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The Ultimate Guide to Waist Trainers: Pros, Cons, and Health Risks

Ultimate Guide to Waist trainer

Being humans, we are always inclined towards achieving improvement in almost every facet of life, and when it comes to achieving the ideal weight, there are plenty of options to achieve an hourglass physique. Have you ever heard of a waist trainer? Manufactured with thick fiber and embellished with laces and hooks, this shape retainer, commonly termed a waist trainer, makes your body look slimmer and tighter when worn around the waist.

Although the benefits of a waist trainer are numerous, as defined by its supporters, doctors and healthcare practitioners do not recommend using a waist trainer for an extended period of time. The idea of shedding weight only by wearing a waist trainer sounds lucrative, but is it good to wear it overnight or for the entire day? Let’s find out below.

What is a Waist Trainer?Waist Trainer

We hate that extra fat bulge surrounding our stomach and waist, and most of us are looking for ways to shed it without putting much effort. For those folks, a waist trainer is the right type of shape retainer that stimulates the illusion of a slimmer physique once the trainer is put on. The thicker fabric surrounding your abdomen compresses the body, makes it tighter, and trains your tummy in a way that looks reduced. However, irrespective of the common phenomenon related to the waist trainer as a fat burner, it does not melt or burn the body’s fat. A waist trainer only compresses your body’s upper parts and hides the fat deposit when you wear it beneath your clothes.

During the past few years, waist trainers have been considered significant in losing weight as we have seen a majority of females wearing these laced fabrics beneath their clothes. It decreases the appetite and makes one feel fuller by compressing the stomach. But the concept of compressing the stomach or any other organ raises a very valid question; ‘Is it safe to wear the waist trainer the entire day?’ The answer could be controversial as there is no significantly done research to support the concept, and the medical reasons claim the other way around.

People who support the idea of wearing a waist trainer overnight are of the opinion that since these trainers are designed to distribute the fat throughout the body, the fat does not stay at the same spot for the time the trainer is worn. Due to its compressed effect, the fat bulge changes its positioning, pushes the tummy inward, and squeezes the stomach so it may feel fuller even after having a smaller portion of a meal.

Disadvantages of Wearing a Waist Trainer for Longer HoursDisadvantages of Wearing a Waist Trainer for Longer Hours

Wearing these corsets can be great if you have to flaunt your slimmer waist at an event, but wearing them all day or overnight can bring more harm than good. While some healthcare practitioners recommend wearing a waist trainer for a maximum of 8 hours, most do not even recommend wearing it. The potential risks of using a weight-reducing slimmer outweigh its benefits and are given below.

  • Due to the trainer being tighter, the organs such as the liver and kidney come under pressure which may result in improper organ functioning.
  • There are high chances of ribs being affected due to the squeezing of the waist.
  • The digestive may start working abnormally due to continuous pressure on the stomach.
  • Sleeping with a waist trainer results in discomfort and disruption during sleeping hours.
  • The breathing may get disturbed due to improper respiration.
  • The bruises and marks start appearing on the waist after continuously wearing a waist trainer for hours.
  • Blood circulation sometimes gets affected if the waist is tightened and wrapped inside a trainer. The oxygen is not transferred properly throughout the body, resulting in irregular circulation.
  • A waist trainer hinders torso expansion and relaxation, decreasing back and core muscle strength.
  • Due to the waist being surrounded by a thick fabric may result in a bacterial invasion that leads to various skin infections and diseases.

Is it Safe to Sleep With a Waist Trainer On?Sleep With a Waist Trainer On

If you intend to wear a waist trainer to look slimmer at an event simply, you may go with the one. Even in that scenario, putting it on for more than 8 to 9 hours may start exhausting you. While you have the waist trainer on, you can see a significant loss of a few inches on your waist which is remarkable for the time being. However, putting on a corset as a permanent weight-reducing solution is not recommended.

Since the body does not have to do extra functioning other than relaxing at night, it would be great to put on a waist trainer during those hours. Little do they know that wearing a corset or waist slimmer during sleeping hours does not yield fruitful results. Rather it disturbs the sleeping hours and traps the heat inside the body, eventually leading to sweating and irregular breathing.

The waist trainers claim to make your waist look slimmer and hips look curvier; this is not a long-term body shaping solution. You must put extra effort into adopting a healthier, body-friendly diet and exercise routine for a slimmer and toned body.

Things to Consider Before Wearing a Waist TrainerThings to Consider Before Wearing a Waist Trainer

The purpose of a waist trainer is to make your body look slimmer once you have put it on, but this is not the ultimate solution to shedding weight. These slimmer are perfect if you wear them properly and do not exceed the time limit.

There are a few key points to consider if you want to wear a waist trainer safely to get the maximum benefits from it.

  • If your body is not looking slimmer after wearing it, it may not be made for you. You might feel uncomfortable while breathing as your stomach gets tighter when the waist trainer is wrapped around it.
  • Having a smaller waist trainer does no good to your body. Rather it leaves scars and marks if the waist is too much pressed.
  • Try to skip the corset when you are training, as it makes your body sweat faster even after a small workout routine.

Bottom line

The efficacy of a waist trainer is not proven from the facts, but if you want to obtain a slim and fit physique for an event, wearing it can be beneficial for that time. However, if you think of wearing it overnight, it is more likely to precipitate your body and encourage internal heating. If you consider wearing a waist slimmer, you need to consult a doctor because wearing it for extended hours is riskier and can lead to various side effects, including digestive tract blockages, poor respiration, disturbance among the internal organs, and itching. Although wearing a waist trainer helps improve body posture and reduced waist size, it is always recommended to never go beyond the 6 to 8 hours limit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you sleep comfortably with a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is designed to make your body look tighter and stiffer however if you sleep with a waist trainer on, you need to take extra precautions and add extra cushioning to support your body and ensure that the fat is distributed evenly throughout the body.

Is it okay to wear waist trainers all day?

Wearing a waist trainer for more than 8 hours can bring discomfort and impede breathing, so wearing a waist trainer all day is not recommended.

Does a waist trainer burn body fat?

Wearing a waist trainer is not the ultimate solution for fat burning. It compresses the waist and makes the body look slimmer but does not melt the fat.

Can I wear a waist trainer while eating?

Yes, you can wear a waist trainer while eating, but since it compresses the belly, your stomach will feel fuller even after intaking a small portion of the meal.

How long should I wear my waist trainer on the first day?

If you have never worn a waist trainer, it is recommended not to wear it for more than 2 hours on the first day. You should listen to your body and gradually make your body adjust around the waist trainer. If on the initial days, the trainer wraps your body perfectly, you will feel comfortable. Otherwise, it will stimulate discomfort and restricted breathing.

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