How to Get Hair Out of Your Throat? (3 Easy Methods)

How to Get Hair Out of Your Throat - a girl having a hair stuck in her throat
a girl having a hair stuck in her throat

We all feel uncomfortable when something is stuck in our throat. Even hair in the throat gives me a feeling like something is stuck in my throat, and there should be some ways to get rid of it.

You will get different means and tips about how to get something out of your throat and how to throw up hair easily in this writing. If you try to remove it by coughing it out, it will become hard as it becomes tangled and stuck in the throat.

How to Get Something Out of Your Throat?

a girl having a hair stuck in her throat
a girl having hair stuck in her throat

The hair and anything stuck in the throat always gives an itching feeling, and you will continuously cough because of it. It is necessary to get it out of the throat because it can affect your overall health. In severe cases, you will suffocate and choke.

No matter how much you try, you can’t swallow hair easily as it is stuck at the back of your throat. There are many ways by which you can mostly remove most of the stuck things from the throat:

  • By changing the position of head
  • Apply abdominal thrust
  • Grab your throat at the appropriate place to dislodge the stuck material

How to Get Rid of Long/ Short Hair From Throat?

Here are some methods you can try to get long/ short hair from your throat:

Drink Water or Soda/Lemonade

water, soda and lemonade
water, soda, and lemonade

First, try to get water as soon as possible so that hair or anything will get wet so that they give a reaction to coming in contact with instruments.

Similarly, lemonade and soda will expand your throat’s walls and outwards in direction. The liquid removes the stuck object with it and goes to the digestive tract.

Eat Soft Foods

bread and banana
bread and banana

Avoid eating hard or crunchy food as it also becomes crumbled and stuck in your throat and teeth, and the situation worsens. It is advisable to consume soft foods such as soup, bananas, bread, and yogurt to get rid of hair.

The hair will move down with your chew bite of soft foods and go to the stomach after passing through the digestive tract.


a girl doing gargle
a girl doing gargle

This is another good approach as it is suitable for cold and flu disease as well. Gargle with warm water and salt will easily remove the hair from the throat without any irritation.

In the same way, you can get the cat hair out of your throat quickly, which will give you the same irritation as the human hair.

Will Hair Dissolve in Your Throat?

The hair that accidentally moves in our body does not dissolve. According to NCBI, hair is made of the hardest protein called keratin. So, the hair is not dissolved in the throat or digested by the stomach. You have to remove it in some ways or tips.


If hair gets stuck in your throat, don’t call the doctor urgently. First, try some basic measures to remove the hair, such as taking excess water, gargling, etc. The hair irritates you and gives you negative feelings, so beware and be careful before using the utensils.

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