • No referral required to see specialist.

Why Should You Opt for a Careington Dental Discount Plan?

Careington Dental Discount Insurance Plans | Careington Care 500 Series

The Careington Dental Plans are designed in a way to save time and money by proposing simple solutions for your daily life. The discount plans provide its members with a better grasp on their health care and their spending. The Careington Discount Plans are preferred for the following reasons:

  • Discounts readily accessible at the time of the dental procedure
  • Reasonably priced monthly or annual rates
  • Compatible with FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs
  • Great source of value addition to existing reimbursements
  • No limit on its usage
  • Family plans are also available
  • No exclusions as everyone is free to join
  • Instant value

Careington 500 Plan

The Careington 500 Dental Plan is among one of the most popular and best-selling savings plans there are. Offering inexpensive discount plans to members with an average saving rate among members starting from 20% up to 60%. Members turn out to save a large proportion of their time and money on the dental procedure fees. The various dental procedures on which members will be saving on include routinely checkup exams, both child’s and adult’s cleanings, root canals and so on.

This dental savings plan also offers a discount of 20% off of the orthodontics on some dental procedures; for instance, getting braces and retainers for both children and adults. You can start saving through this feasible dental savings plan today and join in on the wagon on which others have been saving upon. Startup with your very own Careington 500 Dental Plan starting today and enjoy the complimentary benefits of this savings plan!

Complementary features of the Careington Dental Savings Plan take into account:

  • The discount plan can be used right away after joining
  • The dental discounts can be utilized on the spot
  • Pricing options on family or a plus one are also offered
  • Members receive two membership cards and a membership kit is mailed with guidelines
  • Unrestricted usage of the savings plan
  • All individuals are openly acknowledged
  • You are able to receive discounts at the time of the dental procedure
  • Cancellation of Careington 500 membership is completed within 30 days
  • Upon membership cancellation, a full refund is given in case a member cancels within the first 30 days of joining, excluding the processing fee

This Saving Plan starts at:

  • Only $8.95per month
  • Only $89.00 per year

This Careington 500 Dental Savings Plan generally offers the following pricing options:

  • Monthly Pricing Options are:
  • Member-only: $8.95
  • Member + one additional: $13.95
  • Member + Family: $16.95
  • Annual Pricing Options are:
  • Member-only: $89.00
  • Member + one additional: $139.00
  • Member + Family: $169.00

A one-time payable but non-refundable processing fee of $20.00 is also applicable.

Careington Dental Plan for Seniors

Even after retirement, the one thing that should remain constant is seniors’ dental care and the quality of dental care, as that is to not be compromised with. Careington Dental Plan for seniors offers a reasonably priced dental savings plan which is guaranteed to help you save up on hefty dental costs. After retirement, senior individuals may tend to lose up on employer incentives of receiving discounts or cuts on medical expenses. Among the various choices to select from Careington offers the following features to its members:

  • Usable right away after membership for all types of dental procedures
  • Limitless usage of the plan which allows limitless savings
  • All dental procedures or conditions are accepted
  • Cost less than many other dental plans

Why the Careington Dental Plan is trusted by many?

Careington has been providing dental providing services ever since it’s making in 1979. It is known to be trusted by a large number of individuals because it is budget-friendly, involves no paperwork or file-work which makes its utilization that much simpler and easier by various individuals. The Careington Dental Plan follows a selective and strict dentist approval procedure which ensures security to both the patient and the dentist.

Decide on Becoming a Part of the Careington Dental Network  

You can become a part of the Careington Dental Network as a:

  • Business
  • Broker
  • Dentist
  • As a Business:

Careington can aid your organization is providing product or service benefits. Careington offers its services to:

  • To Employers and Organizations
  • To Associations, Unions and Affinity Groups
  • To Carriers & TPAs
  • To Dental Support Organizations (DSOs)
  • To Governments and Municipalities

Careington also offers customizable plans which can include not just dental plan but also visions and other discount plans according to the organization’s requirements. All of which can add up generating savings for both the employers and the employees. Once a business starts collaboration a single point of contact is assigned for all the administrative or marketing requirements. The features included are as follows:

  • The plans are easy to implement and utilize
  • Both employers and employees can sign up any time during the year
  • The plans can be offered to all types of employees consisting of full-time, part-time, contractors, seasonal or retirees
  • A marketing program is provided which highlights the value of the plans to the employees


  • As a Broker:

You can also become a part of the Careington Dental Network as a broker; you can offer your clients better deals through Careington’s Dental Savings Plan. You can learn more about savings on plans through Careington’s access. You can start up as a broker and learn about it or if you are already a broker you can review the further accessible tools and register on the portal.

  • As a Dentist:

By becoming a part of the Careington Dental Network as a dentist, it is possible to increase the patients’ loyalty and capacity. Further on flexible custom administration services, friendly support staff and fee schedules are offered.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Careington Dental Plan an insurance plan?

No, the Careington Dental Plan offers to its members discounted rates on a variety of health services. Prices will be instantly discounted at the time of the dental service being received.

Is it possible to include dependents on the Careington Dental Plan?

Yes, among the many features in the Careington Dental Plan one of the features offers discount plans to the entire family or a plus one.

After how long will it be possible to utilize the plan after becoming a member?

After signing up, a member is permissible to utilize the service instantly whenever the member pleases.

When will the membership card be received?

The membership card and additional membership materials such as the membership kit will be received by the member within 7 to 10 working days.

Is it possible to go to a dental service provider of my choice?

It is possible to go to a dental service provider of your choice, but you will only be able to receive a discount if the dental service provider is a participating provider of the Careington Dental Network.

If my dentist refers me to a specialist who is not on the Careington Dental Network, will I still be capable to get a discount?

A discount on the dental service will only be provided under the condition that the referred or recommended specialist or dentist is also a participating provider of the Careington Dental Network.

After being assigned to a provider how often am I allowed to change providers?

Another great feature of the Careington Dental Discount Plan is that you are free to select any provider from within the Careington Dental network. Moreover, providers can be changed at any time.

How can I cancel my membership on the Careington Dental Plan?

Cancellations are accepted over the phone or by fax. If in the case that an individual cancels within the first 30 days of joining Careington Saving Dental Plan. The member will be liable to receive a 100% refund, excluding the nominal processing fees.




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