Steve Burns Net Worth, Life & Biography | Update 2023

Steve Burns Net Worth, Life and Biography

There are a lot of American actors and hosts who are famous due to their performance and skilled character. They entertain people with their great skills and make everyone happy. Their work is very inspiring and makes people feel good. Steven Michael Burns is also one of those legends who is known for his excellent work.

Steven Michael Burns was born on October 9, 1973, in Pennsylvania. He is an American actor, television host, singer, and musician. He is best known for his starring role as the titular character in the children’s television series “Blue’s Clues.” Burns has also hosted several other children’s programs In addition to his work on television, Burns has released two studio albums and several singles.

When Blue’s Clues premiered on Nickelodeon on September 8, 1996, it revolutionized children’s television. The show was one of the first to feature a host who interacts directly with the audience, and its approach to teaching through entertainment was unique. Steve Burns was the original host of this amazing program, and he set the standard for all hosts that followed. He was energetic, enthusiastic, and always willing to engage with his young viewers. He left the show in 2002, but his legacy lives on.

NameSteven Michael Burns
Popular nameSteve Burns
Date of birth9 October 1973
AgeAbout 49 year
Living placePennsylvania, United States
Weight70 kilogram
Height5ft 5inches
Married or singleSingle
ProfessionHost, actor, musician, singer
Net worth$11 million

Early Life of Steve Burns

He was born in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. His parents Joseph Burns Jr. and Janet Burns brought him up with two sisters. His father served in the U.S. Navy and later became the human resources director for a large pharmaceutical company. Brendan’s early years were spent living all over the world as his father served his country in various capacities. The family eventually settled down in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where Brendan attended elementary and middle school before moving on to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Steven Burns, most famously known for playing in the children’s show “Blue’s Clues,” was also a musician.

Burns started his music career early on. In high school, he played in a band with his friends. They would play at school dances and local events. The band eventually broke up, but Burns continued to play music.

Blue’s Clues

Blue Clues

In the early 1990s, when most people were still using landlines and VCRs were commonplace in homes, a new kind of children’s show was emerging that would change the way young kids interacted with television. That show was Blue’s Clues, and its creator, producer, and a star was Steven Burns. His dedication to making a quality show like Blue Clues is what made it so successful.

He insisted on using research-based methods to engage preschoolers and make sure they were learning while watching. Burns also worked tirelessly to create an interactive experience for viewers that went beyond just watching TV. He frequently appeared on camera as Blue’s human friend Steve, interacted with props and set pieces live during filming, and even improvised some sketches.

Steve Burns, the original host of Blue’s Clues, announced deportation from the show in January 2001. Donovan Patton took his place. Patton had previously been a guest star on the show. Burns said that he wanted to pursue other opportunities, but there was no bad blood between him and Nickelodeon.


Steve Burns

In 1995 when he gave an audition for blue clues he could not impress the executive much but after an interview of 100 people, he selected Burns for hosting. He worked for 100 episodes and got fame from there. He hosted the show from 1996 to 2002 and then he announced his seclusion from the show. He worked on a lot of TV series including the panels, the professionals, The Bedtime Business Song, Yo Gabba Gabba, and many others. Along with these he has also worked in a lot of series, shorts, films, and documentaries. After the show, Steve Burns appeared in the movie Netherbeast. In 2018 he appeared as a guest in a children’s show.

When most people think about Steve Burns, they probably remember him as the adorable, baby-faced host of Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues from 1996 to 2002. What many people don’t know is that Burns has been busy making a name for himself in the music industry. He’s released four albums, performed in off-Broadway shows, and even landed a role in the hit TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Nominees for any award are typically announced well in advance of the award show. Because of his talent and excellent performance, he is nominated several times for awards. He received a Daytime Emmy Award just because of his amazing and outstanding work in Blue’s Clues TV show in 2001. Later he also received a nomination for this show in 2021.

Personal Life

In 2011, following the death of his father, the musician and artist moved from his longtime home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to a cabin near the Catskill Mountains. Burns had been visiting the area since he was a child and always felt a strong connection to it. After making the move, Burns found that he was able to focus more on his art and music without the distractions of city life. He also enjoys being closer to nature and spending time outdoors. He is still single and there is no evidence whether he will get married in 2022 or not. He has a private life so you will not find any image on any social media accounts.

Steve Burns Personal life

Age & Height

Steve burns is about 48 years old and his height is about 5 feet and 5 inches. He is a handsome guy with an athletic body. His weight is about 70 kilogram. Most people say his bald head is a reason behind leaving his most popular show.

Net Worth of Steve Burns

Net worth steve burns

According to the resources, Steve Burns is the richest person in America. At this time, he is able to live a lavish lifestyle with his estimated $11 million net worth. as he has collected a handsome amount with his musical profession, shows, films, and serial dramas. Despite his wealth, however, Burns chooses to live a relatively low-key life and has made charitable contributions totaling millions of dollars over the years. In 2021, his net worth was about $6.5 million. His main income source is the Blue clues TV show which makes him more popular among children and legends.


Steven Michael Burns is an excellent role model for children. He is kind, caring, and always puts others first. He is a talented musician and actor, and he uses his talents to make the world a better place. Steve burn’s net worth is estimated to be $11 million. His life and biography are both intriguing and inspiring. He is an excellent role model for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.


1. How old is Steve from blue’s clues?

When the Blue’s Clues show started in 1996, Steve was only 23 years, and when he left the Show his age was about 29 years old. Now his age is about 43 years.

2. How much did Steve from blue’s clues make per episode?

He earned a lot of fame and money from blue’s clues. His annual income is about &1 million.

3. Is Steve Burns married?

No, he is still unmarried and it is expected he may get married this year.

4. Is Steve Burns still alive?

When he left the TV show, rumors were spread about his death but those were only rumors. He is still alive and healthy.

5. What is the name of the game show he joined after Blue’s Clues?

Figure It Out is the name of a game show he appeared there as a host.

6. After Steve Burns who joined Blue’s Clues show?

Donovan Patton was the next host after Steve Burns left.

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