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12 Hairstyles You Can Achieve With Hair Extensions

Hairstyle With Extensions

Are you looking for a hairstyle for a formal or a party look and have not yet found any? We have the solution to your problem because we will present the 12 hairstyles you can achieve with hair extensions.

Not only that but if you have a thin hair problem then too, you can go for these hairstyles. The hairstyles below require a roller and a straightener; we assume that every woman already has them these days.

So without further due, let’s elevate your casual, formal, or bridal look with us.

1. Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves stylish hair look

Are you having a day out with friends and still thinking about a good hairstyle that is unique and beautiful at the same time? Then having a mermaid wave this time is an excellent idea. If you wear extensions or have naturally long hair, then mermaid waves can elevate your look.

The style is almost effortless and quick to make. Just divide your hair into several sections and take out your waver. Roll it around each hair section. Do not roll every inch of your hair, as leaving the hair strands from the end gives a more natural look.

Don’t worry if you have a thin hair structure, as this hairstyle gives extra volume to your hair. Apply a protection spray so the waves remain in style for a long time.

Also, if you don’t have a straightener or roller to give such waves to your hair, stop worrying about that. You can make tight hair braids and leave them the whole night. Before leaving home, untie them and get this fantastic style.

2. High Ponytail

High ponytail, a trendy hairstyle

If you are looking for a trendy and chicky hairstyle with your hair extension, don’t miss out on a high ponytail. A high ponytail is always the best choice, whether you are having a party or have to attend a marriage ceremony.

Try dividing your hair into three segments horizontally and make a ponytail of each segment one by one. Now take out a rubber band and tie all three ponytails into one.

This process works best if you have thin hair and want a high ponytail with a considerable volume. This will definitely elevate your look.

3. Low Ponytail

low messy pony-tail hairstyle

There was a time when girls used to prefer the high ponytail only, but now low ponytails are also in trend and give a graceful look.

When doing a high ponytail, the volume of the hair matters, but thin hair is good to go for a low ponytail. Instead of using the comb, take your hair strands together with your thumb and tie them in a rubber band.

Take out your roller and give the hair a wavy texture. Take out some hair strands from the crown of your head and leave them untied. Apply some hair spray so pony style can stay for a long time.

4. Twists

Twists, a neat and trendy look

Why not have a neat-looking twist this time? Twists always give a neat and trendy look. This hairstyle with extensions is very easy to make, or you can say this hairstyle is almost effortless.

Just put on the extensions as you usually do and take out the roller. Try to give loose curls to your hair strands or leave them straight, depending upon your choice. The twist is of two types. If you are going for a casual dinner, a messy twist looks fine, but a sleek twist is always preferred for your work routine.

The twist is straightforward to make. Just take a 3-inch wide section of your hair from the front side and start twisting it towards the back of your head. Depending on your choice, you can twist from one side or both sides.

Another thing that can enhance the look is just twisting the hair from both sides and tying the rest of the hair in a rubber band. This will definitely improve your look.

5. Top Knot

Top knot for a beautiful look

The top knot is definitely one of the most trendy designs of this time. You might be meeting people with a top knot giving them a beautiful look. Trust me, a top knot will take just a minute to stand on your scalp.

Just divide your hair into two segments, take the segment from the front side and make a messy bun. Now set it on the top of your head and tie it with bobby pins. Yes, that’s it. It is as easy as you read.

You must give this hairstyle a try!

6. Dutch Braid

Dutch braids stay the longest and look the most stylish.

Some people think that extension hairstyle braids are the toughest hairstyle but are the most stylish as well. Compared to other hairstyles, braids stay the longest and look the most modern.

There are many styles in braids, and you can go for fishtails or boxers. We recommend this design if you are looking for a long-lasting yet trendy hairstyle.

7. High Bun

Top bun for a stylish look

Let’s see how you can make a high bun with hair extensions. You may find it challenging to do with extensions, but we will make it easy for you.

Make a high ponytail as explained above and tie it using a rubber band. Now roll the hair strands towards the base over the head crown. Tie them with another rubber band. But this time, tie the hair loosely and leave some hair untied.

The messy look gives the best and most trendy look for a high bun.

Repeat the same steps to achieve the high ponytail, but take it a little bit further. Apply a spray on the hair so the high bun can last a little longer.

8. Low Bun

low bun, classic look.

