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Top 25 Types of Bracelets – Choose the One to Enhance Your Look

Friendship Bracelet
Enhancing Your Looks: What Are the Top 10 Types of Bracelets to Choose From?

Looking after one’s self and how we present ourselves isn’t narcissism or vanity; it’s a brand of self-care that is often overlooked. Also, self-care isn’t just about eating right and working out. It’s also about treating ourselves right, which of course, involves how we present ourselves to others through how we look.

It’s easy to dress up and look put together, but it’s also important to accentuate minute features, such as our ears, necks, and, most especially, hands through pieces of jewelry.

Rings usually get all the attention when it comes to accentuating the beauty of hands, and bracelets sit on the back burner. But, bracelets of all types draw attention to the hands and legs while adding a dash of style to any outfit. Wearing a wrist or ankle bracelet is a fast way to be glamorous for any occasion. And, you can wear both to double the glitz.

The Reason to Wear a Bracelet: Bracelets for a Cause

While the purpose of a bracelet can be as simple as fashion, we need to consider other underlying reasons as well. People often wear Puravida bracelets to display the importance of something meaningful to them. Here are the reasons for wearing a bracelet.

Bracelet as a Conversation Starter

Accessories like bracelets are a solid pointer to your personality. You may attract attention when wearing a bracelet, so strangers may approach you to ask about your bracelet, hence being a conversation starter. A simple question like “wow, your bracelet looks nice; where did you get it from?” can start an exciting conversation.

Wearing Bracelets as a Reminder

Some people wear bracelets as a reminder of some experience that had played an essential part in their life.

A Symbol of Friendship

Friendship bracelets serve the ultimate purpose of being a symbol of friendship. When you and your friend wear the same friendship bracelet, it reminds you of your love.

Immediate Association

Bracelets are often seen as being linked to status and wealth, hence are an immediate reminder of your situation. In many countries, bracelets are a sign of being affluent.

Today’s youth often wear charms and silicon bracelets to show their association with a specific group. In this way, the bracelet becomes a part of the person’s identity.

Bracelets for Your Interest

You may want to wear a bracelet because you like it or because you find it interesting to wear. Some people wear bracelets solely because they enjoy them, whether for fashion, interest, or anything else. Some people may simply like making bracelets their fashion statement.

Learn the various types of bracelets you can wear to look your best.

Types of Bracelets

1. Classic Gold Bracelets

Classic Gold Bracelets

The gold bracelet is a wardrobe staple. From formal events to casual days on the town, a gold bracelet is a classy way to bring an outfit together. And depending on the style, gold bracelets can be an everyday wear piece that can perfectly balance the look of either a chunky or dainty watch.

Anklets of the same style also make any outfit look better, especially dresses and pants that reveal the bottoms of your legs. It also breaks the continuity of monotone looks and adds a bit of sparkle to it. Find anklets online here to have the best deals.

2. Slipping Into Silver

Silver Bracelets

The opposite of gold, silver is a fresh look that complements all skin tones. Despite being termed as gold’s opposite, mixing and matching gold and silver pieces create an extraordinary look.

To top it all, silver is an affordable way to bring beauty to a wrist or ankle. Choose silver bracelets with chunky semiprecious stones such as turquoise and coral.

3. Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet can be a unique reflection of everything a person likes. Lifetime events and hobbies can be represented by various charms, which are made up of gems and metals. The most popular example of charm bracelets are those popularized by the brand Pandora. Each charm can be bought separately and can be added to the bracelet. Since the charms can be bought alone, they make lovely gifts for your loved one’s highlights as well.

4. Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet covered in sparkling stones will surely draw attention to your hands even without making mention of such. In fact, few people can resist the allure of wearing tennis bracelets for a glittering wrist. The fascinating history behind this piece’s name also adds to its allure as well.

Still worn by top-notch tennis players, tennis bracelets continue to be a popular item among those who lead active lifestyles. These gem-clad bracelets can be affordable or run into thousands of dollars with diamonds.

5. Costume Jewelry Bracelets

Costume Plastic or Acrylic Jewelry Bracelets

Novelty bracelets are another option to match colorful outfits. Usually, inexpensive materials, such as plastic or acrylic, are used to make them. The goal is to add color rather than quality to your overall look. And these pieces are perfect for outside parties and beach days because you don’t have to worry about the expense of losing them.

