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How Long Should You Wait to Dye Your Hair Again?

a professional stylist color the hairs

Although a fresh hair color enhances your personality and gives you a more confident feel, you should always wait for a certain time to dye your hair again. If, after that first color dye, you were more concerned about dying your hair again but weren’t sure when, relax and sit back as we have sorted down all the essential things for you to know before you go back to your next hair coloring session.

Many hair stylists are of the opinion that you should only re-dye your hair after 2 weeks, even if your hair color looks awful. Technically, you need to wait 15 days to color your hair again if you want to fix it and are unsatisfied with it. A poor DIY hair coloring session might panic you but do not rush and wait till it’s the right time.

After bleaching your hair, no matter how damaged your hair is, they need some time to rest and freshen up. During this time, it would be tough to live with a hair shade that you absolutely hate or do not feel comfortable in. The waiting period may get extended to 1 month, which is, again, very crucial. But fixing your hair by re-dying it is more challenging than coloring it the first time.

Things to Consider Before Re-Coloring Your Hair

If your hairstylist didn’t understand what exactly you required during the hair coloring session, it might be extremely frustrating to see the final results. However, certain things should be kept in mind if you want to change your hair color.

Type of Hair Color

different Type of Hair Color

First, you must be sure of the type of hair color you have applied to your hair. It will blow away after 10 to 12 shampoo washes if it’s temporary. The semi-permanent hair dye takes around 12 to 15 washes to dim away. The demi-permanent color lasts 20 washes, and the permanent color lasts for the longest time.

Based on the duration that hair color will take, you may decide when it would be appropriate to go for the next hair dye. Permanent hair color takes more touch-ups to maintain the color evenly. In contrast, semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color gets fades sooner, so you may decide upon the next color application based on this duration.

Natural Hair Color

The natural color of your hair plays a vital role in determining how long you should wait to re-apply the hair color. It also depends on how fast your hair grows. If you have fast hair growth and naturally darker hair color, you will need to re-dye your hair sooner than lighter hair shade with slow hair growth.

What Happens if I Re-Dye my Hair Sooner?

A Beautician Re-Dye Hairs of a Girl

This is a terrible idea to re-color your hair without waiting for a certain period. Trichologists recommend coloring your hair only after the time span of 14 days. And for more damaged hair, the time period is extended even more. If you re-dye your hair sooner, you will notice a sudden increase in hair breakage as the roots get weakened by all the chemicals and color application within a small duration.

Your hair strands may break from various points, or the split ends will become visible, causing severe damage to the entire hair. The back-to-back hair coloring leaves hair looking dry, damaged, and bristled, or in some cases, it may result in limp locks with zero volume. The hair color, when combined with the developer, causes some serious trouble to the hair, and when the color is applied without putting the dyed hair to rest, it leads to irreparable damage.

The ammonia and other harmful chemicals involved in the hair-dying process contribute drastically to hair damage. To avoid all these awful scenarios, it is better to wait for the recommended time to re-apply your hair color.

How to Fix Your Hair Color at Home?

Color Lightening at Homea girl with beautiful Color Lightening

So, you have got a hair shade that is too dark, and you want to reapply the hair color to light it as soon as possible. But what if we tell you that you can light the hair shade by simply creating baking soda or a white vinegar hair mask at home? You can also use Vitamin C tablets or clarifying shampoo to fade the hair shade, which helps in color lightening.

Using a Toning Shampoo

Using a Toning Shampoo for coloring

If your hair color came as too warm and you can’t wait to re-dye it to get rid of those unwanted yellow or orange pigments, it is recommended to use a toning shampoo. To treat yellow pigments which appear in bleached blonde, you may use purple shampoo. Blue shampoos are used to target orange popups, which appear in the brunette shade. To neutralize the brassy pigments, use these toning shampoos 2 to 3 times a week.

Henna BlendUse Henna Blend for coloring instead of artificial color

Henna is a healthy way to coat the hair from the outside without affecting the hair composition from the inside. You can go for brown or two shades darker than Henna, as it can blend easily with your hair color.

Bottom Line

If you have yet to get the desired hair color shade, it is probably because you will require another session with the hair stylist to achieve the exact results. A good hair stylist will always understand your requirements and guide you about the pros and cons of the coloring process. However, if you do not get the desired results for any reason, you don’t have to think about re-coloring your hair sooner. Give your hair a rest for at least 15 days and even more if the damage is serious.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair color?

Semi-permanent hair color lasts for 12 to 15 washes, while the demi-permanent color lasts for up to 20 washes.

What will happen if you re-color your hair soon after the first session?

If you re-color your hair without waiting for at least 2 to 3 weeks, your hair will have to suffer from breakage and extreme dryness.

Can I dye my hair again if I miss any spots?

If you missed a spot, try to apply the hair color on the spot that was missed earlier. Position your mirror at the right angle, or it is recommended to take the help of a stylist for seamless filling of gaps.

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