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Prozac Effectiveness, Side Effects, and Duration of Action

Prozac Action Time

Depression is real, and if you have ever been through a depressing situation or seen someone struggling with it, you better know how terrible it can be. Anxiety, panic disorders, and depression are some of the common mental health issues complained about by most individuals these days.

While depression is severely affecting women, it is putting some serious health complications among people who belong to the age group of 18 to 30. From stimulating the sense of sadness and loss of interest to triggering suicidal thoughts, depression leads to various stressful conditions. Managing depressing situations on time is crucial, as any negligence results in serious fatal outcomes.

Luckily, today, we have a lot of modern ways to treat depression through rapid medication, which helps people manage their daily mood swings. Out of all these antidepressants, Prozac or commonly known as Fluoxetine is considered a fast reliever that helps the individual tackle his emotion and thoughts. It is an FDA-approved medication that is used to combat depression in adults and children above eight years old. As we know that antidepressants are not meant to provide instant relief, the same is the case with Prozac. While some patients might not feel immediate effects after taking it, some might start feeling positive effects after a few days of its treatment.

Effectiveness of ProzacEffectiveness of Prozac

Prozac belongs to the category of an antidepressant, SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), that is available in tablet form in three strengths ranging from 10 mg, 20 mg, and 40 mg. Prozac is also available in its generic form, which is as safe as the original Prozac but is less expensive. However, you must talk to your health consultant before taking the Prozac generic medication.

Prozac was introduced as a strong anti-depressant in the USA in the 1980s. Since then, the medication has received mixed reviews regarding its effectiveness, potential side effects, and the duration after which it starts treating depression. Prozac starts working by boosting Serotonin in the brain, which works as a mood lifter and regulates your emotions. Through stimulating better communication between the brain cells, Prozac promotes wellness and fights anxiety. Its effectiveness is proven in people over time, and it claims to help people of different age groups tackle various conditions, including:

  • It helps adults combat obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • It helps adults and kids fight bipolar disorders.
  • Improves strength against major depressive disorder.
  • People who suffer from bulimia nervosa may find effectiveness against it with fluoxetine.
  • Helps fight Agoraphobia.
  • Stimulates better sleep.

Once Prozac starts working, you feel more relaxed in your surroundings. The appetite will increase, and sleeping without worrying about your anxiety will be easier. You feel less stressed and spend more valued time with your family and friends. Although Fluoxetine, like any other antidepressant, does not start working like magic, it has helped various people improve their day-to-day mood swings.

When does Prozac Start Working?a girl taking medicine

As we know that no antidepressant starts working right away or as soon as you start intaking it, the same goes for Prozac dosage. You need to be patient with the results, as it takes time for this antidepressant to start working, depending upon the condition of each individual. The improved symptoms start showing after 1 to 2 weeks of daily intake. You will start feeling better in your daily routine and less anxious. Always note the fact that an antidepressant is not a quick fix; rather, it steadily helps in mitigating the symptoms of depression that eventually lead to feeling better.

Antidepressant promotes the chemical balance among the brain cells, so you must wait weeks or months to observe positive changes. In the case of Prozac, people have reported producing better results after two weeks maximum. However, among those who are going through severe anxiety, Prozac may take 4 to 6 weeks to show improvement. If so, the patient should not feel discouraged and follow the medication plan consistently. Moreover, it is always recommended to consult your psychiatrist if any antidepressant is taking too long to start working, worsening your condition, or showing side effects for longer. Interestingly, the half-life time of Prozac is longer as compared to other antidepressants, which means that it stays in your blood longer than others.

Side Effects of ProzacSide Effects of Prozac

Fluoxetine or Prozac is reported to be safer for many patients as it produces fewer contagious side effects. However, some of these side effects may stay even after the patient stops taking it. The SSRIs are usually associated with producing side effects which are given below:

  • A few people have reported having difficulty sleeping soon after starting Prozac.
  • The most common side effect linked to Prozac is the sensation of heartburn and nausea.
  • You may feel a loss of appetite or struggle to eat while intaking your Prozac dosage.
  • The mouth starts producing less saliva, which leads to dryness in the mouth.
  • The male patient may start feeling complicated to ejaculate during sexual intercourse, while the female patients have reported producing less libido during their medication course of Prozac. The patient may also go through a lower sexual drive.
  • Some common side effects of Prozac include headaches, yawning, sweating, and diarrhea.

