Hair Loss- Is there a cure for it?

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Hair loss is a condition where an individual suddenly looses hair. Medically termed as alopecia, it can sometimes be temporary or permanent. Hair loss occurs in numerous forms with the most common one being, androgenetic alopecia. In this state, the development of this condition is normally because of combined hormones. These hormones are such as androgens (male hormones), and genetics which are also genetic hormones. Hair grows from its follicles and is normally at an average rate of ½ inch per month. The process is normally a 2-6 years process for each hair and after which it rests and falls out. As it falls out a new hair is immediately grows in its place

When one’s hair falls out and no replacement takes place, it is now when baldness takes its root. Baldness is mostly experienced in males but can also affect women. The whole hair loss process can happen because of numerous reasons. For instance, in women there can occur a female pattern baldness, which is normally triggered by various issues such as; aging, menopause, and inheritance. In addition, women can also lose their hair to complete baldness as a result of breakages from treatment, shaft abnormalities by birth, skin diseases, autoimmune diseases, little iron in the blood, less vitamin D, and hormone problems (too much testosterones and little thyroid hormone) among others.

Hair loss has numerous symptoms that portrays before it occurs. For instance, unlike the male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness begins where hair thins on the top of the scalp. This normally starts by widening through the center hair part. During the process, the front hairline remains but no skin cores or itching are experienced. So, how do you actually treat hair loss? Hair loss has medication that is usually done after conducting numerous exams and tests. The test will include steps such as; examinations by a doctor for signs of male hormone, one’s medical history, ruling out other cause of hair loss, and later, you are subjected to skin biopsy. Skin biopsy is usually done to diagnose any possible skin disorders that are resulting to hair loss.


Hair loss has numerous treatment procedures except if it is a permanent condition. If temporary, one can get medications, surgery, laser therapy or, sometimes, a combination. This is normally to promote, slow or hide the process of hair loss. Different hair loss situations have different reasons for formation. Some that result from undying diseases will require thorough treatment. Although some drugs can increase the hair loss, it is better to follow the doctor’s prescription. For hair loss such, as pattern baldness, Minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia) are various medications that can be of rescue to you. FDA has approved these medications.


The top of the head is the most commonly affected during hair loss. For these reasons, there can be numerous options for hair replacements and some can be dangerous. For example, apart from medication, one can go for hair restoration surgery. This process is also convenient as it simply uses the remaining hair to replace the lost. This is normally done by removing tiny plugs of your skin from the back of your scalp. The skin usually has few hairs and is planted into the bald sections. Even though the process can be expensive and painful, it is still a convenient war regardless of its possible risks.

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