How to wear suspenders and Their Advantages


These days there is not a single man that is concerned about fashion. The fashion industry goes very vast. You can find very decent and very weird type of fashion trends these days, to be honest. While fashion keeps changing throughout the eras, one look that has been with us forever and is loved since the beginning is the Classy look. Whatever the period or the age be, a classy look cannot be beaten. Everyone looks good in a classy look when they know how to wear suspenders in 2016.

There is hardly a person present that does not wear a belt. Belt is essential. It holds your trousers. You don’t want them to be falling around everywhere, would you? But if we do some digging, it is found that belt is not as ancient as we think it is. Belt is a very recent invention. Earlier for the job of holding your trousers in place, the item used were suspenders. Suspenders are not only classier but are more comfortable too.

Suspenders are still used widely. But since people don’t use them as much as they used before, some people that are new, don’t even know how to wear suspenders and information about it.


Suspenders are for you if you’re into the classy old school look. Suspenders can be used very easily. They are straps that come above a man’s shoulders and come in the front where they are attached to the trousers using clips or buttons. And are usually X or Y shaped in the back. But they can be bought separately too.

Suspenders can be made of any material. It depends on upon the manufacturing company. The company can use pure silk, or it might use rayon. The traditional fabric that is used is woolen box cloth. Suspenders are elastic. They can be elastic on the ends, or they can be elastic as a whole.


Suspenders have a lot of advantages.

  • A belt usually grips your trousers tightly to your waist, while suspenders hold your trousers in an X or a Y-shaped This lets your trousers hand freely giving a neat look that feels comfortable.
  • It eliminates the chances of having bunches of fabric. Using a belt, the shirt usually gathers at one place giving a very untidy look. Using suspenders, on the other hand, lets the shirt hang freely and prevents it from getting wrinkles.
  • The suspenders can be adjusted easily to lower or lift the trousers you’re your comfort.

How to Wear Suspenders

Most men that are frequent users of suspenders wear it by fastening the suspenders in the back of the trousers, wearing the trousers and later fastening the straps on the front of the trousers. There are designs that offer small clips. These clips can get attached to the trousers giving a firm hold. While other designs might have a button at the end of the strap.

In the early eras, namely the 18’s, it wasn’t known a nice thing if the suspenders were visible at all. Since they were considered underwear. But now the time has changed, you can show the suspenders without any hesitation.



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