Keep Snacks Fresh with Flexible Packaging

Keep Snacks Fresh with Flexible Packaging
Keep Snacks Fresh with Flexible Packaging

There are several companies, such as ePac flexible packaging company, that are now specializing in flexible Snack packaging. While for some consumers, the idea of a new form of food packaging might not seem significant, production companies and snack brands understand the value of the shift in materials.

Flexible packaging creates several benefits for the consumer, but the most noticeable is the improved level of freshness and the longevity of the product.

Now, this occurs because of a more effective air seal, but the freshness of the food also depends on the overall quality of the materials and the design. Therefore, to understand how packaging can improve freshness, it is necessary to review the selection of packaging materials and how packaging companies help to push sustainability further than ever before.

Quality of the Packaging

While every consumer can appreciate the appearance and design of digital printing on plastic pouches, the visual does little to ensure consumers that the food is fresh and protected from contaminates.

Unfortunately, there is no universal packaging design to guarantee freshness because all food items have different storage needs. Therefore, while thinner, more flexible materials might be right for some products, those same materials could make other food items more susceptible to damage and contamination.

Packaging companies will want to meet with food distributors to discuss the needs of their products and what level of durability is required to ensure the safest and freshest product for consumers.

Barriers and Film

In the process of designing a package that works for a company, the packagers will inevitably discuss the barriers and films a company wishes to use. For example, does a business prefer to have their product in a vacuum-sealed container, or would a resealable pouch suffice?

Also, Should there be protective layers within the packaging to further reduce the level of oxygen? As any food supplier knows, oxygen is the enemy to freshness.

Durability and Strength of Seal

Last, a company must consider the level of durability and the strength of the seal they want. For example, do they want a peel and reseal package, or would they prefer a zipper seal? While each has its benefits, the zipper seal is likely the more durable option. However, this decision goes beyond simple cost analysis. A business must consider the consumer and figure out a way to achieve satisfaction without limiting the longevity of the product. Thankfully, flexible packages are consistently more reliable than other packaging models currently available.

Therefore, if your company is looking for a way to keep snack food products fresher for longer, then look no further than flexible packaging. No other packaging method allows you to find customizable solutions with a proven track record for increasing the longevity of food products.

If this sounds like something your company would be interested in, then locate a local packager specializing in flexible packages and discuss the specifics of your product.

For example, do you need multiple barriers to protect against oxygen and other contaminants, or do you want a zipper seal for superior protection? Whatever design concerns you might have, the packager should have a remedy.

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Keep Snacks Fresh with Flexible Packaging

Keep Snacks Fresh with Flexible Packaging