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Do You Put Toner on Wet or Dry Hair?

Do you put toner on wet or dry hair

Got your hair colored recently? We are sure they look perfect. But do you know that the color will fade away eventually or even turn brassy? What can you do to prevent it? Buying a hair toner is always a smart choice because it helps your hair retain its color, along with serving as a barrier to maintaining hair porosity. 

Many people have queries regarding the use of hair toner. When is the best time to apply it and whether it is applied to dry or wet hair? If you’re here for an answer, we assure you you’re at the right place. Let’s head to the answers. 

Should I Apply Hair Toner to Dry or Wet Hair?

Your hair needs to be neither too wet nor too dry for applying the toner. Ideally, your hair should be 70% dry so your hair needs to be damp and not completely wet or dry. 

What Will Happen if Toner is Applied to Wet Hair? 

What Will Happen if Toner is Applied to Wet Hair? 



If you apply toner to hair that is too wet, the toner may get diluted. In this way, it will just slide off your hair and won’t last too long. This may result in either uneven hair tone or no changes in hair color. Another issue with toning wet hair is that the results won’t last long after toning. Some people have noted that a toner that is expected to last 8 weeks, only lasts 2 weeks if used in wet hair. 

What Happens if Toner is Applied to Dry Hair?

What Happens if Toner is Applied to Dry Hair?

As in the prior case, it’s not recommended to apply toner to 100% dry hair because dry hair won’t respond well to the toner. While toner may work with dry hair, it’s recommended that you don’t because the toner won’t absorb fully. As a result, your toner results may only be short-lived. 

How to Tone Your Hair the Right Way?

How to Tone Your Hair the Right Way?

Now that we have understood why you shouldn’t tone too wet or too dry hair, what’s the right way to tone the hair successfully? Here are the step-by-step instructions you should follow to tone your hair the right way.

1. Your Hair Should be Light Enough to be Toned by Your Toner
If you’re using a toner for blondes, you need to lighten your hair to level 8 or 9 at least. Otherwise, go for a toner for darker hair.

2. Begin with 70% Dampness
If you have rinsed your hair after a dye or bleach, use a microfiber towel to dry and remove any extra moisture. Touch your hair with your finger to see if they are dry enough. It should be just dry enough to feel a little dampness.

3. Mix the Toner as per the Instructions
Now is the time to prepare your toner. To achieve permanent results, the ideal ratio is 1:2 for mixing toning solution and 20-volume developer. If you want semi-permanent results, use the same ratio but with a 10-volume developer. In any case, make sure to follow your toners packet instructions for the best results.

4. Part Your Hair into 4 or More Different Sections
Now part your hair into sections, 4 ideally, or more if you like. In this way, it’ll be easier to handle your hair and tone them.

5. Start Applying Your Toner
Now gently start applying the toner. Make sure to cover all the sections of your hair. We suggest that you use a tinting brush to apply the product evenly.

6. Give Time to the Toner to Sit in
Now let the toner set in for a while, around 45 minutes or more till you get the desired color. To get a sneak peek into the results, you can always wipe some sections of the hair and see. If you think your hair isn’t done yet, reapply the toner and let it work.

7. Once the Time Ends
Rinse out the TonerWhen the time ends, wash out the toner carefully from the hair. The chemicals present in the toner can damage the hair if left for too long. Use lukewarm or cool water to retain the results. After washing the toner, condition the hair to repair any damage caused.

8. Shampoo Hair After 24 Hours
After 24 hours of applying the toner, wash your hair with shampoo. You should wait for 24 hours to let the toner set in. Make sure to use a gentle shampoo to avoid premature hair fading.

9. Conditioning Your Hair
After you’re done shampooing, apply a conditioner to replenish your hair and bring in moisture. Using a processing cap will quicken the process because it insulates your scalp heat and quickens the process, reducing the time. But be careful not to overprocess your hair if they are damaged.

How Long Will the Toner Last?

How Long Will the Toner Last?

In most cases, your hair tone effects will last for at least 2 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks. This, however also depends on the hair condition and type. For toned or colored hair, the toner effects may last a shorter time than with natural hair. 

How Often Should I Tone My Hair?

How Often Should I Tone My Hair?

Regardless of the amazing effects of hair toning, you must not forget that toners are, in the end, chemical products that can harm your hair if used too often. Therefore, avoid using the toner too much. Moreover, how often you should use the toner also depends on the strength and health of your hair. 

A hair toner is mostly used after dyeing or bleaching the hair. So, whenever you are coloring or bleaching your hair, you’d need this product. You can use a toner to refresh your hair color every 6 to 8 weeks. 

Can I Use a Toner Twice 

Can i apply toner twice?

Don’t ever tone your hair more than one time a day. Using toner too often can cause irreplaceable damage to your hair. You can, however, use the toner to prevent fading of your hair color. 


We are sure you now know whether your hair should be wet or dry for toning. The answer is neither too wet nor too dry for best results! We hope you find the information above useful. Tone your hair to maintain its color in the best way! 

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