What is Golo Diet, Review and Fast Weight Loss?

What is Golo Diet, Review and Fast Weight Loss?

What is Golo Diet?

It is a scientific proven natural way to reduce weight by managing insulin levels. The Golo diet was created by psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow with a team of doctors and pharmacists over the course of five years. The website explaining this diet give details about metabolic dysfunction. They claimed that metabolic dysfunction is often called “slow metabolism”.

GOLO diet plan is one of the most popular and effective weight loss plans available in the market. In 2016, according to Google ranking, it was the most searched diet program. But there are many programs in the market which are being advertised as the best.

What is Golo Diet, Review and Fast Weight Loss?


However, that does not mean these plans are effective. To understand how effective this diet can be, we need to dive into how does GOLO work. So, let’s take an in-depth look at this plan and how it can help you in losing weight.

According to GOLO diet dysfunction is explained as insulin resistance. Insulin resistance symptoms include persistent hunger, excess abdominal fat and low amount of energy. This condition can lead a person to:

  • Prediabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity

Golo diet helps a person to maintain his blood sugar level which helps in weight loss. This method is preferable to diabetic’s patients who want to lose weight.

Golo Diet

How does GOLO Diet Works?

GOLO work in three primary ways. These are reducing calories, encouraging exercise, and taking the GOLO release supplement.

Reducing Calories

In the daily diet plan, you can expect yourself to be taking about 1300 to 1800 calories per day. However, this does not mean that you are limited to certain foods only. Even the restaurant dining is allowed for individuals who can abide by the guidelines.

Encouraging Exercise

Although you may not be a fan of exercise, the experimental group was asked to workout for 15 minutes a day. The preferred workout going along with this diet is HIIT. 15 minutes a day or 105 minutes a week will be enough.

The GOLO Release Supplement

The supplement is said to be the cornerstone of this plan. As per the words of the creator of this program, this is what makes the plan different from others.

How it Helps in Weight Loss?

Golo diet works to develop a well-organized metabolism and as mentioned earlier it works by maintaining the body’s hormone levels and reverse insulin resistance to help burn excess fat in you body and maintain constant energy level all day. This Golo diet program have a 30-,60- or 90- day long rescue program which helps to achieve required results. The rescue program includes:

  • Diet and lifestyle booklets, including the guidebook “The metabolic fuel matrix” that explain the diet plan.
  • Release weight loss supplements (30-,60-,90- day supply)
  • Full time access to support tools and services via the website

The Golo’s President Jennifer Brooks explained the method of optimization insulin; it’s an accurate condition where the body’s insulin production is regulated and does not under-over produce insulin. This level remains constant instead of consistently changing. This refer to diabetic people who often don’t produce the right amount of insulin or cell in their body can’t process hormones. Even so to achieve this your glucose intake is normalize by Golo diet plan.

It was also claimed by the Golo website that Prominent results can be seen in short period of time, If you stick by the GOLO plan for 90- days, you can expect to lose about 25 pounds, improve you energy level, enhance your mood and sleep and this also helps to reduce your depression. To start a Golo diet you will have to make an investment for the weight you want to lose. If you want to buy Golo diet program of 30- days it will cost you about $49.95. A 60- day will cost you $79.95, and a 90- day plan costs about $99.95. The investment you will make will give you decent results. You can buy Golo diet program online and get it deliver at your door step.

What is Golo Supplement?

What is Golo Diet, Review and Fast Weight Loss?

Golo Diet plan includes a supplement called Release supplements. The improvement of your insulin performance is given assurance by Golo diet supplements. Release supplement is made from 7 natural plant-based ingredients and 3 minerals each of which is supported by studies explaining the ingredients. It is said that release contain no caffeine, no stimulants and is safe for vegetarian, pre-diabetic and type 2 diabetics.

GOLO Release Supplement and its Ingredients

As listed above, the GOLO release supplement is a crucial part of this plan. But the thing is that you don’t have to worry much about its side effects because the ingredients used are very unlikely to cause any harm. However, still, you might want to consult your physician.


It is an essential mineral which is necessary for our body. The responsibility of this element is to strengthen our bones and improve our heart’s health. Moreover, this also enhances the circulation of blood in our body.


Next up, we have zinc, which is another vital mineral for our body. There are a few studies suggesting the use of zinc supplements as an effective way of weight loss. However, it has to be taken cautiously and as per the provided guidelines. Else, it can be dangerous.


Chromium is a requirement of our body, but only a small amount is needed. This mineral assists in enhancing glucose control.

Herbal ingredients in Golo diet meal plan

What is Golo Diet

There are several herbal ingredients, each having a different effect on an individual. In this supplement, you will find:

  • Rhodiola
  • Inositol
  • Berberine HCL
  • Gardenia extract
  • Banaba leaf extract
  • Salacia bark extract
  • Apple fruit extract

The release supplement does not have any side effects. Release help facilitate healing and makes dieting easier. The ingredients in release also give you nutritional supplementation-it’s better than vitamins. Consulting to Golo during each meal you will have to take one Release, it will help to adjust your insulin, weight gain is prevented by the increase in use of stored fat in your body.

What is the GOLO Metabolic Plan?

