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Rebecca Birdsall – Biography, Age, Height, Wiki, Husband

Rebecca Birdsall Picture

Rebecca Birdsall is one of the Hollywood leading actresses and producers, known for movies like “Girls Mansion Massacre,” “The Telling,(2009)” etc, and for high-profile relationships; her marriage to Jorge Garcia. She also played role in “Surreal Lounge (2012),” her ultimate Tube show, “Maggie (2013)”

Full NameRebecca Birdsall
Weight62 KG
HusbandJorde Gacia
Father-In-LawHumberto Gacia
Mother-In-LawMora Desa
Instagram UsernameRebecc.birdsall
Facebook Profile@beckybird812
PetTwo Dogs
Net Worth of Her Better Half$5 Million

Famous for

Rebecca steps into the film industry as an actress, but now she is famous as a producer. People know her because of her works like Maggie, Hawaii Five-O, and Surreal lounge. She produced Surreal Lounge and also worked in it.

Age and Height

Rebecca Birdsall has an average height of 5.6 cm and 62 kg weight which perfectly complement each other. She is not a super beauty but a middle-looking lady with a perfect touch of style and elegance. At the age of 34, she still looks young and charming, and all this is because she does whatever she loves to do and has a happy life.

Nationality and Ethnicity

She is an American lady and has white ethnicity. His husband Jorge Garcia is also American with the white race.


She is a kind-hearted lady, it reflects in her dealings. Moreover, she has a responsible nature and keeps good care of their dogs. However, people conclude that she never let the world know about her children because of her private nature. Instead of this, her fans believe that she will be a caring and responsible mother.

Family Members and In-Laws

There is no identification of her parents and siblings on the internet. She never shared any information about her family background and family members in front of the media. Therefore, they are unknown.

Her husband Jorge Garcia is the only known family member. In her in-laws, her mother-in-law named Dora Mesa is a professor, and his father in law Humberto Garcia is a doctor by profession.

Surprising Facts About Rebecca Birdsall

Rebecca Birdsall is famous for two reasons: her acting in Tv series and her marriage with Jorge Garcia. She married after a long relationship of 6 years with Jorge and never let anyone know about this. So Rebecca and Jorge’s marriage was a surprise for their fans.

Where Rebecca Secretly Met Jorge Garcia?

They met in Hawaii for the shoot of the TV series Hawaii five-O. In 2013, Jorge ended his relationship with the lost co-star. After that, in 2014, he started joining Rebecca for group dinners. But the whole story remains close to their marriage. They keep this a secret, and after marriage, people guess that they stay engaged for a year and in the relationship for six years.

Marriage with Jorge Garcia

Gorge Garcia and Rebecca Wedding Picture

On June 21, 2019, Rebecca and Jorge tied their knot of marriage in the presence of close friends. Jorge never shared much about his professional and private life. He shared pictures of his dog and seldom about his life. But Rebecca on Instagram often tagged her in posts. Instead of these hits, fans never think of them together, or they are in a relationship. George was living a single life in the eyes of his fan. Therefore, their marriage was no less than a shock.

Rebecca and Gorge Wedding

Rebecca wears a white gown designed by her sister-in-law at the wedding, and Jorge wears a Gorilla costume that suits his personality. The paws instead of shoes and gloves seem funny, and some of his friends join him by wearing similar costumes.

Gorge Garcia Wedding Picture Picture

As a couple, they complete each other because of similar hobbies and life standards. Both love traveling and like horror things. They share a dog named Smudge, and Jorge’s Instagram account is full of their dog picture. They also have another Chihuahua named Pip.

Mutual Work With Her Husband Jorge Garcia

Rebecca Birdsall and Jorge Garcia

She has been working in the film industry since 2009 as a supporting role in many tv series and short films. In 2017, Rebecca appeared in Maggie as Marilyn Monroe, a TV series, and Jorge Garcia was playing a lead role in that series. She is famous for Hawaii Five-O (TV Series, 2010 – 2020), which is a Golden Globe-nominated Tv Series. In this series, Rebecca worked with her husband.

Net Worth

The Net Worth of Rebecca is unknown, but as an actress with hit movies and TV series, she earns a lot. Instead of her, the net worth of her husband Jorge Garcia is known, which is 5 million dollars.

Hobbies/Spare Time

Travelling is one of the favorite things of this couple; whenever they find a chance, they never waste it. Moreover, the weirdest thing about this couple is that they love scary things and visit events that follow spooky themes. These weird habits make them perfect for each other. The future of AI chatbots holds great potential in transforming various aspects of our lives. With advancements in machine learning, chatbots will continue to improve in their ability to understand and respond to complex queries. Additionally, AI chatbot TalkAI integrated with language translation capabilities could bridge communication gaps between individuals who speak different languages, facilitating global connections and fostering cultural understanding. The possibilities for AI chatbots are vast, and as technology continues to progress, so will their impact on the way we interact with machines.

In traveling, they give importance to the places where they can explore more. For example, they visit ancient sites for their honeymoon.


Rebecca Birdsall Pet Smudge


Rebecca has been into animals for years. Therefore, she has two dogs now. In the past, she owned a cat named Buddy that left her in 2014. Since that time, she has loved dogs more than cats. The oldest picture of Smudge is from 2015, and he is still with them.

Social Media

Her family is private; both husband and wife never share their personal life on social media. You know only things they let you know about themselves. So never judge her based on her social media following. She is on Instagram with the username @beckybird812 with 500+ followers like an average person. On her account, she shared her wedding picture. The only way to find Rebecca is through her movies and series.


Rebecca’s only profession is acting while she is involved in other activities like social gatherings, traveling, and enjoying life.

Latest News

Both husband and wife have not been photographed in public since 2019. After leaving Hawaii, five people were missing them. Then, in 2021, Rebecca was spotted along with his husband Jorge to pick up mail in Los Angeles. Jorge was in a blue hoodie shirt with a purple headscarf.


Rebecca is known for her work and her private nature. Because of her secret-keeping nature, it makes her fans more curious to know her. But it is not easy to learn more than what she lets you know due to her strong personality. This couple has a strong bonding and understands their nature. Moreover, her couple is one of the perfect couples who share everything and play supporting roles in each other’s lives.

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