5 Ways To Get Perfect Beach Body At Home

A beach body is referred to as a toned and muscular. Men usually want to work out and get a ribbed body by prioritizing on the chest, the abs, and the calves. While women typically prioritize on the chest, the abs, and the butt to look good in their swimsuits. Other parts that you should tone for a beach body include the arms, shoulders, thighs and the back. Those who cannot afford a monthly membership at the gym or don’t have time to go to a gym, have an option for working out at home. Working out at home has an advantage of accessibility and saves on costs. It also has a disadvantage of lack of motivation since it just near your couch.

Therefore, if you want to train at home, you should set a specific time to train and have a structured program. Always challenge yourself and avoid boredom. You should also set goals and keep a journal to track your progress and breakthroughs. You can also train with a friend to make it more fun. Working out at home doesn’t involve high costly equipment’s, but it would be helpful to purchase fitness DVDs, skipping ropes to help you in your fitness journey.

It is important to get online training or visit websites and blogs that help in getting in shape. An example of a blog you can use is get ripped at home blog. This blog helps in giving unbiased reviews of beachbody programs, supplements and breakdown of each workout and nutrition plans. Exercise games and yoga are also an excellent way to get in shape and attain that beach body you’ve always wanted. Below are ways you can use to get a perfect beach body at home.

Jump Rope

Rope jumping is easy and an efficient cardio and total body workouts. Fitness experts refer it to as an all-around workout. It helps in burning a lot of calories. A skipping rope cost-effective and are usually long-lasting. Rope jumping helps in strength gaining and improves total body power.

Step exercises

Step exercise is an aerobic exercise that consists of sets of choreographed movements on a raised platform. The movements are accompanied by music and are designed to work the upper body, the lower body, and cardiovascular system. You can use a raised bench about 10 to 30 cm high with a nonslip surface. For example, you can use stacked magazines in the house. Start off slowly and increase the intensity gradually.


Pushups focus on the arms, abs and lower body. You can do pushups by standing two feet away from a kitchen counter, lean towards its placing your hand directly under your shoulders. Lower your body towards the counter and slowly bring it up. Pushups burn a lot of calories and are easy to modify.

Lightweight Lunges

Lunges are not only crucial in giving you a tighter butt but also helps to strengthen your muscles, increasing core strength, boosting hip flexibility and improving balance. To perform some lunges, take a step forward with one leg while keeping the foot flat on the ground while leaving the other leg behind it.

Chair Dips

You can perform this exercise by sitting down at the end of a chair. Grasp the edge of the seating area with both hands. Keeping your back straight, lower your lower body until your bottom touches the ground and then push yourself up to the starting position. Dip target your triceps and the back of the upper arm.

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