It is not necessary that skipping meals will help you lose weight. It often causes people weakness. Eating the right food at the right time will support your weight loss program. Golo metabolic plan does not make you skip meals in fact they make you eat the right food which help and manage your glucose and insulin levels while creating a thermogenic effect. The Golo metabolic plan helps in two ways to lose weight:

  • Maximizing fat loss and eliminating muscle loss
  • Eliminates nutritional imbalances by providing the right nutrition that includes heathy fats and carbohydrates.

The Golo meal plan allows you to eat more food then other diets allows. You will be eating about 1300-1800 calories per day and will:

  • Provide High amount of energy all day
  • Preserve steady insulin throughout the day
  • Provide your body proper nutrition
  • Give better digestion and reduction in digestion issues
  • Feel less hunger and cravings
  • Learn how to eat to encourage weight loss
  • Strengthen your immune system and antioxidant protection
  • Reduce risks of issues including blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Learn heathy weight management.

Things You Can Eat with Golo Diet Menu

One of the best things when it comes to how does golo work is its flexibility. There is enough room for you to enjoy your favorite foods. All you need to consider is the portion intake because it will directly impact the number of calories consumed. The plan focuses on the following elements.

What is Golo Diet


The protein is vital for a human, and GOLO won’t cut you off from it. You can consume protein from several different sources. These can include your favorite meat and dairy products. Moreover, poultry and seafood are also permitted. For snacks, you can rely on nuts.

Carbohydrates with Golo diet recipes

Beans, whole grains, and some vegetables that have a starchy touch such as sweet potatoes and winter squash can be considered for carbs. To satisfy your snacking needs, fruits can come in handy too.


Seeds and oils are the primary sources for your fat consumption in the GOLO diet plan. These include chia, hemp, and flax seeds as well as olive oil and coconut oil.


Diet plans generally have vegetables in it, and GOLO is no exception. You have all green vegetables here which you can consume as instructed in the program.

(For Detail About Eating In Golo Diet Plan: Click Here)

Things You Can’t Eat

While there are no particular guidelines, the GOLO plan asks you to refrain from the following.

Processed and refined foods

Any kind of processed and refined food item won’t suit your diet plan. Therefore, if you are to follow this diet plan, you will have to stick with whole foods only.

Additional sugar and sweeteners

Sugar and sweeteners are prohibited in this diet plan, and this implies on sweet baked goods as well as your favorite sweetened beverages. Even the substitutes are not allowed.

Golo Diet Reviews

What is Golo Diet, Review and Fast Weight Loss?

In 2016 the most searched for diets were for Golo diets. As people came to know about this it became increasingly popular since then. Now a day’s internet has made ninety percent of people get awareness about their body weight and staying fit. There are many diet plans and supplements that claim to lose weight at high rates but Golo diet rates are not that high comparing it with its results and most importantly Golo diet provides supplement made from natural ingredients with no known side effects.

Which is also favorable to diabetics patients. Most of the Golo diet reviews on internet are in favor of Golo. Some of the reviewers who have claimed to use the product their common compliments referenced effective weight loss, ease of use, reduce cravings and are affordable. This weight loss plan includes exercise, exercise is a must component if you’re looking to lose weight. You can include simple exercise in you daily routine such as walking.

Pros and Cons of GOLO Diet

There are some pros and cons to GOLO diet. They are listed below:


  • Whole foods: GOLO diet plan asks an individual to switch to whole foods which are full of nutrients. Shifting to vegetables and whole grains can be a healthy eating approach.
  • Exercise: It is an integral part of the plan, and if you are interested in losing weight, you have to put in some effort. However, it only requires 15 minutes a day or 105 minutes a week, and HIIT workout is preferred.
  • Great for nutrition: As listed above, shifting to whole foods can be very beneficial to your health. They possess necessary nutrients which are vital to your body and will keep it functioning appropriately.
  • Calorie deficit: Consuming 1300 to 1800 calories a day and burning a few with HIIT workout creates the caloric deficit in your body. It is essential for effective weight loss.


  • Costly supplements: You need to consider the costs associated with this plan. Depending on the duration, it can be anywhere between $50 to $100 for one month to three-month diet plan.
  • Rules can be Confusing:  The rules of Golo diet can be confusing sometimes. People get confused regarding the plans.

Golo team member have wide experience in industry, the Golo’s co-developer Dr. Conrad Smith, and Dr. Keith Ablow, a johns Hopkins school of medicine graduate. The President Jennifer Brooks is trained in Holistic Nutrition, mind body psychology and Fitness Nutrition at the Southwest Institute of Healing arts.

It is definitely a good sign that a team with such qualification stands behind the Golo diet weight loss program. It is quite important that you start weight loss diet programs whether it is Golo diet or any other diet with consulting a physician. The information on the internet about Golo diet program is not enough for you to start this program because it is not written through licensed physician. Many golo diet reviews mention the importance of consulting your doctor before starting the program. Everything you need to know is mentioned above about what is Golo diet. Its main purpose is Eat better to FEEL better.

Final Words

So, this is all you need to know about how does GOLO work & does Golo diet really works or not, before starting the plan. Make sure that you set realistic weight loss goals. It is an effort that takes time. Patience and perseverance will be critical to your success. You can go out to dine in a restaurant, but you need to follow the instructions and guidelines given in the plan. Also, one may wish to consult his doctor before using the supplements. However, one thing is sure, if you follow the diet basics and act on the given advice, you can lose weight.

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