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The water inside our body plays a significant role as almost all body organs use water for proper functioning. The total body water also regulates the body temperature at an optimum rate. However, the human body tends to lose its water content during several activities, including digestion, sweating, breathing, etc., but this loss of body water is not a serious concern. The risk of water deprivation inside the human body arises when you don’t consume enough water, which the body water keeps consuming during the body’s basic functioning.

Interestingly, a human body contains more water than its total weight right from birth. This water content percentage does not reach below 50 throughout the life of a human body. However, every individual’s total water body water differs based on height, gender, weight, etc.

With our Body water Calculator, you can estimate the total body water based on certain parameters, including height, weight, and gender.

How do You Use the Total Body Water Calculator?

The scientific tools have made life easier at several levels by producing results with just one click. Our body water calculating tool is easier to use, and by entering a few details, you can find out the total water content inside your body.

To use this calculator:

  • Choose the system of units, i.e., imperial or metric.
  • Enter your gender.
  • Enter your age.
  • Enter your height in the required units.
  • Enter your current weight in the required units.
  • Enter calculate.

These parameters play a vital role in determining how much water is essential for a body to survive. However, the water body content fluctuates based on several conditions, such as climate, illness, and physical activity.

Formula Used in the Body Water Calculator

The formula derived by Dr. P.E. Watson in 1980 is considered the most accurate in terms of deriving body water percentage. This formula takes into account the weight, height, and sex of the individual and produces accurate results. We have used the Watson formula to create our body water %age calculator.

For females:

Total Body Water (in liters) = -2.097 + 0.1069 x height (cm) + 0.2466 x weight (kg)

For males:

Total Body Water (in liters) = 2.447 – 0.09156 x age (years) + 0.1074 x height (cm) + 0.3362 x weight (kg)

Normal Water Percentage in AdultsNormal Water Percentage in Adults

The chart given below will give you an accurate depiction of the body water in an average adult. The body water %age changes as the person ages, and the following chart will help you determine the average TBW based on every age group.


12 to 18 years old19 to 50 years old

51 and older


For infants and children, the total body water percentage will be as follows:


Birth to 6 months6 months to 1 year old

1 to 12 years old

Total Body Water (avg)74%60%60%

In the newborn, the body water content comprises of 75%, while in an elderly person, the body water %age remains slightly more or less than 50%.

What is Total Body Water?

Body water is the amount of water that exists in the bones, tissues, blood, and other parts of the human body, and when combined, this water percentage indicates the total body water percentage. Water is essential to carrying out all the necessary functions inside the human body. The biochemical reactions cannot take place in the absence of water, which is why the presence of water inside the body is crucial. Body water makes up over 60 to 70% of the total human body weight; for children, the %age of TBW goes even higher.

For Homeostasis, it is important for the body water to remain within the healthy limits. Not only that, but the water inside the human body is also essential to carrying out metabolism, transporting nutrients, and regulating temperature. The water inside the human body is stored mainly among three body components, including cells, blood, and the space between cells and blood. The total body water comprises intracellular and extracellular fluids, comprising almost 60% of the average adult.

Importance of Water in Body FunctioningImportance of Water in Body Functioning

  • Water is essential to remove toxins from the body.
  • Water is a building block of saliva, which is essential for digestion.
  • During pregnancy, water is a necessary part of the amniotic fluid.
  • It prevents dehydration.
  • It helps the kidneys and liver to eliminate the body’s waste materials.
  • It protects the brain and spinal cord.
  • Water is essential to keep food moving within the intestine.

How Can I Increase my Body Water Mercentage?

If the results produced by our total body water calculator are not satisfactory, it can cause complications related to water insufficiency. You can supply enough water to your body and prevent your body from severe effects of water loss in multiple ways.

  • Add fruits and vegetables into your diet, which are healthy sources of water for your body.
  • Not just water, but you can also consume juices and soups to provide your body with healthy water resources.
  • Do not consume alcohol or caffeine too much, as it can cause long-lasting negative health effects.
  • Make a habit of drinking at least eight glasses of water every day, with every glass comprising 12 ounces of water.
  • If you want to make your water more flavorful, add some citrus juice or an artificial flavor.

Severe Effects of Dehydration

When the body is not provided with enough water, dehydration takes place, which, in its severe form, leads to devastating side effects.

  • The athletes most commonly suffer from muscle cramps when they do not consume enough water. The involuntary muscle contraction is a major sign of a dehydrated body in every individual.
  • When there is not enough water inside the human body, the intestine extracts water from the inside, which results in the hardening of the waste and causes constipation.
  • Due to the lack of enough water inside the body, the urine minerals accumulate in crystal form. The deposits of these crystals lead to kidney stone formation.
  • Due to lack of water, the bile ducts contract, causing gallstones.
  • When there is not enough water inside the body, the cartilage starts rubbing against each other, which causes joint weakness over time.
  • Due to insufficient water inside the brain, the brain functions start disrupting, that results in depression, lethargy, and fatigue.

Bottom Line

Monitoring body water percentage is essential to know if there is a healthy amount of water inside the body. Keeping your body hydrated is synonymous with a healthy body, and by keeping your water intake proper, you can help your body carry out its functions optimally. Several factors may result in decreasing the water %age inside the body, but by following a healthy and hydrating diet, your body can compensate for the water loss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you calculate body water?

The Watson formula is used to calculate body water %age in both males and females.

For females:

Total Body Water (in liters) = -2.097 + 0.1069 x height (cm) + 0.2466 x weight (kg)

For males:

Total Body Water (in liters) = 2.447 – 0.09156 x age (years) + 0.1074 x height (cm) + 0.3362 x weight (kg)

What is the normal range for body water?

The normal range for body water in adult males is between 50 to 65%, while in females, it is between 45 to 60%.

Is there anything about overhydration?

Overhydration is the condition in which the body gets more water than it loses during its various activities. Athletes, most commonly, suffer through the condition of overhydration when they consume more water than their body loses during athletic activities. When water intake reaches an excessive level, it causes diabetes and heart complications.

How can I increase the body water percentage?

You can increase your body water percentage by drinking at least eight glasses of water every day, consuming juices and fluids, and replacing the caffeine intake with decaffeinated beverages.

Why is my body water low?

As we age, our body water gets lower as there is less fat-free mass and more body fat accumulates inside the body. Moreover, fatty tissue has less water, and due to the composition of fatty tissue inside the body, our body water gets lower with age.

Where is water located inside the body?

Our body organs comprise water in different %ages as the heart and brain contain 73%  water, the skin comprises 64% of water, the kidney and muscles contain 79%, and the bones are 31% water.

How can I lose water weight?

You can lose water weight by following an active exercise routine, reducing your salt consumption, and getting enough sleep.

Why is my body water increasing?

Your body water is increasing if there are any underlying health conditions such as kidney complications, obesity, high sodium levels, and body inflammation.

Why is water important for the human body?

Water is important for the human body to carry out essential activities such as urination, digestion, bowel movements, brain functioning, sweating, lubricating the joints, flushing out toxins from kidneys and livers, and protecting tissues.

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