DentiCalc app: A Dental App To Help Dentists

DentiCalc app: A Dental App To Help Dentists
DentiCalc app: A Dental App To Help Dentists

For all dentists out there, your job has been made much easier with the DentiCalc app! This application is a dental app that has given dentistry a new dimension. This application creates a bridge between dentists and their clients by acting as a platform from where dentists can give prices to their patients.

All it takes is seconds! No matter how complicated or simple the treatment, with DentiCalc app dentistry, has become much simpler.

Calculating costs of dental treatment has always been a challenge most dentists face. Calculating prices for different patients, in different cases, is indeed a complex task. If this task is taken over by buying such an intelligent app, what more could you want? Within seconds, DentiCaclc gives the total bill for different patients within the very first consultation.

All that the dentist has to do is add in all the complex treatments, tap once, and the app will total the preliminary cost. Not only that, if will preset it all with 3D animations.

How does the DentiCalc app work?

3D animations

With the help of the 3D animations in this application, you can suggest various dental procedures to your patients, share with them the details with the help of DentiCalc, and then It calculates an approximate price so that the patient can choose from the treatments right there in the first appointment. For missing teeth, for example, you can use the animations for the suggested procedures of using a bridge or an implant. You no longer have to spend time trying to explain the treatments to your patients. The step-by-step, personalized 3D animations and animated videos can help you out.

Price calculations

DentiCalc also helps you calculate how much each treatment will cost with the help of a pre-uploaded price list. This means that the patient can be shown all the possible treatments and their costs, everything they need to base their decision on.


The interface is extremely user-friendly and personalized for dentists, in particular, making it very efficient and effective. The app’s tutorials make it all the easier to use. DentiCalc has been designed by expert dentists who has years of experience in their field so the procedures are reliable

Tips for using DentiCalc

Once you have downloaded the application, using it is very simple. With the help of the tutorials, you can learn how to make good use of this in your private dental consultations. If such is not the case and you are facing problems, we have just the right solutions.

  1. If you are facing difficulty in installing the application, try reconnecting to your Wi-Fi or mobile data. If that does not seem to be the problem, try checking your phone storage. It could also be that your Android version does not support the app.
  2. If you are having trouble logging in, it might be because the app server is down. You should try logging after a while. Other reasons for login issues include a network connection problem (mobile data or Wi-Fi), or wrong credential entry
  3. In case of audio and video problems, remember to check your phone volume or try wearing headphones instead. This could help identify whether the problem is because of the device speakers or within the app. The issue could also be because of low internet speed.
  4. If the screen is loading properly when you turn on the app, this could only be a temporary problem in loading. What you can do in such a case is close the app from the recent applications and then reopen it. If the issue appears unresolvable, another solution is to reinstall the application. This could help resolve it.


DetiCalc is a tool dentists find very helpful as it makes dentistry much more efficient and less time-consuming.

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