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Tokyo Vanity Biography, Weight Loss Journey and Net Worth

Tokyo Vanity Biography, Weight Loss Journey and Net Worth

Tokyo Vanity belongs to New Orleans, Louisiana, and she is a rapper by profession. People started knowing her and exploring her life back in 2015 when her play “That’s my best friend” got the fame. This play was a huge success and broke all the fame records on Instagram and Vine.

She is playing as the youngest member of the Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta’s cast and has been the favorite actress in this play.  Not only that, but people also follow her because of her weight loss journey and how she spreads body positivity, owning herself.

Let’s dig out more about her!

Early life

Early life of Tokyo

Tokyo Vanity stepped into this world on September 28th, 1994, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. She belongs to both African and Colombian descent. She did not open up about her parents or her origins.

On her social media, she talks more about her weight and spreads positivity; very few people know about her parents or her early circumstances.

Tokyo Vanity Education

Tokyo Vanity talked about her education and told the public that she did her schooling at a well-known school. Huntington High School is located in Shreveport.

She always had an interest in music, so she went for it later in her life. She started reading and studying music and also did Reality Television Shows.

Tokyo Vanity never talked about her college life or university life. It seems that she completed her college and university, but no one knows where she did this or when she completed it.

Tokyo Vanity Personal Life

Tokyo Vanity Personal Life

Tokyo’s personal life is not hidden from her online audience, and people know who she is dating these days. So, Tokyo is seen with BC Jay, and both have been dating each other for quite some time.

BC Jay is also a rapper, and they got connected with each other through music. No doubt, their mutual interests made them know each other.

Both are dating each other and are satisfied with it. They ever talked about marrying each other sooner or later. Maybe, they are career-oriented and are only focused on their career this time.

Tokyo Vanity’s Professional Career

Tokyo Vanity’s Professional Career

Tokyo Vanity started her career on social media sites. As the majority of the people are on social media these days, she used this platform and got immense success and recognition. She started making videos of her own and uploaded them on YouTube. The video that made her famous was “That’s My Best Friend,” as people appreciated it the most, which led to her having millions of followers.

She uploaded this video on YouTube almost four years ago, and this video reached 30 million views. As this video boomed her career, she kept on making videos and releasing them on social media platforms. She was much into music, so she made music videos and uploaded them on her own YouTube channel.

Her early singles include I’m the Shit, Fetty, No One, Really Doe: Dedication, No Questions Outro, and Gold Digga. She is working on her new songs these days.

Not only that, Tokyo Vanity is best known for her being a reality television star, social media sensation, and American rapper. People love her performance in the most high-rated reality television series ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.’ She started doing this show at the age of 23, and people loved her as the youngest star in the whole show.

She is also working as a model for a famous clothing brand, Casanova, and people love her.

Tokyo Vanity Weight Loss Journey

Tokyo Vanity Weight Loss Journey

Tokyo Vanity has always been overweight since her 20s. When she got in the people’s eye, it became a matter of concern as she had to lose her weight; otherwise, she would be body-shamed.

Tokyo Vanity weight loss journey is a bit unique as she told her fans that she was eating so much junk food and was not exercising a bit, which made her gain so much weight. When she weighed 250 pounds, she got depressed and thought she could never lose it.

She motivated herself and started trying to change her lifestyle. She completely cut junk foods, and processed foods, from her diet. She went to the gym and started doing it with all her efforts. In some time, she lost around 100 pounds. People call it surgery, but that’s all wrong.

Social Media Presence

These days, the public’s access to the showbiz stars is so easy as everyone is on social media, which has made people know more about their favorite stars. So Tokyo Vanity is also on many social media platforms, and people know about what she is doing these days.

She has more than 351K followers these days on Instagram with user name tokyo__vanity and has more than 33.7K followers on her Twitter profile. She also holds more than 1.4 million followers on her Facebook page. That’s interesting!

Tokyo started her journey on her YouTube channel, which has been the most important profile in her professional growth. She made her YouTube channel in the year of 2011. She owns more than 280K subscribers on her YouTube channel, and the most exciting thing is that she has uploaded only 36 videos.

Tokyo Vanity’s Awards

Tokyo Vanity has been the most beloved character in her plays, but she has not won any award yet. She is a rising talent, and most probably, she will win an award soon because of her immense talent.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

Let’s talk about some surprising facts about Tokyo Vanity. Tokyo Vanity’s real name is Shantell Allen, and she appeared in 30 episodes of the Love & Hip-Hop series.

She not only dated BC Jay but also had a boyfriend, Tabius Tate, before. She loves pink and keeps trying to color her hair pink. She is the only virgin cast member of the Love & Hip-Hop series.

Now you know all about Tokyo Vanity. Her life gives people hope, body positivity, and pursuing their passions and being successful in their lives.


What is Tokyo Vanity’s real name?

Tokyo Vanity’s real name is Shantel Allen.

Is Tokyo Vanity a Virgin?

In one of her interviews, she said, “I’m a virgin. It’s not a religious thing, and I’m not saving myself till marriage”.

How much weight did Tokyo Vanity lose?

Tokyo Vanity has 250 pounds of weight, and she lost around 100 pounds.

How much is Tokyo’s net worth?

According to reports, her net worth is around $1 million. She worked as an artist and a rapper and made a considerable amount of money.

Is Tokyo Vanity still with BC Jay?

Some time ago, she uploaded a post where she confirmed that she is no longer with BC Jay as he got involved with another girl.

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