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What are the Symptoms of Lyme disease? | Overview

You can find different areas of the body that are affected by Lyme disease throughout its progression. The point of entry where the bacteria passes towards the body is the area where the tick bites. From the initial point of contact, the bacterial infection will spread causing reddish rash alongside the flu-like symptoms that you will feel. If the infection further spreads, it will trigger difficulties within the worried system, joints and heart.

What are the Symptoms of Lyme disease? | Overview

Plenty of people would not be able to tell you very much regarding Lyme Disease if you were to ask them regarding it. Even though virtually anybody can contract the disease if they happen to be fed on by a tick that’s carrying it, a lot of people have little understanding of how it is passed on or what precisely happens to an individual who has been opened to it.

What are the Symptoms of Lyme disease? | Overview

The thing that many people know and the most classic of all of the Lyme Disease Symptoms is the rash that usually accompanies an infection, known as the erythema migrans.

The three stages of disease according to sierra integrative medical center include:

  • Early localized disease marked by skin inflammation
  • Early disseminated disease characterized by the participation of the heart and nervous system (i.e. palsies and meningitis)
  • The Late disease characterized by nerve harm both inside the motor and sensory nerves too as brain inflammation and arthritis.

The initial stages of disease from days to weeks of post-infection or post-introduction of germs using tick bite entails inflammation on the body surrounding the bite. The characteristics of the reddish rash are expanding ring and un-raised. It creates a bright central area searching similar to a “bull’s eye” and a brighter outer ring. The whole rash is called “erythema migrans” which affects roughly 1 of 4 patients. Along with the skin rash, the patient also develops generalized fatigue, joint and muscle stiffness, lymphadenopathy and headache that resemble a flu-virus infection.

Within one month, the skin rash solves even without therapy. It takes weeks to months just before the infection spreads from the initial point of entry and when this occurred the joints, nervous system, and heart are affected.

Inflammation of the heart muscle then ensues at the later stages of the disease. Uncommon heart rhythms and even heart failure may well take place around this time. It may well also be followed by face muscle paralysis or Bell’s palsy, peripheral neuropathy or problems with the peripheral nerves and meningitis.

It’s also not uncommon for victims to have arthritis or inflammation of the joints with a hallmark of pain, infection, and stiffness. Only 1 or just several joints are affected unlike real arthritis, and it entails the knee joints. Other times, Lyme disease can manifest similar symptoms to other chronic condition and may even become chronic itself.

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