The majority of these symptoms disappear after the first week of Prozac intake. In case any of these stay for longer, you may consult your doctor so he might adjust your medication dosage.

Who Should not Take Prozac?Who Should not Take Prozac

Prozac is an FDA-approved SSRI that results in boosting serotonin levels and reduces anxiety in the depression patients. Besides being an effective antidepressant, Prozac is not recommended to anyone and not everyone should start intaking it without a doctor’s consultancy.

  • The intake of Prozac during first trimester of pregnancy should be avoided. Breastfeeding mothers should also avoid Prozac.
  • Due to larger half-life time, Prozac stays in the blood longer than other antidepressants. This is why it may leads to lower sodium levels in the old-age people. So, the intake of Prozac in the older adults is usually not suggested.
  • People who have liver problems should also avoid taking Prozac.
  • People who suffer with sexual complications should also avoid Fluoxetine.
  • The diabetic patients should also avoid taking Prozac. 

Bottom Line

The drug Prozac is used to treat anxiety, depression, mental disorders and other mental health issues. It’s crucial to comprehend how Prozac functions and its adverse effects before beginning. A mental healthcare professional can assist if someone is ever unsure whether it’s a good decision for them. However, it is always suggested to wait for quite some time in order to start witnessing its outcomes. Depression is for real so never take it lightly and consult a qualified psychiatrist or mental health specialist to fight depression through medication and an improved lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Prozac feel like when it starts working?

When Prozac starts working, you may feel tiredness, restlessness, and lesser anxiety. After the first week of daily intake, you may start feeling improvement in your mood swings and depression and feel more positive about your daily tasks routine. 

How quickly does Prozac work for anxiety?

In patients with higher anxiety levels, Prozac takes four to six weeks of daily intake to start working and relieving the patient from anxious thoughts. 

Can you feel the effects of Prozac immediately?

No antidepressant is made to start working effectively overnight or immediately after its intake. In the case of Prozac, the patient has to wait for 2 to 4 weeks for its symptoms to start showing off. 

Can you feel Prozac on the first day?

Prozac does not start working immediately and takes 1 to 2 weeks before the patient starts observing improvement in the symptoms of depression.

Does Prozac help in improving eyesight?

Prozac helps in reducing age-related macular degeneration and results in improved vision. 

What is the first week of Prozac like?

During the first week of Prozac intake, you may feel drowsiness, diarrhea, or lack of sleep. However, the condition gets better over time.

What are the positive effects of Prozac?

Prozac helps elevate mood, lower depression, lessen panic attacks, and fight anxiety.

What should I avoid while taking fluoxetine?

If you are intaking Fluoxetine or any anti-depressant, you should avoid intaking alcohol or any illegal drugs. 

How is Prozac better than other antidepressants?

Prozac is better than other antidepressants as it as an SSRI medication that works by stimulating serotonin levels in the brain.  

What is the other name of Prozac?

The other name of Prozac is Fluoxetine.

What is the chemical formula of Prozac?

The chemical formula of Prozac is C17H18F3NO.

Does Prozac cause weight gain?

Most antidepressants, including Prozac, are more likely to cause weight gain. However, in some people in whom Prozac causes a lack of appetite, Prozac may result in weight loss. 

What are some of the Prozac side effects?

Nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, dry mouth, and headaches are some of the common side effects of Prozac. 

Prozac vs. Zoloft -Which is better?

Prozac and Zoloft both produce effective results in terms of fighting anxiety. However, Zoloft is proven to be more productive in terms of combating social anxiety disorder. 

Can I take Prozac with blood thinning medication?

Yes, you may take Prozac with blood thinners but always ask your healthcare provider before start intaking any medication in combination with antidepressants. 

Can I stop intaking Prozac if I start feeling better?

The phyciatrists may stop you from intaking Prozac if you feel better for more than 6 months. He may gradually reduce your Prozac dosage depending upon your condition.

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