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Sherry Dyson Chris Gardner Ex-Wife, Biography, & Life Story

Sherry Dyson

Want to know all about Sherry Dyson? Let’s stick to this post and read everything about her. Being a mathematician, Sherry Dyson got the people’s eye when she divorced from her well-known husband, an American businessman and a motivational speaker. Yes, he is Christopher Paul Gardner.

Let’s dive into more details and find out what led them to get separated.

Real NameSherry Dyson
Famous ForEx-wife of Chris Gardner
Date of BirthThe date of birth of Sherry Dyson is not known or confirmed
Birth PlaceVirginia, United States
Net Worth$10,000

Who is Sherry Dyson?chris gardner

Sherry Dyson started her journey in Virginia, United States, but no one knows about her exact date of birth. She always had a great interest in studying science, and that’s what she did; she became a science expert. If we talk about her religion, she is a Christian, but her ethnicity is American.

Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner also had a baby together, but Sherry got a miscarriage before giving birth to him. Such a piece of sad news it was!

Sherry never talked about her parents much, so no one knew about their identity. Once she was asked about her parents, she only said that her father is a mortician by profession and her mother teaches in a high school.

Sherry’s parents got separated when she was just a 4-year-old kid. After that, the court gave her the right to stay with her father. She married Chris Gardner but got separated just after a few years.

Also, Sherry never talked about her siblings, or she did have any. Most people say that she was the only child of her parents. Since her birth date is unknown, no one knows about her zodiac sign.

Her reason for fame has always been the ex-wife of Chris Gardner.


Many people want to know about Sharry Dyson’s basic education, like where she got her schooling from, and then high school education, and then where she got her degree from. No one knows about her school and high school education and major subjects, but we know her university.

Sherry Dyson studied at Morgan State University. She also enrolled in the University of Michigan and completed her Master’s in Education from there. She used to love to read about science facts, so it is said that her major subjects were science.

After getting divorced, she continued her journey as a Mathematician expert, so you can say she loved math and found it a source of escape from her bad experiences.

Professional Life

Sherry Dyson studied Mathematics and took it as her profession. She worked as a teacher in several institutions. She went through the most challenging time when she got a divorce, and that’s when she opted for her career to move on in her life.

As a career, she always chose Mathematics. She also taught in Richmond Public School during her career as a Mathematics teacher, which was a very famous school.

Sherry Dyson Married Life and DivorceSherry Dyson Married Life

The married life of Sherry Dyson was full of hardships and difficulties. Let’s start from the beginning. The two love birds, Sherry and Chris, met in the 1970s for the first time, and both fell in great love.

Sherry was four years older than Chris, but this didn’t impact their relationship. They used to meet every day and kept dating for a very long time. They even watched a famous movie together, “Summer of 42”.

Both love birds used to live in different cities and had long-distance relationships with each other. Like any other couple, they both used to talk over phone calls and text each other. Chris said that he spent more than $900 on his phone calls bill, even in an interview. How interesting!

Both love birds finally decided to get married and tied the knot on 18 June 1977. Chris was not a millionaire, so you can’t imagine he bought a ring for Sherry on credit.

But as we said, the wedding could not last long. Things started getting worse between the two, and they could not save their relationship. Sherry miscarried her child, and this added fuel to the fire.

As Chris had less money, he used to do two jobs to meet both ends. Chris’s extramarital affair was everything that shattered the relationship, and they could not restore it but get divorced.

Yes, Chris got involved with a girl, her name was Jackie Medina, and she was a dentist by profession. Sherry and Chris could only stay as a married couple for just three years, and they parted their ways.

There was a 10-year difference between Jackie and Chris, and after marrying her, Jackie got pregnant and gave birth to a boy. Both named the little kid Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr.

When Sherry got divorced, she started working as a Mathematician and continued her professional life. It was hard to move on, but she did.

Sherry Dyson’s Net Worth

When we try to know about any social personality, we always want to know what they own minus what they owe. That’s where the net worth of a person comes in. Let’s learn about the net worth of Sherry Dyson and see where she stands.

Sherry as a Mathematics teacher worked in numerous schools. During her professional career, her estimated net worth has been from almost $100,000 to nearly $500,000, including all her houses, cars, investments, and cash as assets. That’s a handsome amount, but her ex-husband Christopher Paul Gardner net worth is around $70 million.

Social Media PresenceSherry Dyson social media

Social media is so active these days that it is hard to believe that someone does not use it. We spend most of our time scrolling our social media IDs.

Sherry Dyson had no social media account as she believed in keeping her personal life away from the public. She might have a private ID, but this is just a doubt. That’s the reason people know very little about her.

Sherry Dyson had her choice to show her life to the public or not, and she decided to keep everything private as she did not have any ID on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter.

Sherry Dyson DeathSherry Dyson Death

Yes, it’s a piece of shocking news, but it’s true. Sherry Dyson died on the morning of April 8th, 2000. People say that she was about 50 when she died. Her life was full of struggle and hardships.

She had an adamant time after getting divorced. She was struggling for her own existence. No one knows about how she died and what led to this.

Sherry Dyson’s life was never documented. There are many things that people want to know, but they can’t as she didn’t have any social media account where she shared something. Her ex-husband, Chris wrote a book, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” where he wrote some facts about her, so if anyone wants to know more about her, you can go and read the book.

Many people say that this book made people know about her and explores more about her life.

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