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How to Wash Coconut Oil Out of Hair with Shampoo

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Many people consider it essential to care for their hair as well as for anything else. If you also love haircare, we are sure you must have come across the hack of using coconut oil to add luster and moisture to your dry hair. Nevertheless, the problem with coconut oil is that it makes your hair seem greasy and therefore becomes hard to remove. You need to be patient when removing coconut oil from your hair because it can take time. Using shampoo is one of the many ways of washing hair after a coconut oil treatment. Here, we have covered this method. Let’s get going! 

Why You Need to Remove Coconut Oil from Your HairA women removing coconut oil from hairs

You wouldn’t want to keep coconut oil on your hair for too long because it has a pungent smell that most people dislike, especially those with a sensitive nose. Moreover, leaving the coconut oil in your hair will make them greasy and also attract dust and dirt particles. If left for too long, it can cause hair to fall as the scalp releases sebum that builds up and chokes the hair follicles.

How to Wash Coconut Oil from Hair Using Dry ShampooHow to Wash Coconut Oil from Hair Using Dry Shampoo

One of the simplest and easiest ways to wash coconut oil is by using a dry shampoo. The shampoo helps in absorbing excess oils and refreshes the hair strands, giving them a balanced look. Follow the steps below. 

  1. Apply and rub the dry shampoo in your hair, making sure to reach the roots. Lightly rub the shampoo throughout your hair.
  2. Now brush through the hair strands carefully. This should be a useful way to remove oil from your hair. 

If you don’t have dry shampoo at hand, you can always go for an alternative like powder. 

Washing Coconut Oil from Hair With Conditioner and Clarifying ShampooWashing Coconut Oil from Hair With Conditioner and Clarifying Shampoo

Another way to wash coconut oil from your hair is to use a strong clarifying shampoo and couple it with a conditioner. This pair helps you to remove excess oils, dirt, and other impurities, leaving your hair clean and washed. Follow this method below.

  1. Like you usually would, lather a regular amount of shampoo in your hair. 
  2. Rub it well and then rinse with water. You can follow the shampoo with a conditioner to further smoothen your hair. 

In this way, by using both a shampoo and a conditioner, you would get rid of any coconut oil in your hair, so no traces are left behind. Apart from that, your hair will also look shinier. 

The Verdict

Coconut oil should be a part of your hair care routine because it nourishes your hair. Nevertheless, using too much or leaving it for too long can have negative effects. The only problem is that it is a little hard to remove than usual oil, so you’ll have to put in some effort. Above, we have covered two ways to wash coconut oil from your hair using shampoo. We hope this helps!

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