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Difference Between Loose Skin and Fat Skin

Difference Between Loose Skin and Fat

Is stubborn fat or loose skin frustrating you? And besides following a proper diet plan and exercise routine, you are not getting rid of it?

Before doing anything for it, you need to understand what it exactly is fat or loose skin.

People usually think that excess fat makes them look chubby; however, sometimes, it’s not the fat but the excess skin that makes you struggle to attain a slimmer physique.

Many people get sagging skin when they lose a substantial amount of weight, imitating it as extra fat on different body parts. Weight loss brings with it a lot of self-confidence and various other benefits, except for one issue that most people suffer with, i.e., excess skin.

Excess skin is a surprising and unpleasant gain even when you lose weight. This side effect is usually expected when a person undergoes extreme weight loss.

In some cases, it can even lead to various health issues. So when you are trying to fight that ugly-looking sagginess, it’s important to figure out if it’s excess skin or excess fat.

To help you sort out the differences between the two, we have penned down this blog post for you so you may determine the issue you are dealing with.

Loose Skina women with a loose skin

Loose skin results from weight loss, pregnancy, or aging and is not easy to differentiate from excess fat. Skin gets all the feels when a body loses or gains weight.

When an overweight person loses weight fast, he gets saggy skin around his body. Rushing towards weight loss and opting for all the unhealthy ways to lose weight rapidly leads to severe consequences. Quick loss in weight does not permit the skin to get firm, resulting in skin hanging. This is the reason why fitness experts always recommend losing weight slowly rather than rushing for it.

Another important reason behind the loose skin is when a woman is pregnant with twins or triplets, as it causes multiple skins folds around the belly. Also, in elderly people, the skin loses collagen, which results in the skin losing its tightness. This process is slower and difficult to notice until it forms visible skin layers.

Loose skin can be predominantly seen in the lower abdominal region, legs, and underarms. In the attempt to lose weight rapidly, many muscles are also lost, which causes skin drooping. Under the severe appearance of loose skin, various invasive treatments such as Tummy Tuck surgery are recommended to save the abdominal muscles from damage.

Body FatWomen measuring her Body Fat

The body’s subcutaneous fat is soft and loose, which makes it look like loose skin. The body fat cannot be pinched and is distributed everywhere under the skin. Excess fat in specific body areas, such as the abdomen, leads to severe cardiovascular diseases that elevate the chances of heart failure.

Stubborn fat takes a lot of time to lose since some body fat deposits are irresponsive to diet and exercise. Sometimes, the only way to reduce this fat is through medical treatments. The visceral fat that is present inside the abdominal cavity provides sufficient padding between the organs. Still, if it increases by a certain amount, it can affect the immune system severely.

Difference Between Fat & Loose SkinTow men one have loose skin while other one has fat body

Although loose skin and body fat look almost the same, and it is quite difficult to spot differences between them, these both are harmful to human health in their severity. Loose skin is the skin that is left after extreme weight loss, pregnancy, or due to low collagen fibers, while body fat is the subcutaneous fat layer present beneath the skin. Another common difference between drooping fat and body fat is that the loose skin can be pinched easily while the fat cannot be grabbed or pinched.

Look into these key differences between fat and loose skin for a briefer comparison.

Body Fat

Loose Skin

Subcutaneous fat is present everywhere under the skinResults from drastic weight loss, aging, or pregnancy
Can be reduced with cardioIt cannot be controlled with cardio
Treating excess fat is easyTreating loose skin is comparatively tougher and, under certain conditions, requires invasive treatment
Body fat can be used by the body as an energy sourceLoose skin cannot be regarded as an energy resource
Fat cannot be grabbed easilyLoose skin can be grabbed

Treatments for Loose Skin and Body FatA girl picking her body fat in her hand

Loose skin and body fat both have serious impacts on health and self-esteem. However, by consistently following a proper diet and workout routine, it is possible to control skin or fat Bulges. There are various reasons for developing loose skin; once you have it, it is extremely tough to reduce.

When nothing works, and it becomes extremely frustrating to see the loose skin and stubborn fat around the body, certain cosmetic procedures can greatly help.

Treatments for Loose Skin

Chemical PeelsA girl pealing off the chemical peel for getting tighten and younger skin

This non-invasive procedure requires the removal of the outer skin layer that reduces the sagginess, and once this old skin is peeled, you get smoother and firm skin.

Radio FrequencyA patient under the Radio Frequency treatmemt

This treatment heats the skin to stimulate collagen production on the outer skin layer, resulting in skin tightening.

Body ContouringDoctor performing Body Contouring treatment on a patients bally

Under this invasive cosmetic procedure, the skin’s appearance is improved if it droops after drastic weight loss.

Treatments for body fat

Sculp SureReducing body fat through SculpSure

Under this procedure, stubborn body fat is destroyed with the help of heat-based laser technology that reduces up to 25% of fats from the body. The fat loss that results from SculpSure is permanent.

Cool Sculptingpatient under treatment of cool Sculpting

With the help of this fat-freezing technology, the fat cells are crystallized and then destroyed completely. This non-invasive treatment targets those body areas where it is extremely difficult to remove fat.

LiposuctionDoctor performing Liposuction on abdominal section of patient

Through this surgical treatment, the extra fat is removed from the body through suction. Liposuction has proven effective in contouring the body and eliminating fat from stubborn body areas.

Bottom Line

Whether it is loose skin or body fat, both can affect your self-confidence and, at an extreme level, can cause serious health troubles. If you are still unsure whether it’s loose skin or the extra body fat you are suffering from, it is recommended to ask your healthcare consultant about it and his consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does loose skin go away?

The loose skin after weight loss goes away by following proper remedies such as applying collagen-boost creams, taking supplements, and following good exercise routines. In severe cases, medical treatments are recommended.

Why does skin droop after weight loss?

When a person undergoes drastic weight loss, the skin gets no time to get firm, and due to elasticity in its nature, the skin gets loosened.

Which exercises are effective in tightening loose skin?

Exercises such as squats, crunches, and pushups are highly effective in firming loose skin.

What are the key differences between loose skin and fat?

The loose skin can be pinched and grabbed easily and has wrinkles. On the other hand, body fat cannot be grabbed or pinched outward.

Can excess skin be used as an energy source by the body?

No. Our bodies cannot use loose skin as an energy source.

What is Tummy Tuck surgery?

A Tummy Tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is performed to tighten and improve the shape of the abdomen.

Does a tummy tuck help reduce loose skin?

Tummy Tuck is highly beneficial in reducing fat pockets in the lower abdomen while also reducing loose skin.

What are the common places where loose skin appears commonly?

The stomach, underarms, legs, and face are some of those body parts where loose skin commonly appears. 

Can loose skin look like fat?

The subcutaneous fat that lies under the skin is softer in nature and, most of the time looks like loose skin. 

Will losing 50 pounds give you loose skin?

In case of a quick reduction in weight, you are likely to develop loose skin as the skin loses its tightness, resulting in some extra skin being left behind.  

What foods tighten skin after weight loss?

Certain food items, including beans, nuts, cheese, milk, and legumes, are rich in collagen and help tighten the skin during weight loss. 

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