6 Ways to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Ways to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Razer bumps are a very common deformity. There can be multiple reasons for their cause. Razer bumps are the small red spots that form once you shave or pluck your hair. They don’t hurt much and, in most cases, heal themselves quite quickly; however, sometimes, they can cause some problems to the skin and leave a permanent mark. The scientific name used for razer bumps is Pseudofolliculitis barbae.

The main procedure through which they are formed involves the curling back of the hair to where you have shaved. Sometimes when you shave, the hair that has to grow into its place curls and stops the path of growth. This makes a red covering on top. These are known as razor bumps.

Following are some of the main reasons and the ways you can get rid of razor bumps.

Common Reasons that Cause Razer Bumps

Common Reasons that Cause Razer Bumps

The main reason which causes razor bumps, as discussed above, is the curling back of the hair. The hair curling is due to dead skin cells. They provide a resistance that stops the average growth of hair, causing this problem.

Razer can occur in many different places throughout the body. The most common areas are your face, underarms, and pubes. But they are also common in places where either you shave or wax your skin. They can even occur on your arms and legs if you wax them.

You can quickly cure the razer bumps at home. But if you are unsure whether the red spots are indeed razer bumps or something else, you may visit a doctor. As they can be cured at home, a general question is how to get rid of razor bumps at home?

Getting Rid of Razor Bumps

Most of the time, razer bumps cure themselves. But in case you are facing some other issues, and you want to get rid of them yourselves, follow the below mentioned six procedures:

1. Using Tweezers to Get Rid of the Hair

In most case scenarios, you can see the hair before it turns into a razer bump. Using tweezers is the most convenient and quick way to get rid of the hair before developing. It is advised to use alcohol and sterilize the tweezers so that no sort of external infection occurs. However, a point to keep in mind is not to use tweezers to remove the bumps once they are formed, as that will cause permanent marks or scars on the area.

Furthermore, tweezers could also injure the skin. Sterilization is also a must because if there are any germs on the surface of the tweezers, they will get into your skin, causing other unwanted conditions.

2. Using Scrubs to Clear the Dead Skin Cells

Using Scrubs to Clear the Dead Skin Cells

Scrubs can clear off dead skin cells, but they must be used cautiously. There are many types of scrubs containing different ingredients that include sugars, salts, and various other nutrients that are good for the skin,

Scrubs are not recommended to most people because of different skin types. Sometimes, the scrub’s components can cause allergic reactions on the skin, leading to allergy, irritation, and redness.

3. Use Aloe Vera on the Dead Skin

Aloe vera is an excellent natural remedy that is good for most people. It is one of the best natural remedies available. Aloe vera possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and hydrating properties. It relieves irritation, inflammation, and redness produced by razor bumps immediately. Apply the aloe gel extracted from the plant leaves to the afflicted regions. Allow it to dry, and then apply it for at least 30 minutes. Rep a couple of times during the day.

4. Brush Your Skin Using a Dry Brush

Brush Your Skin Using a Dry Brush

To eliminate dead skin cells and debris blocking the pores, use a soft brush where you shave. A brush can assist in guiding the hair out of the clogged pore and preventing it from becoming caught beneath.

Brushing the region every day may assist in eliminating existing razor bumps and prevent the formation of new ones. Special skin brushes are available at some medical stores and online.

5. Salicylic Acid can Burn the Razer Bumps

Salicylic acid is especially recommended for people that have acne. The pustules formed due to Razer bumps are also similar; therefore, salicylic acid can also play a significant role in curing the bumps. Salicylic acid is hydroxy acid that is responsible for killing skin cells.

So once the acid is applied to the dead skin cells, they immediately get burnt therefore preventing the growth of razer bumps. Salicylic acid is not applied directly to the skin as its consistency is very high. Instead, it is found in cleansers and face washes.

6. Applying Heat to the Razer Bump

Applying heat speeds up the skin’s healing process, preventing the razor bumps from growing. The best way is to take a warm cloth and rub it gently on the bump. Do this often, and the bumps will disappear very quickly. However, the fabric should be rubbed gently; otherwise, it will scratch the bump, and instead of getting removed, it will scar your skin resulting in a permanent mark on your skin.

Those mentioned above were some methods to get rid of razor bumps fast. There are ways through which you can prevent them from occurring. Following are a few of those:

  • Use a shaving cream once you have shaved
  • Don’t shave on the area where a bump has already appeared. Instead, leave that place and shave the rest, and eventually, the razer bump will be cleared.
  • Don’t shave on dry skin. Before shaving, wet your skin, then shave
  • While shaving, when the blade becomes a little wet, dry it and then continue to shave
  • Once they have developed, make sure to keep the surface where the bumps have appeared free of water and completely dry


Summing it all up, razer bumps are not something you should be scared of. The best practice is to keep them as it is and wait for them to dissolve over time, as they usually vanish in 2 weeks. If you have developed them, remember to take great care of them and not get them wet and clean with a warm cloth.

If you want to get rid of them as early as possible, practice the methods mentioned above and remember to check if your skin is allergic to any of the chemicals and procedures above. If your skin indeed shows an allergy to them and you want to get rid of the razor bumps quickly, the best practice would be to consult your doctor. But razor bumps are not something to worry about as they are prevalent, and they don’t usually leave their mark after disappearing, unlike acne marks.

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