The Horse Country Road Trip That I Will Never Forget

Considering that the state is known for its horses, the state of Kentucky is a great place for horse lovers, nature lovers and travelers alike. It has amazing nature, teeming with wildlife and fish, rivers and streams, lakes and forests- it’s a treat like not much else.

The Bluegrass State is also the horse capital of the world, and a trip here is nothing short of unforgettable. There are some iconic venues in the state for horse enthusiasts. Camulet Farm is on top of the list of the most well-known farm in the universe. Eight Kentucky Derby winners is no easy feat and the Farm boasts of it. You could also take a look at Manchester Farm, another popular venue.

If you want to do something else, that’s possible too.  The state has so many national parks and success stories. You could take a break at Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area- it’s gorgeous with its woods and lakes. Along the way, take a look at the Elk and Bison Prairie and Nature Station. No matter what you want to do- boating, horseback riding(of course!) or camping, you can do it all.

If you’re a fan of history, then you must go down the road of the earliest pioneers. Make your way down the Wilderness Road Heritage Highway Pine Mountain. From a recreated pioneer village to the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, you’ll find it all on this road trip. Keeping with history, go down the road from Hodgenville to Danville. This road is significant for anyone who knows anything about the Civil War and its hero, Abraham Lincoln. At the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park, you’ll learn more about the life of this amazing man. You can learn even more at the Lincoln Museum and the Boyhood Home Unit at Knob Creek.

For some spectacular scenery, you should do the close to 50 mile drive alongthe Nada Tunnel to the Red River Gorge. There are sights that are jaw-dropping in their magnificence, including the Natural Bridge. This is one of the more than hundred natural stone arches, and perhaps the most amazing of them all. The sky lift will get you to the top of this splendor or you can just relax with a slow coast down the Red River.

Make sure you have a great ride for your trip through the state. If it’s a used fiat 500, you’ll get many features you’ll be happy to have. For instance, cruise control, power steering, stabilizer bar, great suspension, BLUE&ME wireless connectivity for phone and a great audio system among many other things.

Kentucky is not just horse country, but also the Bourbon Capital of the world. With its five distilleries, including the famous Jim Bean, this is a place where you can really indulge your senses in every way.

From caves, specialty museums and horse tracks to the numerous sites steeped in and created by history, parks of all kind including national and amusement, villages of the pioneers and concerts and shows, nature and its loveliness- it’s all there in the horse country.

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