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Jorge Garcia’s Weight Loss Journey

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Who is Jorge Garcia?

Jorge Garcia was born on April 28, 1973, in Omaha, Nebraska. He is an American comedian and actor. The very first time it grabbed public attention with his character of Hector Lopez in Becker. From his first role in the film, Raven`s Ridge as Monty to the latest film in 2020 Nobody knows I’m here as Memo, he is always being loved and supported by a large audience. As a comedian, he is one of the best comics of the show stand-up comedian. He is a voice actor as well and has appeared on Weezer`s 2010 album and was loved for his voice. By the age of 48, he has played his role in 19 films and has appeared in 24 television shows.

As a child, he was brought up in San Juan Capistrano by his mother named Dora Mesa and his father named Humberto Garcia. In school, he made his name in wrestling and was given the award of “Triton of the year.” But despite all these famous things he was also notorious for his weight. At one point in life, he gained a weight of about 400 pounds. Too bulky at this stage that it became a real issue of concern for the doctors, the producers, and Jorge Garcia as well.

Jorge Garcia

400 pounds are too much so Jorge Garcia was advised by his doctor to take a step to lose weight as too much weight can cause serious health issues. His friends also advised him to do so. It was their concern and not bullying as Garcia was putting himself at risk of diabetes, heart attack, and many other diseases related to weight gain.

Full NameJorge Garcia
NicknameBaby-Faced Killer
Date of BirthApril 28, 1973
NationalityCuban, American
HomeOmaha, Nebraska, United States
OccupationComedian, Film Actor, Blogger
MotherDora Mesa
FatherHumberto Garcia
SiblingsA sister
WifeRebecca Birdsall
Net Worth$5 million

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When did Jorge Garcia Lose Weight?

Jorge Garcia was asked to lose his weight in 2004 during his selection in Lost as a selection of playing the role of Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. In 2006, he claimed that he had lost 30 pounds. But the routine did not continue. He again went on by his previous habits and his body kept on gaining weight. He used the same food and could not overcome his addiction to the food.

In 2011, he took up the vegetarian diet. He eliminated all the animal-based products from his diet. As he is a comedian he told about his vegan diet in a funny way in July 2011 at a stand-up set in Hollywood. But that was also not the point where he had lost his weight.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Motivation Behind this Weight Loss

His real weight loss journey started in 2016 when 400 pounds was really an issue of concern and he thought of his weight. This is when he got really concerned and decided to make a successive attempt this time because by then it was not just an issue of his physical look or a desire of looking handsome but it was the concern of health and ultimately life. Jorge Garcia worked on him and when 2017 rolled in he had lost one-fourth of his weight. His weight was reduced to 300 pounds.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey

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How did Jorge Garcia Lose Weight?

The attempts of Jorge Garcia weight losing are appreciable. There were many failed attempts as well but his striving made him each this way. Here is how he lost his weight

  • Some people say that Jorge Garcia started his journey with gastric bypass surgery for emptying his stomach yet there is no strong claim to it. It might or might not be true so it can be put to chance.
  • In 2011, he took up a vegan diet. It was quite difficult for one to leave animal-based products from the food but that is what has to be done. He claimed his vegan diet in a show in July 2011.
  • The main point where he had been able to achieve great success is the use of the Nooch diet which is usually nutritional yeast. It is a devastating yeast that breaks down the fats and immediately is helpful in burning the calories.

Jorge Garcia Weekly Diet Plan

Jorge Garcia started his diet by replacing greasy food with healthy fruits. He also quit alcohol consumption. Some claim that Jorge Garcia is still going on with this diet. The efforts need courage. Here is a brief outlook of Jorge Garcia diet for the 7 days of a week:


It can be regarded as fruit day and he is allowed to eat the fruits on these days. Just Fruits. But this diet does not actually tell which fruit or how much? So, he can choose to eat any fruit of his own choice as long as it is a fruit. Moreover, he can eat as much as he wants because no quantity is being defined in this diet perhaps based on the fact that the fruits help to burn the facts.


It can also be named as vegetable day and on this day no fruits are allowed because this day is for vegetables. The vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, folates, and much more. A diet rich in fibers can reduce the risk of many diseases. Vegetables are necessary for health so are allowed to be taken on Tuesday. Whether raw or boiled they both are allowed.


It is the fruit and vegetable combination day and this day gives him more liberty than the other two. He can choose to eat the vegetables and fruits as much as he wants on the same day. It is a day of eating fruits and vegetables as per your desire but keep the balance.


He is allowed to take 8 bananas and four glasses of milk. He consumes nothing else than water on this day and bananas and milk. This is self-control day.


On this day he can eat 6 large tomatoes and fish or chicken breast. But if he is still continuing with his vegan diet he will take brown rice.


A cup of brown rice with boiled vegetables or fish or chicken, any kind of lean meat.


A cup of brown rice with vegetables.

Diet Plan of Jorge Garcia

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Some Other Diet Rules by Jorge Garcia

Along with these diet plans. Jorge Garcia also adopted a few healthy habits.

  • Drinking 5-6 cups of hot water daily.
  • No use of red meat, as it contains high-level calories.
  • Use of green tea.
  • No alcohol consumption.
  • No intake of soda and caffeine.
  • Regular exercise. (You can also incorporate bike exercise for weight loss)
  • No regular intake of milk.

His Fan Reactions

His fans were shocked at this transformation. After all, he lost 45kg of fat. The results were all clear. People appreciated his efforts and he was a motive for most of his fans. His transformation story was trolled. People were curious. They ask him about his diet plan. Many tried to copy him. He also faced some criticism from some rivals. They said he did this for fame and money from the movies or show.


As far we have seen, his journey from a bulky man to a gorgeous attractive man was not easy. He put a lot of effort into it. His efforts bore fruits. If you are motivated to reshape your body, no challenges or criticism can’t stop you. There is no gain without pain. You can’t see the results until you sacrifice your rest and favorite food. You need to struggle like Jorge Garcia and you will soon see the results.

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1. How much does Jorge Garcia weigh now?

Jorge Garcia did lose a lot of weight and has become a great motivation for people who want to lose weight. He lost 100 kg of weight and is now 300kg.

2. Who married Jorge Garcia?

Rebecca Birdsall married Jorge in the year 2019. They are happily married till now.

3. What does Jorge Garcia do now?

Jorge has left working in films for a long time. Maybe in the coming months, he may devote himself to new films.

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