6. Chain Bracelets

Chain Bracelets

Much like necklaces, a traditional chain bracelet matches any mood or outfit. All you need to do is slip it on to feel good about how you look for the day. Chain bracelets are ideal for days when classic sleek bracelets just don’t do it for you. They are available in an array of thicknesses and styles, which immediately adds texture to an otherwise neutral look.

From a slender chain to a bold one, each makes a striking fashion statement.

7. Rose Gold Pieces

Rose Gold Pieces

The latest metal look is rose gold, and, of course, everyone loves the look and wearing it. Its pinkish tone looks great on anyone. Rose gold bracelets look the best when paired with smoky stones for a down-to-earth allure.

Rose gold bracelets also go well with bolder colors such as deep blues and purples. You can either go for a laidback vibe or a preppy style with a stack of rose gold bracelets.

8. Watch Bracelets

Watch Bracelets

Few people can resist the chance to wear a bracelet and a watch. And combining the two is the ultimate way to achieve an on-point fashion style without compromising utility. It is an ideal look for your workday wardrobe, matching blazers and suits perfectly. Similar to tennis bracelets, simple watch bracelets are go-to pieces for those who lead an active, outdoorsy lifestyle and want to stay on schedule after hours.

9. ID Bracelets

ID Bracelets

A bracelet with your name or a special message adds a personal touch to your wardrobe. The good thing about this is it comes in a variety of styles and colors. You can customize one that will perfectly fit your personal style.

It also goes without saying that ID bracelets are an ideal gift. From graduation to the holidays, everyone likes to get a gift with a customized feel. May it be engraved with the receiver’s name or a short yet significant message, ID bracelets are a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

10. Bold Bangles

Bold Bangles

When you want to make a bold fashion statement, put on a rigid bangle bracelet, and take on the world. Available in a full range of colors and styles, a bangle instantly draws the eye to your wrist. But bangles are not only popular because of their bold colors and prints, but these pieces also draw attention because of their shapes. Square bangles are low-maintenance statement pieces that go with a variety of outfits.

It’s undeniable you have a sense of style that must be noticed when you wear a wood or metal bangle.

11. Cuff Bracelets

Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are another trendy bracelet style that is different in the sense of not covering your whole wrist. These bracelets are much like a bangle bracelet, except that it doesn’t close at the end. Some cuff bracelets come with a gold or silver look, making them a little pricey.

Hard materials like sterling silver, platinum, stainless steel, and gold are used to make these cuff bracelets. They are ideal if you want to add a royal touch to your look.

12. Chain Link Bracelets

Chain Link Bracelets

Chain link bracelets are a unique addition to the lists of bracelets because of their raw material, i.e., chains. A series of chains are linked together to create different styles and sizes. The most popular of these chains are available in gold, but they are also available in sterling silver or stainless steel.

You’ll often find men wearing these. Women’s chain-link bracelets have smaller cable chains usually. Little diamonds and charms are also added to enhance the grace — a perfect bracelet for simplicity and elegance.

13. Slider Bracelets

Slider Bracelets

Slider bracelets support a sliding closure, using a sliding mechanism to fit or adjust the size. While slider bracelets used to come in only artificial jewelry, now they are available in diamond, silver, and gold metals too. The best thing about this bracelet is that you don’t have to worry about typing the bracelet clasps with your hands. Slider bracelets offer the best of both worlds, comfort, and elegance.

14. Wrap Bracelets

Wrap Bracelets

Chan Luu was responsible for starting the trend of wrap bracelets. The designer is known for his leather and bead bracelet collection. These embellished, elegant bracelets are designed with either leather or rope. As the name suggests, it wraps around the wrist several times. Currently, magnetic bead wrap bracelets are becoming popular.

The design and color of this bracelet depend on how many times it’s wrapped. Wrap bracelets are just the best fashion statement to carry.

15. Bangle Bracelet

Bangle Bracelet

Regarding style in the Indian Subcontinent, bangle bracelets are not unknown. These rigid bracelets are made from wood, metal, glass, stone, shell, terracotta, rock, or plastic. Colors and charms are also added to give a delightful look. Bangle bracelets are usually oversized and move up and down your wrist.