If you have been making a high bun many times, why not go for a low bun with hair extensions this time? Trust me, this is one of the best designs with hair extensions and gives a neat yet trendy look.

Take out your straightener to straighten your hair. With straightened hair, the low bun will look so neat and sleek. Just do a low ponytail and try rolling it towards the base and tie it within the same rubber band you used for the low ponytail. See yourself in the mirror. How pretty it looks!

Another method of making a low bun is to give a wavy structure to your hair. Then make a low ponytail, turn it towards the base, and tie it in the same rubber band. Take out some hair strands and leave them untied. This gives a messy look, and it looks trendy and casual.

9. Vintage Waves

vintage classic wavy hairstyle

The vintage waves are one of the most beautiful hairstyles you can make with hair extensions. This style is impressive and suits whether you attend a marriage ceremony or go for a formal dinner.

Take out your roller and pre-heat it. Now divide your hair into multiple sections and curl each section properly. Try to curl every segment in the same way.

When you are done curling every strand, comb the hair in one go. You will see them having a vintage wave style.

Spray the hair thoroughly so that the style can last more. We recommend putting on eyeliner and red lipstick to get a perfect look.

10. Textured Waves

Textured messy hair waves.

Texture waves are a kind of vintage wave but a more casual version of it. The textured waves are very easy to have. Just take out your regular roller and divide your hair into multiple segments.

Now roll around every segment around the roller and see it curling in a specific manner. Remember how you roll the first hair segment; you have to follow the same pattern for the rest of the hair strands.

Try curling at a medium temperature as we do not want to give a perfect curling look; we are going for a natural look.

Remember, while curling the hair, always roll the hair strands outward from the face as it keeps your face from the unwanted heat. Curling your hair in an outward direction not only enhances your facial features but also enhances the overall look as well.

11. Half Up

half up hairstyle for a casual yet stylish look

Let’s talk about a hairstyle that looks perfect on every woman and especially on the teens with extensions. Yes, that is Half Up!

The best part is that you can adopt this hairstyle in two ways. One with straightened hair and the other with wavy hair.

If you have thin hair, we recommend you go for the wavy style, as it will give your hair a thick and elevated look.

Just take out your roller and roll the hair like you do while making the textured waves. Now split the hair into two horizontal segments. Take the above segment in your hand and make a high ponytail. Tie it with a rubber band and leave the rest untied.

Take out some strands from the front and leave them untied as well. This gives a wavy and casual look.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a new formal design, you can also go with this half-up hairstyle. Just take your straightener and straighten your hair. Now divide the hair into two segments and tie the above one in a rubber band.

Leave the rest untied and look; your formal look is ready!

12. Clip-ins with Bangs

Clip in hair bangs for instant styling.

Are you looking for a traditional hairstyle to elevate your everyday look? Let’s have the bangs today. This hairstyle can never get old, and women can’t stop loving it whether they cross their 50s.

Bangs with extensions give a more enhanced look. Just buy some clip-ins and have bangs. Always go for buying clip-ins that are precisely matched to your hair color so that bangs can look more natural.

Why Should I Wear Extensions on Marriage Day?

Is your big day coming, and you are looking for a hairstyle that can give you a perfect look? Of course, every girl wants to look the best on her big day, and wearing hair extensions is the best idea. Let’s see the reasons why you should be wearing extensions on your big day:

Feeling of Completeness

Having hair with a suitable volume is everything a woman needs, and hair extension is the only solution for it. These hair extensions not only give an enhanced look but also give an extra volume to your hair. This makes you look more complete and everything on point. You will feel a considerable difference in your look, wearing the hair extensions and not wearing them.


You might have always heard that long hairs are better than short hair and whenever you have asked the reason for it. You must have got the same answer, and that is, “You can have more variety of hairstyles when you have long hair.”

We agree, but what can you do when you have short hair and your big day is coming? Yes, you can have hair extensions and have any hairstyle you want. You do not need to wait for long years to get long hair.


This is something we just talked about. With extensions, you can have thick and long hair; with such hair, you can go for any hairstyle. There are just a few hairstyles for short hair but for long hair, you can try any hairstyle or every hairstyle that hides extensions and elevate the look.


Now you have seen a number of hairstyles that you can achieve using hair extensions and how such hairstyles can elevate your casual and formal look. We recommend you always have hair extensions that match your natural hair color and always go for hairstyles with clip-in extensions. Also, do not go for synthetic hair extensions as they do not bear the heat of your straightener and the roller.

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