10 Useful Tips to Relieve Your Dog’s Stress and Anxiety

10 Useful Tips to Relieve Your Dog’s Stress and Anxiety - a dog in stress

Whatever the age, breed, or size, some can have a range of behavioral problems, such as aggression, or separation anxiety.

Similar to humans, dogs can suffer from everyday stress which can change how they act. As a dog owner, you’ll want to ensure your pooch leads the best life possible.

No one wants to see their best stressed and anxious, so if you’re worried about your canine’s well-being, here are some handy tips on how to alleviate your pooch’s stress and anxiety.

1. Regular Walks

two girls walking their dogs in a garden

If there is one thing that will help a stressed and anxious dog more than anything, it’s exercise. Going on a daily walk, heading to the local park, or playing with your pooch will not only boost your dog’s energy levels but can reduce stress too.

The more physical activity you incorporate into your pooch’s day, the better. If your dog hasn’t got much physical stimulation, this can worsen stress and anxiety.

Therefore, creating a routine and getting outside can provide all kinds of health benefits, both for you and your canine best friend.

2. Buy Toys

dog playing with toy

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise, so if you’re worried about your pooch and believe they’re stressed and anxious, make sure you purchase plenty of toys that they can play with. Ideally, we would be at home with our dogs every second of the day.

However, work and social commitments get in the way. This means if your dog is left on their own, you need to ensure they have plenty of things to keep them occupied, otherwise, they may become nervous and agitated.

3. Massage

When you think of the word massage, you may not necessarily relate it to canines. However, research has shown that massage therapy can help in reducing stress and anxiety in dogs.

Using slow, long, and smooth strokes can do wonders in calming your dog down and help their muscles to relax.

Taking 10 minutes out of your day to massage your dog may be all it takes to alleviate your dog’s stress and help them feel happier.

4. Soothing Music

After a long and hectic day at the office, many of us love nothing more than to walk through the front door, light a few scented candles, and put on some soothing music to eradicate stress.

What you may not realize is that your dog can benefit from calming music just as much as you!

If you’re out of the house for hours on end, it’s worth sticking the radio on or turning on the TV for your dog. Having calming music playing in the background can help your dog feel more relaxed and at ease.

Of course, your dog isn’t going to tell you what genre of music they like, so you’ll need to stick on a few tunes to determine what kind of music helps soothe them.

5. Calming Treats

a man giving his dog calming treats

If they had no damaging impact on your dog’s health and wellbeing, we’d give them treats all day long to keep them happy.

However, while treats should always be given in moderation, you may not be aware of calming treats for dogs that can relieve stress and anxiety.

Native Pet explains how calming treats for dogs work and what they can do for your furry best friend. Native pets are experts when it comes to providing dogs with organic supplements and treats to support their health and development.

When you see your dog is in distress, giving them a calming treat or two may be the answer.

6. CBD Oil

We’ve long been aware of the health benefits of CBD oil for humans, but what you may not be fully up-to-date on is the positives it can bring to dogs.

Recent studies indicate that CBD oil can be particularly beneficial for canines, as it can help in reducing anxiety, pain, seizures, and inflammation.

If you have concerns about your dog’s mental welfare and have tried any of the above to no avail, it could be worth checking out CBD oil.

Understandably, you’ll need to be cautious about how much CBD oil you give your dog. If you have any doubts or want clarification, it’s wise to see your vet for further assistance.

7. Compression Wrap

While a thunder shirt may make your dog look a little peculiar, it can truly make a difference, especially when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety.

This is because a compression wrap works by swaddling your canine and applying continuous, gentle pressure. This is said to help reduce fear and anxiety.

Compression wraps won’t work for every dog. You may find your canine acts uncomfortable when wearing it. If this is the case, it’s best to take it off immediately.

You should know your dog’s personality inside out, so if they aren’t enjoying it and not reaping the benefits, it’s time to look at something else to try.

8. Bath and Groom

a man giving a bath to his dog

The reason your dog is licking or panting could be because they’re uncomfortable. Dogs have allergies like humans, so try to examine your pooch’s coat and skin regularly to check for signs of irritation.

Make sure you brush their coat regularly and if you spot any signs of irritation, try and bath them with a soothing shampoo.

Before you go down this route, you must consult with your vet first. This is because the shampoo you use may do more harm than good for your dog, and should they be allergic, an urgent trip to the vets may be on the cards.

9. Plenty of Cuddles

Cuddles are part and parcel of owning a canine. However, what you may not understand are the health benefits your pooch can gain in the process.

While dog cuddling brings plenty of comfort and warmth, it’s also a way to show your dog love and affection. Showing plenty of love can strengthen the bond between you both, as well as reduce stress and anxiety in your canine.

Of course, you won’t have the time to be by your dog’s side 24/7. However, when you’re curled up on the couch and your dog is on the floor looking at you with puppy dog eyes, give them a much-needed hug!

10. Time-Out

While you may think of a time-out as something you instruct when your dog has been naughty, they may benefit from having some alone time. This is because if your canine is always around lots of people and noise, they may constantly be fearful and on edge.

Therefore, putting your furry friend in a room for some alone time may help them fully relax and unwind.

Of course, if your dog starts crying and barking the moment you shut the door, this may not be the best solution. As their owner, you will know what works best for your dog. Stress and anxiety aren’t just common traits in humans, but dogs can suffer too.

Whether you’ve adopted a dog who has come from a bad home, or your canine has reached their golden years and are becoming more agitated and anxious, there are lots of things you can do which can relieve stress in your dog and help them feel calmer and more relaxed at home.

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