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How to Safely Remove Glass Shards from Skin at Home

Remove Glass Slivers

It is almost seen that in hospitals, there are different emergency cases. Most cases are extremely complex, but there are some simple cases as well, such as splinters stuck in the skin. The splinter can be any small sharp thing that can get stuck in the skin of any part of your body during an accident or other situation. The severity of the injury depends upon the type and size of the splinter.

Type of Splinters

The splinters can be of various types, such as wood, glass, small, sharp pieces of plastic or metal, and needles or thorns of different plants, such as cacti. The wooden splinters can be stuck on some rough surfaces of woody things, and a glass splinter can be a piece of any glassware that cuts your skin’s surface.

Size of Splinters

The pain depends upon the size of the splinters, such as small ones that give less pain than large ones as they go deep inside and cause intense pain and irritation. Sometimes the large splinters result in infection and prolonged damage. You will find a simple way in this article by which you can get the piece of glass out of your skin without going to the doctor.

Getting Out Tiny Shards Of Glass Out Of SkinGetting Out Tiny Shards Of Glass Out Of Skin

It is not as easy to get the broken glass from the skin as it seems. Taking the glass out from the skin before it spreads infection in your body is recommended.  If you want to get out the piece of glass from your skin quickly and safely, you must have the following tools and materials for the treatment:

  • Tweezers
  • Needle (for example, Sewing needle)
  • Soap and water

You can go through the following steps for the removal of pieces of glass from the skin:

Clean the Wounded AreaClean Glass Wound

The affected area should be cleaned with the help of soap and water to prevent stray bacteria and other germs from getting and spreading infection into it. First, go to the bathroom and put your affected part in warm water.

Sterilize The Equipment

All the tools you will use must be sterilized to prevent infection. Boil a small amount of water and then soak all your tools. After a few minutes, remove it from there and clean them with alcohol or cotton balls. In this way, you can minimize skin infection risk by using clean, sterilized tools.

How to Use Tools?Tools for Getting Out Tiny Shards Of Glass Out Of Skin

After the sterilization, clean the tools with a towel and don’t place it on the floor or any other rough area. If the shard is visible, then it is easy to remove it with tweezers by pulling it slowly and carefully at the same angle to avoid its breakage inside the skin. If the shattered glass is not visible then it must reside in your skin. This situation makes the glass removal difficult and harder. When a piece of glass is inside the skin, then you can take it out with tweezers. You have to use a sterilized needle to remove the embedded piece of glass. Scrap your skin with a needle until the piece of glass is visible. When it protrudes out, you can use tweezers to pull it out.

Use of Hot Water

If you soak your affected part into the hot water with little salt, it avoids infection and helps your body expel the piece of glass by opening the hole. For this purpose, you must soak your body part into the hot water several times daily for 20 minutes.

Apply Suction

This is another option in which you can use a glass bottle with a small opening and place it onto the stove to make it warm but not crack. Heat the bottle as much as you can but don’t get burned and press it on the opening of the skin. Place it there until it gets cool and creates suction which might pull out your glass.

Post Treatment

The care is necessary after the removal of glass by washing that particular area on skin with soap or warm water. Clean it and cover it with some bandage to prevent infection. You can also use some antibacterial ointment on the skin after the removal of the splinter.

Go For The DoctorDoctor getting Glass Out Of Skin

When you are going to the doctor, you must prepare yourself only then you can safely reach the doctor. You have to control your bleeding from the wound by placing the bandage over it.  There are certain conditions in which you can consult with a doctor such as:

  • When glass is embedded in your skin and removing it at home can cause severe damage.
  • The splinter resided deep inside and caused severe pain. If it is under your finger or toenail, you also have to go to the doctor.
  • If you are not feeling easy or failed in the removal, then must go to the doctor.
  • Consult a doctor if the affected area gets swelled, red, infected, forms pus and causes you fever.

Possible Risks

Splinters can cause severe effects on those people who suffer from diabetes, least immunity, and blood vessel disease. There are certain possible risks that the piece of glass can develop into your skin in which one is infection and other is nerve damage. If the piece of glass goes inside your skin it might cut your nerve, which in return causes further damage. In case of infection, the possibility of tetanus and other infection might be possible. Some Cases require foot amputation, if the piece of glass is not properly removed.


Tiny shards of glass can be easily removed from the skin if it is small in size and doesn’t go deep inside otherwise you have to consult a doctor. The splinter protruding outward from the skin can be easily removed with some simple tools such as needles or tweezers. One step that is very important in the splinter removal is to keep the tools and affected area free from germs. In this way you can save yourself from the infection and other possible risks.

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