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Matt Carriker Picture

Matt Carriker is famous for his YouTube hit videos in terms of vlogging. He belongs to America and is a specialist as a professional veterinary doctor. Basically, the social media sensation was born in October 1986, and his hometown is in Texas.

Carriker is known as Demo Ranch due to one of his YouTube channels, Of The Ranch. He has three YouTube channels, including “Off The Ranch,” Demolition Ranch,” and vet ranch. He does vlogging on his main channel, in which he spends time with his family and pets. As a veterinary doctor, he owns a vet clinic locally.

He started his online career in 2007 from his first YouTube channel. Now, he has more than 20 million subscribers on all his 3 YouTube channels.


He got his education from Texas A & M College and University in Veterinary Medicine. He completed his high school classes at Boerne. But he is also a pet lover and frequently comes up with animals in different videos.

Carriker and his siblings didn’t much struggle in their early life, and his father was also a professional veterinarian. He got a vet license in 2012 from A & M University, after which he started another YouTube channel.

How is Matt Carriker Famous?

Matt Carriker Holding a Gun

When you go to his first YouTube channel and look for early videos, you will see videos about guns. Because he loves to talk about guns and vet’s life. Therefore he started uploading videos about vet life and his career.

Matt Carriker at the Vet Clinic

Matt Carriker got fame due to the guns videos and later on vlogging videos. Now, he has millions of subscribers on all his YouTube channels.


Meredith Atkinson and Matt Carriker

His father’s name was Lee, and he served as a vet in a clinic. He has three brothers, Mark, Andrew, and Ali. He married Meredith Atkinson in 2007, and they have 3 children, including two daughters Adalyn Carriker & Anne Carriker, and one son Lincoln Carriker.

Matt Carriker With His Family

Matt Carriker Age

He is now 34 years old with 3 children.

What Is The Height Of Matt Carriker?

He has a height of 6 feet. He has brown hair with black eyes.

Success and Struggles In Life

Carriker married his wife in 2007, and in the same year, he started his YouTube channel and got success. He and his siblings spent a normal school life. Happily, he is a successful man, and as a veterinarian, he also runs a family vet clinic part-time. He spends some time there to give medication to the animals and pets.

Favorite Hobbies

To maintain his physical health and body, he loves to go to the gym and spends time doing workouts to live a healthy and fit life. Carriker, a social media sensation, loves making vlog videos. Therefore, he shots hours in front of the camera to handle all his channels.

Social Media Popularity

YouTube is the primary social media platform where he got all fame. But now, he has become an influencer on all leading social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Due to some hit videos, he gained a badge of the high-level audience on different social media apps.


  1. Channel Name: Demolition Ranch
    Subscribers: 10 Million
  2. Channel Name: Vet Ranch
    Subscribers: 2.9 Million
  3. Channel Name: Off The Ranch
    Subscribers: 4.1 million


Username: @drdemolitionmatt
Followers: 1.5 million with 1500+ posts


Username: @DemolitionRanch( Joined April 2014)
Followers: 152.5k


Page Name: Demolition Ranch (@DemolitionRanch)
Followers: 871k

In fact, Matt Carriker has a strong social media background. Therefore, he has now become an influencer with some lucky moments in life.

Matt Carriker Net Worth

Matt Carriker Net Worth

But the question is, how much does Matt Carriker earn? As you know, he has three YouTube channels with millions of subscribers. Also, he owns a vet specialist degree, DVM. So, he earns millions. But to get the net worth income with all of his income sources is very interesting. All his channels are popular on YouTube, and he is earning $3 million from them.

Matt Carriker Hit YouTube Videos

He uploaded many videos that got viral, but we have listed some videos which are still popular and got views in millions.

3 Most Popular Videos From the DemolitionRanch channel

How Deep into Dirt Will It Go? – 23 Million Views On YouTube – Posted on May 26, 2017
Is Titanium Bulletproof? – 21 Million Views On YouTube – Posted on Jan 25, 2016
I Shot My Truck with a Tank… – 18 Million Views On YouTube – Posted on Dec 20, 2016

3 Most Popular Videos From the Vet Ranch channel

Now That’s a LOT of Puppies!!! – 11 Million Views on YouTube – Posted on Jun 13, 2015
Let’s Change this Monster Back into a Puppy – 10 Million Views on YouTube – Posted on Dec 4, 2016
Kitten with Larva in his Head – 9.1 Million Views on YouTube – Posted on Sep 13, 2016

3 Most Popular Videos From the OffTheRanch channel

Top 10 Ways To Kills Ants – 24 Million Views on YouTube – Posted on Oct 23, 2018
So… I Bought an Abandoned Mansion… – 8.1 Million Views on YouTube – Posted on Jul 19, 2019
Dog versus Deer ORIGINAL – 8 Million Views on YouTube

Latest Video

Currently has a video with the title of “Blacksmith made Dragon Skin Armor is INVINCIBLE!!!”.

Important Events and Interviews

He has appeared in a podcast of American Monster Production on YouTube, where he has given all the details about his life, career, and personal life. It was a great spoken podcast; have you listened to it?

How Did Matt Carriker Become So rich?

He has three ways of earning, and all are YouTube channels that get millions of views. We can say YouTube is the reason behind his success. He earns dollars in millions every year therefore, YouTube is probably the only income source of Matt Carriker.

What Is The Real Name of Matt Carriker?

As we mentioned, he is a professional vet, So, he has Dr, in his real name, Dr. Matt Carriker. But he is in fame due to YouTube formal name Matt Carriker.


Is Matt Carriker earning in millions?

Yes, it’s true. Because he is working on three YouTube channels, he earns a net worth of $3 million/year. But he has no plan to restrict himself to this barrier.

Is Matt Carriker married?

Yes, he married Meredith Atkinson, and they have two daughters and one son.

How many channels does Matt Carriker have?

Carriker owns three YouTube channels, and all have millions of subscribers.

What is the profession of Matt Carriker?

He is a YouTuber, veterinarian, and social media influencer. But he is famous due to his YouTube videos.

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