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How Metformin Works For Treatment of Increased Weight

Metformin is sold under a brand name of Glucophage. It is a diabetes medicine that takes orally. It is a hypoglycemic medication which means that it reduce the sugar level or glucose in the blood. Metformin works for weight loss too.  Many studies show that this medicine helps the non-diabetic patients to reduce their weight by controlling and reducing hunger. This medication is curing the Type II diabetes. If there is too much insulin in your body, you become overweight and your fats getting the store, especially in your belly.


How Metformin Works For Treatment of Increased Weight

How Insulin Makes You Hungry?

As you eat, there is a great increase in your blood sugar level. As its level rises, the pancreas releases more insulin. You become fat because of insulin. It acts on the brain and gives the signal to it that you are hungry. Liver starts constructing fat cells and which is accumulated in your belly to make it fat. Insulin makes you hungry all the time.

How Metformin Works For Treatment of Increased Weight

Due to this heart attack occurs because liver transforms excess calories into fats and cause the arteries to contract.

Importance of Insulin

Insulin is needed to balance the sugar level in blood and avoid it to raise too high because it will eventually damage the nerves, kidney, causes diabetes and heart attack.

Metformin and Level of Blood Sugar

Metformin lowers the release of sugar from liver and averts the level of blood sugar to rise from the specific limit. In this way, excess insulin is not produced by your body which makes you hungry and liver also stops producing excess fat. Glucose absorption also decreases in the intestine, insulin sensitivity improves by accumulating glucose muscles commitment and usage. How metformin reduces a weight by the loss of adipose tissues.

Is it safe?

Metformin is generally considered a safe medicine. It makes easier for your body to absorb glucose which is available in the blood. Losing weight is considered as a side effect of metformin which this good news for those who seeks to lose weight. If you want to lose weight speedily, you must devotedly do exercise and follow a diet plan along with metformin tablets.

Working Mechanism of Metformin for Weight Loss

There is three main mechanisms and each will explain how metformin works for weight loss.

Reduce the Production of Sugar by Liver

Through metformin, less sugar is released into the blood that ultimately leads towards the reduction in weight.

Utilization of Sugar has Increased into Liver and Muscles

Excess sugar is basically stored in muscles, so metformin is capable of reducing the level of sugar in the blood by driving sugar in them.

Stop the Fats Breakdown or Lipolysis

Available fatty acids are reduced and in this way less amount of sugar is produced.

Side effects of using a Metformin for Weight Loss:

  • Some researchers show that patients suffer from muscles pain slow or imbalance heart rate, weakness, stomach pain, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing. These all caused due to lactic acidosis.
  • Try to avoid taking metformin if your liver or kidney is damaged. Heart patients should strictly refrain from using this tablet.

How Metformin Works For Treatment of Increased Weight

Studies have shown that metformin can reduce the weight up to 2.9 kilograms. These studies prove that metformin claims rightly about weight loss. But achieving weight loss is not an important. It means that metformin should not be used just for weight loss purpose. If you are a diabetic patient of type II then you use this medicine otherwise it is not advisable to use alone for weight loss.

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