How to Get Firm Breasts in Two Weeks? Effective Exercises to Do at Home

How to Get Firm Breasts in Two Weeks?
How to Get Firm Breasts in Two Weeks?

Are you wondering about getting perky and firm breasts? A woman’s breasts keep on changing throughout her life form breastfeeding and weight changes that mark a clear effect on bra size to simply the process of aging.

The beautiful breasts of women may lose their firmness during life. It is a tested fact that bigger breasts are more prone to sagging as they contain a greater concentration of more dense tissues.

But now, as you have come across this article, luckily, we will provide you with simple and easy home remedies to help to prevent and to treat sagging breasts.

Following are some exercises that a woman needs to perform to help herself attaining firm breasts.

1. Holding Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose for attaining firm breastThe cobra pose is an exercise that provides a great warm-up to chest muscles and helps in the activation of chest muscles. The week-1 exercise to get firm breasts comprises of following steps

  • Firstly, lie down on your stomach by extending your legs and keeping the tops of your feet resting down on the floor.
  • Tuck in your elbows and set the direct placement of your hands under your shoulders.
  • Lift your chest off the ground along with your head. Keep your neck neutral while moving your shoulders backward.
  • Keep holding the pose for 30 seconds and repeat it three times.

2. Doing Travelling Planks

planks to get firm breasts

This exercise is beneficial for you if you add dynamic movements of chest muscles into it.


  • Firstly, you need to keep your hands stacked under your shoulders and set a plank position by placing your head and neck in a neutral pose. Make sure that you do not have a sagging lower back at this point.
  • Try to keep your core tight and start lifting your right hoot and right hand from the ground. After lifting your hand and foot, take a footstep towards the right.
  • Now take a pause for a second and reset yourself, then try to take another footstep towards the right. Make ten such steps towards the right. Turn back to the starting point and now take similar footsteps using your left hand and left foot.
  • Perform three similar sets of the same exercise.

3. Try Pushups

Pushups exercise to get firm breasts in two weeks

Pushups have proved to be one of the most effective breasts and boobs uplift exercise. They help to target the pectoral muscles in a much more deliberate manner.


  • Place your hands slightly wider than your shoulders while keeping your head and neck neutral. Maintain a plank position while keeping your core tight.
  • Bend your elbows and keep them tucked in close into your body while you start lowering yourself to move your chest as much closer to the floor as you can.
  • Now extend your arms and return to the initial position. Perform three such sets of as many reps as you can.

4. Try Plank Reach-Under

Plank Reach under for to get your boobs firm

  • Firstly, maintain a plank position by placing your hands under your shoulders while keeping your head and neck neutral. Make sure that your core is in a tight position.
  • Now lift your right hand and touch your left knee on the floor while maintaining the plank position.
  • Now return to the initial position and repeat it ten times with your right hand. Now shift towards the other hand and repeat the same thing ten times. It refers to one set.
  • Complete three such sets. (Week-2 Starting Exercise To Get Firm Breasts)

5. Perform Dumbbell Chest Press

Dumbbell chest press for firm breast

The dumbbell chest press is a traditional exercise that provides a wider range of motion of muscles by using dumbbells. Start with using dumbbells of moderate size that can be 10 to 15 pounds.

  • Sit on one end of the bench and hold one dumbbell in each of your hands.
  • Place your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent and back lying flat on the bench.
  • To prepare for bench press, bring your upper arms out in a parallel position to the floor at your side. Now bend your elbows, so the weights in hands are parallel to the upper arms.
  • Now extend your arms and push up the dumbbells towards the midline of your body away from the floor.
  • When you feel your arms fully extended, lower your arms along with dumbbells to initial position. This is counted as one rep.
  • Repeat a set of 12 such reps.

6. Try Medicine Ball

medicine ball superman exercise to get firm breast


This exercise of a medicine ball, also known as medicine ball superman, puts all the stress on the core and chest muscles. (Perfect to get firm breasts quickly)

  • Lie down on your stomach, along with your arms extended out straight in front of you. Hold the medicine ball in your hands while keeping your head and neck neutral.
  • Now use your core and chest muscles to lift your upper body, legs, and ball in your hands.
  • Lift the ball to the highest point that you can achieve. When you reach the top, pause without moving your neck.
  • Turn back to the initial position and now complete 12 such sets of the same exercise.

7. Perform Cable Crossover

Cable crossover exercise to get firm breasts




Cable crossover is an exercise that ensures a well-rounded breast by hitting the chest muscles from different angles.

  • The pulley should be positioned above your head, and you need to grab it with your hands. Now step a little forward and pull both the handles down together right in front of you. Keep your arms extended and bend slightly at your waist.
  • Slightly bend your elbow and move your arms in an up and down position in a controlled movement until you feel a stretch in your chest muscles.
  • Now turn back to the initial point, take a pause, and repeat the exercise.
  • Complete three sets of the same exercise with 12 reps each.

8. Try Butterfly Machine

butterfly exercise to get firm breasts

This butterfly machine offers you an exercise that can help you stabilize your body, but this exercise needs serious effort as it puts a lot of stretching force on the chest muscles.

  • Firstly, adjust your machine’s seat to an appropriate height. Now sit on the seat with your back placed against the backrest and your forearms placed against the pads. Now maintain your grip onto the handles.
  • Push your arms closer and together and putting the weight on your chest muscles.
  • Once you reach the middle point, turn back to the initial position.
  • Complete three such sets of 12 reps each.

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