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Fabulous New Year’s Eve Jewelry | How to Choose


The holiday party season is upon us and we’re sure that you’ll get tons of New Year’s Eve party invites. Once you pick out your NYE party outfit, it’s time to add the icing to the cake and look at some of the most fabulous and unique pieces of jewelry to make your NYE ensemble even more dazzling and festive.

Depending on the mood and location where you’ll ring in the new year, you can choose anything from a funky statement necklace with your favorite pumps, pearl earrings to go with your little black dress or a ring that will match your eye-catching sequin mini skirt.

From minimalist jewelry to creative, unexpected accessories, in this article, we offer some tips on choosing the most fabulous NYE jewelry to step into the new year with style and stand out from the crowd.

Pearl Necklace


Wearing jewelry made of pearls is always an excellent choice as they are stylishly exclusive, which means that they can be worn both every day and on special occasions. That is why pearl jewelry is very popular among women worldwide always when there’s an event happening.

Therefore, wearing fine pearl necklaces to an NYE party is women’s go-to choice as it always leaves a classy impression. A pearl necklace instantly adds grace and elegance when you’re looking to elevate your ensemble and stay fashion-forward.

If you’re attending an upscale cocktail party, match your pearl necklace or pearl earrings with a black dress and try not to overdo it. Remember to keep it simple and follow the main rule of elegance – less is more.

Gold Hoop Earrings

NYE is arguably one of the most exciting times in the year to dress up, especially if you like experimenting. The outfits are usually all glittery, with elements of shimmer and velvet.

To make the look even more eccentric, you should try and find a knockout pair of gold hoop earrings that will earn you plenty of compliments and make a lasting impression on your closest friend, families, and new people you might meet.

No matter if they’re large, small, or embellished with charms, gold hoop earrings are a sure fit for an NYE look, especially if worn with sequined pants and a funky blazer. To complete the look, wear them with a messy bun so you’re sure they get the attention they deserve.

Statement Necklace


Women love making statements, and jewelry has always been the best way of making a woman’s outfit the center of attention in any room she enters. Since NYE is all about having fun and showing your wild side, why not top off your outfit with a sparkly statement necklace.

You can opt for chunky and trendy chains, but also interesting shapes, colors, and stones to accentuate your look.  The best part about statement necklaces is that you can wear them with a pair of flattering jeans, a satin blouse, and this casual-chic outfit will still be transformed into a festive ensemble.

Cocktail Ring

Cocktail RingPinterest

If you don’t feel like wearing necklaces and earrings for the holidays, why not add some finger bling instead.

An oversized ring, otherwise known as a cocktail ring, might be all you need to spice up your look for the NYE celebrations. Cocktail rings aren’t as talked about as other jewelry pieces but fashion gals love wearing them because they know it’s a powerful move.

A cocktail ring usually has a colored focal stone of semi-precious variety like aquamarine, amethyst, or ruby. But you don’t need to spend money as there are excellent affordable alternatives like cubic zirconia or blue topaz.

Cocktail rings can be just as effective with a pair of regular jeans and white tee, or with an evening gown. If you love fashion and colors, then a cocktail ring should be a staple for your NYE outfit when party invitations start pouring in left and right.

Cuff Bracelets



Cuff bracelets have become increasingly popular and work perfectly if you want to mix and match with other accessories.

To top off your festive attire, you can stack your monochrome bracelets and create a trendy and versatile appearance. NYE is the perfect occasion to highlight your passion for bold jewelry and cuff bracelets can effortlessly spice up your entire outfit.

Don’t hesitate to try stacking or combining your cuff bracelet with your watch as it can add a modern and interesting twist in just a matter of seconds.

Final Words

We usually feel like doing something edgy and different on NYE, both in terms of outfits and jewelry. Whether you’re a woman who loves pearl necklaces, chunky colorful rings, or chic cuff bracelets, make sure you go for jewelry that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to have fun.

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