If you’re getting a thin bracelet of this type, style it with similar-looking bracelets or even different ones. If you prefer a thick bangle bracelet, you may not need anything else since the look will be complete with one alone.

16. Designer Bracelet

Designer Bracelet

Whenever you attach the word “designer” to a bracelet, it automatically makes it more expensive and fancy, and there’s no exception. Designer bracelets are high-quality bracelets made using the most expensive materials like gold, diamond, and platinum. As the name suggests, these bracelets are designed by renowned designers. The more popular the designer is, the higher the prices.

The unique thing about designer bracelets is that they are not ordinary but have a unique style. Even though they are expensive, their timelessness pays off the price — a perfect choice for those who love luxury.

17. Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets aren’t just for one gender. Men and women wear these bracelets for every kind of event, whether informal or formal. These bracelets are suitable for those who aren’t too fond of metal or stone jewelry. The bracelet, in most cases, is a sloid leather piece carved with a unique design. You will often find stones and jewels in these bracelets to add a fancy look. This bracelet is perfect for punk, funky and groggy looks.

18. Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet

Pearl bracelets are an exquisite type of jewelry, timeless, and perfect as a wardrobe staple. Designed with elegant pearls, these bracelets are ideal for cutting costs without compromising style and quality. Based on the pearl, the sizes and colors will vary.

Wherever you need to add a little sophistication, pearl bracelets are the ideal choice. Whether a religious occasion or a holiday, it’s a perfect choice to show off your style. Pearl bracelets offer an elegant look and a truly timeless fashion.

19. Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet

Friendships are unique and must be valued. Those with true friends want to show off their love differently. A friendship bracelet is a special bracelet to give to a friend you value. While the other bracelets are a way to enhance your look, these bracelets are a way to show your love. You should get two bracelets, one for yourself and one for your friend to remind them of you.

20. Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are one of a kind. They are designed with rigid bead rows on a string, elastic, or leather piece. These beads are held in place on the string or elastic. The beads are made of various materials, including stone, glass, and plastic. Both women and men can wear it to look versatile. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors with a great variety. You can also choose whatever color you like.

21. Stretch Bracelet

Stretch Bracelet

Stretch bracelets are a trendy, classy, and sports choice, ideal for those who like a cool look. These bracelets are made using a synthetic material like elastic or rubber and easily slide onto your wrist. These bracelets gained popularity in the campaign “Live Strong” and have, since then, been trending. Those who cannot wear metals and sports enthusiasts often wear stretch bracelets.

22. Hololith Bracelet

Hololith Bracelet

An Hololith bracelet has a unique style that remains famous in Asia. Hololtih refers to a jewelry piece made using a single rock. Jade hololiths tend to gain popularity because of their incredible strength and durability. These, however, are expensive bracelets and the costs depend on the jade type and quality. If you don’t want to go for something expensive, you’ll also find plastic or glass bracelets that look similar to these.

23. Wooden Bracelet

Wooden Bracelet

It is not surprising that bracelets can also be made using wood. Wooden bracelets have different designs, and they can either be made using one wood piece or with wooden beads, known as wooden bracelets. Alternatively, these can also be made with wooden segments and put together so that the seams aren’t visible. These are available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and wood types. These unique and eye-catching bracelets give you a cool, funky look.

24. Affirmation Bracelet

Affirmation Bracelet

Affirmation bracelets are yet another unique bracelet type that carries a special message for the person wearing them. The notes are usually positive, whether quotes, inspiring words, or messages serve as reminders. This bracelet isn’t a style on its own, so it can be designed using any technique. The difference, however, will be in the message being added or engraved. So, it’s a bracelet style more than a particular bracelet type.

25. Infinity Bracelets

Infinity Bracelets

An infinity bracelet is a seamless, minimal yet modern bracelet design. This piece of jewelry is unique because it is welded to your wrist without a clasp. This beautiful bracelet symbolizes love, eternity, and empowerment. In short, this elegant bracelet signifies the importance of any relationship in your life.

In Summary

Enhancing your look is equal parts looking good and feeling comfortable with how you look. It’s easy to upgrade your look when you know which pieces make you look good. From articles of clothing to jewelry pieces, make sure to go for the ones that will enhance your look and make you confident.

Visit the ultimate website for gorgeous wrist and ankle bracelets to enhance your wardrobe and make you smile! Pick a few different designs to match any outfit and mood.

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