Ways You’re Inadvertently Driving Up Your Home Cooling Costs

Ways You're Inadvertently Driving Up Your Home Cooling Costs

Cooling an entire residence throughout the relentlessly hot summer months can be a costly undertaking. This is particularly true for households that regard air conditioning as their sole cooling aid. While there’s no magic wand solution for high cooling costs, there are a number of common-sense measures that can lower your summertime utility bills to a noticeable degree. As you’ll discover, people have a tendency to inadvertently drive up their home cooling costs, thus ensuring that they pay a small fortune in utility bills every month. So, in the interest of keeping your cooling costs manageable this summer, take care to avoid the following mistakes.

Not Prioritizing AC Maintenance

As is the case with most major appliances, your central air conditioning system will need to be serviced on a regular basis. Consistent service visits will help nip small issues in the bud before they have a chance to become serious problems. A seasoned heating and cooling technician will be able to administer thorough cleanings, diagnose a wide variety of problems and remedy an extensive range of issues. For best results, it’s recommended that you have your AC serviced at least once a year

Ac Maintenance

Most importantly, regular maintenance helps ensure that your central AC system continues to run effectively and efficiently. The less essential maintenance the system receives, the harder it has to work – and the harder it has to work, the higher your utility costs are likely to be.

Continuing to Use Incandescent Bulbs

For nearly three decades, people have been told to stop using incandescent bulbs. They have comparatively short lifespans, they consume too much power and, notably, they give off too much heat. Unsurprisingly, if incandescent bulbs can be found in all of your home’s light fixtures, indoor temperatures are likely to be impacted. This can be particularly noticeable – and inconvenient – during the summer months. So, if you’ve yet to make the switch to energy-efficient bulbs, there’s never been a better time to do so.

Use Incandescent Bulbs

It’s easy to see why so many people continue to use incandescent bulbs. After all, many of us grew up with them, and for some people, altering learned behaviors can be extremely difficult. Furthermore, most of us try to save money whenever possible, and there’s no denying that most incandescent bulbs cost less than their energy-efficient contemporaries. However, they only cost less upfront. Given how much longer energy-efficient bulbs last and how little power they consume, the long-term savings you’ll enjoy should prove well worth the additional over-the-counter cost. Spending a little more now to save a lot more down the line can help your finances intact and your home comfortably cools all summer long. 

Failing to Take Advantage of Overnight Cooldowns

If the summertime temperatures in your locale undergo a significant drop during the overnight hours, you should be using this to your advantage. When the sun goes down, it may be feasible to turn off your AC, open some windows, and allow your ceiling fans to distribute the naturally cool throughout the house. This will help cut back on utility costs while enabling you to enjoy a comfortable night’s rest.

Not Utilizing Ceiling Fans

High-quality ceiling fans should be part of every household’s summertime cooling apparatus. As such, take care to install a dependable ceiling fan in every area of your home. These fans can relieve your central AC of some of its burden by evenly distributing the cool air it produces. You can even enable the fans to create a cooling breeze of their own by adjusting their blades to rotate counterclockwise. Additionally, if you’re searching for a fan to install in a smaller area of your residence, a reliable low-profile ceiling fan should suit your needs nicely. 

Not utilizing Ceiling Fans

There are a lot of good things to say about summertime. Not only is summer the season of consistently gorgeous weather, but it’s also when many of us take time off work, congregate with relatives and do some traveling.

However, if there’s one downside to everyone’s favorite season, it’s the unrelenting heat. Not only can excessively warm temperatures prove uncomfortable outside, but they can also make things can quite unpleasant indoors as well. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to keep your home nice and cool without depleting your finances all summer long. 

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