How Long Does Meth Stay in Your System – an Invasion not that Easily Battled.

Among many others used, Meth, Chalk, Ice, and Crystal are all different names for Methamphetamine – quite a powerful drug. It is with a highly addictive and a stimulating nature that directly affects the central nervous system of the body. Methamphetamine usually takes the form of white, crystalline powder that is bitter in taste and has no significant odor. It can easily be dissolved in water or alcohol without any trace. The question here is how long does meth stay in your system?

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It comes out of its parent drug known as the amphetamine and originally developed back in the early 20th century for the relief of nasal congestion. This was in use of bronchial inhalers that helps the purpose. Same as the parent drug methamphetamine cases a sense of increase in activity and talkativeness. Other impact like decrease in sense of appetite, euphoria or a pleasurable sense of feeling happy and general well-being. But same as all the medicines that are in development to heal us, methamphetamine also has a high potential of abusive and become harmful.

Methamphetamine or quite simply called Meth, if taken in higher than prescription dose can harm the central nervous system. It can do much more quickly in comparison to its parent drug, the amphetamine. Methamphetamine has tendency to affect brain and inducing more harmful and a much longer-lasting effects on the overall nervous system. Follow through the article to know how long can meth stay in the system.

How long does meth stay in your system to get your addicted

Meth’s major usage today is for Euphoric/Ecstatic uses. When smoked, snorted or even injected, it gets you high in a matter of minutes and users describe it as a powerful sense of ecstasy. But also that is fleeting, dissipating very shortly after its initial rush. This makes the users take more of the dug in order to experience the same intense euphoric feeling they felt. It is when they first took that sniff.

This is how the entire system of the body gets caught in this addictive cycle of consuming more and more of the drug. The users start experiencing irritability and increasing paranoia with the passage of time giving way to sleep deprivation. Health gets damage also.

How Long does Meth Stay in the System?

There is no fixed timeframe available for the duration that meth could take in leaving you system. It all depends on an individual’s ability to metabolize the drug. Time varies from person to person but there is some generic data available to get an idea.

For instance, various tests run on users to detect the how long does meth stay in your body uncovers the following data:

  • The effects of meth abuse start surfacing from 8-24 hours.
  • Meth can be detected in a user’s system for up to 72 hours, meaning that it’s going to be present in your system for at the least up to 3 days.
  • It takes a human body 12-34 hours to decrease the concentration of meth found in the system by half of the total quantity consumed.
  • This takes 2-10 days for meth to completely leave the body. Factors like the frequency of intake of meth, rate of metabolism. And, also how much of an addict is the individual can greatly affect the time period meth takes to completely leave the individual’s system.

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