A Complete Guide to Book a Disney VIP Tour

Disney Tour
Disney Tour

Disney world is a magical and magnificent place where our childhood dreams are literally experienced coming true right before our eye. There, it dawns upon us that all of the fairytales we were read while being tuck into bed and the mystical stories of happily ever after are true indeed. Since our childhood bedtime stories were the same as many other people, this miraculous experience comes at a huge expense, loads and loads of waiting in lines. However, need not worry because this article is all about the liable solution, Disney VIP Tour.


First of all, the VIP package serves as a free pass to your favorite adventures and your time is spent with family and friends enjoying rather than standing in waiting lines. After all, that is what vacation is all about! This bundle also includes the ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ which is a private ride to take you through backdoors of different parks. All the extra bits you have always wanted, such as front rows in a show or a ride, you got it. Plus the guides offered to people in this premium package contain much more in-depth knowledge of the place than almost any other person, so you really do get the best out of your experience.

cinderella's castle

How to book your exuberant Disney experience?

It was previously assumed that such premium and VIP packages were only for celebrities or such famous personals. But it is the time to hold your chin up high since we have gathered points to help you out of this dilemma. It is a simple task and there are absolutely 2 fool-proof ways to do this.

  • Travel Agent

If you want to put your complete trust in a travel agent that is great but make sure you already have experience with them. However, even if you only want to hire a travel agent to only help you with the bookings, that is a simpler but even affordable way to go too. These agents have in-depth knowledge about the insides of the Disney World and will formulate a plan that keeping in mind your preferences while making sure you get the most out of this experience of yours. Since these tours are quite expensive, you do not want to wander around and waste your precious hours.

  • Do it yourself

If you are keener on getting things done by your own hand, you can so well do that too by simply calling their helpline and booking your Disney VIP Tour in advance. You will later receive a confirmation e-mail which also enlists the destinations and the facets of the booking made. Once that is done you need to make sure to plan your day and contact your associated guide beforehand to ease out the process.

Disney world tours are a wondrous expedition one deserves to experience in a lifetime, at least. These easily available VIP tours make it easy for you to access and relive your childhood memories. After all, Disney would not be its promised magical entity if it did not fulfill each and every dream of yours.

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