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Lil Nas X Net Worth and Biography

We always take interest in the life of celebrities. We want to know how they proceed in their life and become successful human beings. In this article, we shall discuss the twisted life of the famous rapper, singer, and songwriter named Lil Nas X.

Early Life of Lil Nas X

His early life was not easy and simple. He was born with the name Montero Lamar. He was a native in Atlanta, Georgia, with a family of seven siblings. When he was at the age of six, his parents got separated. He spends some life with his mother and grandmother and some with his father. His work started by making memes which later on become the source of his fame. He loved to play trumpet in school while he was in fourth class.

Lil Nas X Height, Weight and Age

Lil Nas X Height, Weight and Age

He has a good appearance.

  • His height is 1.73m/ 6 feet 2 inches tall
  • Weight  62 kg
  • Age is 22 years old in 2022

Turning Point of Lil Nas X Life

Turning Point of Lil Nas X Life

His life had changed when he released his famous hit ‘’Old town road’’. This bang hit song was declared the most famous certified song in RIAA history. The song is highly net worth as it earned $15 million and $4 million internationally.


Career of Lil Nas X

His career started by making videos on different social media across the world. He had also made different memes on Twitter as he was an expert in it since teenager. His account on Twitter known as @NasMaraj was deferred due to a controversial tweet. After that, he gave full consideration to the music and started writing and recording tracks. In 2021, he worked as a musical guest in the television comedy sketch named Saturday night live and in the series Dave.

He became famous for his first iconic song which was seen in many videos on TikTok. He made memes on this song and multiplied its popularity by posting them on multiple platforms. It was famous in all age groups and get 83rd position on a billboard and then reached #1. He is followed by a huge number of fans and a bundle of subscribers on Twitter and YouTube. Lil Nas X gained more than 2 million followers and 5 million subscribers on YouTube, 20 million listeners on Spotify and 150K+ followers on SoundCloud.

Billy supported this song by making its remix of the old town road, which became famous worldwide. He was mentioned in Time magazine among the list of the world’s most influential  25 people. His song remained on the list of Billboard for 1 month, which made him the record holder of staying for a maximum of weeks.

Music Style

His tracks had followed different music styles such as pop-rap, hip hop, country rap, pop-rock, pop, and rock. He got following influences from Katty Perry, Nicki Minaj Drake, Miley Cyrus, and Doja Cat in music.

Mental Health

Mental Health of Lil Nas X

He shared his story of mental health with his fans on TikTok. He said that in 2017, I went to college, and I was the only one who went to college from my family. I had no friends there, and my grandma also passed away. Due to this, he developed hypochondria, a disease of anxiety that made him seriously ill without any symptoms. He said I was going to the doctor with this fear that I shall die soon. I dropped school due to this fear. I struggled hard to get rid of this psychological illness and bring myself to a healthy lifestyle.

Net Worth

Net Worth of Lil Nas X

He earned a lot through various means such as stage shows, tours, and live concerts. He has a lot of fans all over the world who are impressed by his songs. He was the only LGBTQ artist awarded the country music association award. His 12 studio albums declared as certified platinum gave Nas a net worth of $200 million.

He got his first house on the launch of his single hit named Kick it, in 2021. His stunning property has a value of 2.35$ million, which is located in Sherman Oaks California. The property comprises four bedrooms and bathrooms and advanced stylish concrete steps. Furthermore, there is also a big waterfall, swimming pool, Spa living and dining area and balcony enclosed with glass. The balcony of the house opens into the breathtaking view of the valley.

He got his first car Mercedes from his debut album released on 17th September 2021 whose soundtrack came in the hit list. The estimated Lil Nas X net worth by Forbes reported of 2021-2022 has been given in the table.

Lil Nas X’s net worth 20214$ million
Lil Nas’s net worth 20227$ million

Music Album

Music Album of Lil Nas X

He released a lot of music albums in his career. Among all following are some of the most successful and appraisable albums:

  • Panini
  • Rodeo
  • Old town road
  • Bring you down
  • F9mily (you and me)

Achievements and Awards

Achievements and Awards

He received many awards in which he was first nominated in the 62nd Grammy awards as a debut artist. In the American Music award 2019, he received the award in Hip-Hop singing. He got the Apple music award in the song of the year ‘’ Old town Road’’.

Lil Nas X Dressing Preferences

Lil Nas X Dressing Preferences

Lil Nas X has a good sense of dressing and he had preferred designer dresses for himself. He mostly preferred to wear from head to toe in Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Fendi. He always knows how to dress up wherever he stands, either on a red carpet or on stage for performing.

A Lesson of Lil Nas X’s Life

From his life, three lessons are obvious: we should be confident in being indifferent. The second lesson is to work and make a mutual association with people who have the same mindset. Such types of people help you to grow and move ahead. The third and last lesson is that we should have a good sense of humor, as it brings all types of people closer to us. At the start of his career, Lil Nas X had become famous through his funny memes.


He is a versatile talented musician who has a huge fan following from all over the world. Other celebrities liked his music and made a remix of them. Lil Nas had good terms with his fellow singer as he gifted a Maserati to Billy ray. His fans are looking for his next outclass piece of music.

Celebrity NameLil Nas X
Real NameMontero Lamar Hill
Age22 years
Birthdate9th April 1999
Birth PlaceLithia Springs, Georgia USA
Zodiac signAries
High School EducationLindley Middle school and Pebble Brook High School
ShopMerch, T-shirts, Artwork
Active Years2018-Present

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